2016 Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand On Marijuana Policy?

2016 Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand On Marijuana Policy?

Cannabis, ganja, hemp, pot, or weed, there is a long list of names for you to call Marijuana. To this date, there is a call for a debate on how to take on this particular drug. Should it be legalized or not? If it were to be legalized, how can a state or country handle the possibilities of this drug getting off-hand? These issues have covered the entirety of American soil for the last few years. 

Pro-cannabis Positions Reflect Changing American Attitudes Towards The Issue

The war on Marijuana has become a standstill for the American law enforcement agencies. The resources that the war needs are slowly piling up to the degree that it cannot be manageable anymore. For this reason, many of the American candidates have been looking into the possibility of legalizing the drug. 

Voter perspectives towards the approval of legalizing Marijuana have gradually changed over the last few decades. There has been a considerable increase in support of legalizing the drug for not just medical use but also recreational use. An increase of 46% has been tallied in the timeline between 1969 to 2015. However, this steady increase of approving and the acceptance of Marijuana in individual states comes with different degrees. Medical marijuana laws are subjected on the ballots to states like Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota, and Montand. Meanwhile, California, Maine, Arizona, Nevada, and Massachusetts have the totality of legalizing Marijuana on the ballots. The legalization of marijuana in several states marks a new era for the cannabis market in the country.

In 2015, California was the most extensive and leading cannabis market in the United States. They are comprising about 62% of the total medical cannabis sales and 48% of all marijuana-based products in the country. With this, in the year 2020, California’s cannabis market may accumulate a total of more than $6 billion if voters approve the legalization of weed.

The Voice of the Presidential Candidates

Approval of use of Marijuana does not only put stress on the people but also places itself to be a big issue in the 2016 elections. Several candidates voice out their outlook towards the legalization of Marijuana for the country. 

Donald Trump

In the year 1990, Donald Trump has a clear decision of legalizing Marijuana and issuing several education programs from the tax revenue used in Marijuana. However, last 2015, Trump withdrew his previous plans and decided to be against the marijuana legalization bill. Trump also stated that the legalization is terrible and is without a doubt pinned to his decision. “They’ve got a lot of problems going on right now in Colorado, some big problems,” Trump said. This makes Trump’s position on the legalization of the drug slightly cloudy.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson, a pediatric surgeon, is highly in favor of approving Marijuana only for medical use. On the contrary, in terms of Marijuana as a recreational drug, Ben Carson strongly disagrees on this measure. Moreover, Carson thinks that even though Marijuana is a drug that can prevent anxiety disorders or depression and becoming a gateway drug, his decision remains the same. 

Rand Paul

Mr. Paul is well known for being a libertarian and his perspective to the legalization of Marijuana. His position on the approach legalizing the drug in the country has never fallen short despite the several demands for the war on drugs campaign. He stated, “I think to put somebody in jail for ten years for possession of marijuana or sale of marijuana is ridiculous.” 

Hillary Clinton

An acclaimed democrat and the wife of former President Bill Clinton positions herself to support the legalization of Marijuana for medical use only. However, she is inclined to witness the upcoming conditions of states that have legalized recreational marijuana policy. From that point, she exclaimed that only then will she position herself in deciding whether she approves Marijuana as a recreational drug.

The Straightforward Plans in Taking on the Marijuana Policy

As of 2019, President Trump seems to be supporting the marijuana policy bill. Together with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, President Trump has stated that he fully advocates the beliefs of the senators towards the legalization policy. The aim is to help the states to provide the necessary jurisdiction, regulations and furthering their approach to Marijuana. However, the bill only covers business-oriented factors that circumvent the possession of legal Marijuana. With this, the resulting decision is to provide medical assistance for seriously ill patients to have top quality cannabis-based products legally and also the operation of businesses with legal Marijuana. Plus, this bill also allows banks to handle transactions with cannabis companies without fearing of having issues with the law. 

Through and through, the legalization of Marijuana is slowly turning on a new leaf, providing several companies, establishments, and people the right to own, sell, and possess legal Marijuana. 

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