Marijuana and Schizophrenia

Marijuana and Schizophrenia

One of the most serious mental illnesses of today is schizophrenia. People who are experiencing so much anxiety and depression can have this kind of disorder. Once you have a mental illness like schizophrenia, you can experience frequent pain and seizures which is really frightening. We are currently experiencing a lot of medical advancements that can help with these kinds of disorders. And one of these is the benefits of medical marijuana or cannabis to humans.

Marijuana’s compounds called cannabinoids are linked to a lot of effects in the human body. Moreover, two of the most active cannabinoids found in marijuana are the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD. THC is less used in medicinal purposes as it causes the euphoric or high effect which, if taken too much by an individual, can cause intoxication. 

On the other hand, cannabidiol or CBD is used and studied more by medical professionals as it does not cause intoxication to its takers. Some of the known uses of CBD is as a painkiller for mental illnesses like schizophrenia. It is also proven to be effective in the reduction of chemotherapy-induced nausea to cancer patients.

What are the Effects of Cannabis on Schizophrenia?

Research on the causes of schizophrenia strongly suggests that the cause of schizophrenia is still unknown. But certain factors can help the development of this disorder. It can be because of environmental factors such as exposure to viruses and getting improper nutrition. A study from psychiatry experts also said that exposure from other psychoactive drugs can also trigger schizophrenia. 

Cannabis and schizophrenia are linked together in the medical industry. This happened because most people who suffer from schizophrenia are using cannabis as symptoms treatment. It is considered one of the best medications for the symptoms of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. It can also help the person with mental illness to regulate their sleep and mental condition. However, the abusive use of this cannabis drug can be alarming because it can lead to more psychotic effects. Some can experience weed hallucinations and bipolar disorders, and it is not good.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is one of the most serious brain disorders. It can have so much effect on the behavior and cognitive activity of a person. It actually affects the ability of a person to think and act accordingly because they suffer from severe illusions and hallucinations. Other than that, people with schizophrenia cannot control their emotions and actions because they cannot distinguish reality from fantasy. Schizophrenia is very alarming because it can happen to everyone and it usually takes place after the puberty stage of a person. 

However, these past years, a study from psychiatry experts have tested that there is a way on how to deal with the symptoms of schizophrenia through the help of cannabis plant. Marijuana is known for its medical uses in curing pains and inflammation. It is also known as cannabis which can also lessen the symptoms of some chronic brain diseases like schizophrenia. In fact, many states and countries all over the world are saying yes to the legalization of marijuana.

Why Do People Use Marijuana for Schizophrenia?

Who doesn’t want to get rid of pain? It is basically the primary reason why people who suffer from schizophrenia tend to use marijuana drug as their primary treatment. According to some persons with schizophrenia, cannabis can really help them to relieve the pain that they are experiencing. It can also reduce the anxiety and depression. Aside from that, it can also be used to avoid cancer risks.

Marijuana can be utilized in various ways. It can be processed as cigarettes, oil, capsule and it can also be combined with food products. With these products, people tend to buy it.

What are the possible risks of Cannabis?

Along with the amazing benefits of cannabis or marijuana to humans, there are still possible risks that a marijuana user can encounter. A person who uses marijuana weeds or its processed products can experience addiction with improper usage. Some psychiatry experts say that marijuana can develop a more serious brain malfunction like schizophrenia. With its massive use, it can trigger most of the mental illnesses and it will just worsen the symptoms. Aside from its pain-reliever agents, it also known for the chemicals that can make a person high. So it is always best to choose moderation upon using cannabis-related products.

Here are the possible risks of excessive use of marijuana:

Mental Problem

Frequent use of marijuana products is not advisable according to most psychiatry experts studies. The excessive use of marijuana drug can cause mental illnesses like schizophrenia which can affect the cognitive and behavior skills of a person.

Risks of Bone Fracture

People who use a huge amount of marijuana drug dosage are prone to bone fractures. There are studies about the people who are engaged to excessive use of marijuana drug are considered malnourished and lower body weight.

Respiratory Illnesses

Smoking marijuana weeds is the same as smoking a regular cigarette. Some psychiatry experts said that smoking marijuana can cause severe coughing and lung disorders.

Benefits outweigh the risks?

Effects of Cannabis on Schizophrenia

There are lots of medical reviews about the advantages of marijuana, especially to people suffering from schizophrenia. Aside from that, there are studies which claimed that it is possible to more medical treatment with the use of marijuana. 

Despite the fact that marijuana was once illegal and declared as a drug that causes adverse effects to an individual, its legalization covered the fact that it was once a drug that causes intoxication. The relationship between humans and marijuana dates back to centuries ago when the most ancient culture has first grown this as a crop along with hemp plants. 

Regardless of the fact that cannabis can bring adverse effects to its users, a lot of people seek it for medicinal purposes. There are some who choose it as a painkiller for schizophrenia over medically prescribed opioids as they say that it has lesser side effects compared to opioids. Needless to say, the health benefits of marijuana have outweighed its risks.

Moreover, there are people who claimed that marijuana also known as cannabis improved their quality of life. It can also bring life-changing benefits to them. Some individuals who do not have illnesses take a moderate amount of cannabis in forms like oils and capsules daily. The reason is that they claim that the compound relaxes them and helps them sleep better. However, it is still important to consult medical professionals and psychiatry experts before taking marijuana for health purposes.

Using Medical Marijuana: How to Stay Safe

There are several ways to stay safe using medical marijuana especially when you have a mental illness like schizophrenia. First, it is very important to ask your psychiatrist and other trusted medical doctors who understand the risks of marijuana drug and products to human’s health. Then, you have to understand that even though the cannabis products that you have bought are labeled as low THC or no-THC, this doesn’t mean it’s true since marijuana is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The only thing that you can do to prove it is for you to use it yourself. 

The term “medical marijuana” or “medical cannabis” doesn’t mean that it is truly safe to use. The only way to know that it is safe is by using it whether as a cigarette, oil, and other marijuana-related products. Also, being aware of the negative effects of too much dosage of marijuana is very important. 

Top high-quality marijuana-related products for Schizophrenia:

These past few years, marijuana-related products for medical treatment are being trend globally. There are lots of traditional and online stores where you can purchase different products made up of marijuana leaves.


It is great to experience the wide-range benefits of medical marijuana. We just have to use it properly and with moderation so that we can avoid the possible risks of it to our lives. Cannabis has already proven how effective its compound is in the line of medicine.

For this reason, a lot of people are switching to it as an alternative. From simple pain up to the most chronic illnesses like schizophrenia, cannabis can alleviate its symptoms. But, the greater news is that cannabis can also help with mental illnesses like schizophrenia. This mental illness is a troubling disease that has to be managed daily in order to alleviate the symptoms.

However, there is a lack of studies regarding the positive connection between marijuana and schizophrenia. Due to this fact, it is important to understand the risks that it might cause before finally deciding to try it..

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