What Happened to Radicalruss.com?

What Happened to Radicalruss.com?

When it comes to the marijuana industry, Russ Belville is a prominent personality for sure. Not to mention, Belville is one of the profound experts in the flourishing marijuana industry. He possesses adequate knowledge in the broad field of cannabis business and the communities that embody its culture and customs. So it’s no surprise that Belville has already produced some various contents that speak up the notability of the said industry. He goes around the corners of the United States to conduct and announce the legalization of marijuana in every state. 

The eagerness that Belville exhibits in this movement give birth to an award-winning show entitled “The Russ Belville Show.” This is a professional talk show that discusses various matters related to marijuana and its community. When it’s about cannabis, The Russ Belville Show is the most suitable podcast option for a systematic news program. Relatedly, it hosts various headlines, in-depth analysis, and recent interviews. This show also exposes different issue with firm determination and sturdy dauntlessness. As a result, it receives many warming acclaims from the vast array of diverse audiences. It only proves the unparalleled expertise of Belville in this field. Remember, it takes courage to stay in this dominion. 

What Happened to Radicalruss.com?

The earth has become more mature than ever. There you can observe that vast innovation seems unstoppable from pulling through. It’s good at some points, but it asks for some unbearable repayment. The world has also grown much crueler than before. Unforgivable wars between countries are flourishing around the corners. More so, natural disasters are raging and destroying lives from invalid portions of the world. It’s challenging to imagine that these unfortunate events are indeed happening without the knowledge of most people. As they’re falling deeply in their sleep, some people are crying to get away from these horrible scenarios. However, aside from this unfavorable social events, there are more frustrating and awful pictures happening today. 

Severe and grave diseases are also thriving behind our backs. Moreover, one of the most common yet most deleterious is cancer. Up until now, cancer is known to be incurable in many aspects. There may be some cases of survival, but it can’t guarantee a hundred percent assurance. Flashes of this horrific disease may still return anytime and compromise your prolonged and pronounced life span. In reality, these pictures happen. No medication in the market can completely cure the patients. Some pre-treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be of great help. However, these procedures charge so much pain and sufferings to the patients. Seeing such kind of torment is painful to watch and admit that some people are almost dying from it. That’s why; Russ Belville becomes eager in promoting the aid of cannabis to these people. Different variants of marijuana drugs is a more peaceful method of bearing this chronic disease. Belville encourages the legalization of marijuana in all the states to cater to this kind of medical needs. 

In able to start with, Russ Belville turned to the creation of different contents with regards to the benefits of marijuana in many fields. There he’s ready to produce different contents in various formats such as audio materials and content articles. Until he reached the doorsteps of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), he goes across the distance and visits all the states to foster the legalization of marijuana. However, what makes him more pronounced are his online radio programs and live shows that tackle about cannabis and its benefits. “The Russ Belville Show” is the most popular amongst his notable works. 

The Bottomline

The Russ Belville Show is hosted by himself, Russ Belville. Before this show goes on air, Belville has already received various recognitions in this field. Belville is called to be the national winner for “The Search for the Next Great Progressive Talk Radio Star.” This achievement had strengthened its credibility when he started hosting “The Russ Belville Show” on XM Satellite in 2007. 

As he steps forward with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), he created and recorded numerous podcast on this topic. It all started from the NORM’s daily program of forty-five-minute pre-recorded podcast until it reaches the point of utilizing the live digital media for a much broader reach. The said online program has improved so much. It’s prolonged to one hour live shows that highlight the advent of marijuana in the present world. As noteworthy progress, this show receives a lot of acclaims and warm acceptance from viewers. The audiences have grown to at least 5000 views and 10,000 podcast downloads. In the present, Belville’s able to come up with a 24-hour live-streaming network. All the segments included in this network are inclined with various cannabis issues and its community. 

With determined dedication and perseverance, Belville continues his goal of fostering the significance of marijuana in various aspects. Now, it also includes drug law reform activism. However, they remain intact in one purpose of addressing the health needs of people who are suffering too much from chronic diseases like cancer. 

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