CBD Oil in Virginia

CBD Oil in Virginia

The relationship between hemp and marijuana has always caused jitters among policymakers when it comes to the legalization of hemp products. 

It is in this suspicious backdrop that laws have been passed at different levels of government to guide on the manufacture and use of CBD and medical marijuana products. The Federal government legalized growing of industrial hemp, and different states have taken measures to regulate the use of CBD.  

Laws concerning CBD and medical marijuana continues to evolve as more significant revelations on the efficacy of CBD increase public demand for legalization.

Is CBD Oil legal in Virginia?

Virginia CBD laws are among the most progressive where medical marijuana is concerned. It was the first state government to start exploring the possibility of there being some economic and social benefits of cannabis.  

In 1997 the Virginia state government commissioned a study to investigate industrial hemp as a modern crop. It needed to be investigated as a modern crop because there had been historical evidence of its economic benefits in the production of paper in the early 20th century. Its production continued as a viable commercial activity until the 1950s when taxation made its growth untenable. 

Over and above its industrial use, hemp could play an essential role in the reduction of toxins in the soil and, ultimately, from groundwater. The plant achieves this by being a bio-accumulator. 

Farmers, processors, and consumers should carefully consider this attribute of its being a bio-accumulator.  If the industrial hemp is grown on toxic soil, the toxins will accumulate in the plant and eventually on the products extracted from the hemp

The findings of the 1997 study led to the State Government, allowing farming of hemp crops at an experimental level. This phase of the development culminated with the signing, in 2015, of the Virginia State Senate Bill 955, which legalized the growth of hemp in the state owing to the economic potential of industrial hemp in the state. 

Currently, hemp products are legally on sale over the counter throughout the state of Virginia; these products are legal as long as they don’t contain THC.  Although CBD oil and hemp products are available in the market, their legal status is that of a food supplement since they have not received FDA approval to be used as medicine. 

To ensure that these products have a legally acceptable amount of THC, manufacturers take them to laboratories for testing. These laboratories are usually unrelated to the manufacturer and are preferably FDA or ISO certified. After testing, manufacturers should make results available to buyers so that buyers can be sure the products they buy meet the legal requirements. 

The accuracy of test results depends on the size of the test samples. Some manufacturers test each batch, which makes the results more dependable than those whose manufacturers test only once in a while. 

Some of the best producers of CBD products control the production process from the farm to packaging. By being so in control of the crop, they ensure that the strain of marijuana they use as raw material for their products has low THC content.  

How to Get CBD Oil in Virginia

All manners of CBD products from CBD oils to edibles such as gummies to topicals for skincare and external pain relief, to vape juices, are available for sale in the state of Virginia without restrictions. You need to identify the ideal place for you to buy and pay for what you want.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Virginia

The question of how to get CBD oil in Virginia is quite easy to answer in Virginia. There are clinics and shops from which you can buy CBD oil all over the state. You can also purchase products from the manufacturers and online shop dealers, after which you can have your CBD oil shipped to you as per the terms offered by the seller.  

In this state, since CBD is legal, the main question is not one of availability but one of quality. While discussing the quality of CBD products, it is good to mention that the poor quality of products is not such a big problem in Virginia as it is in states with more restrictive laws like North Carolina. The market is open, and a free market tends to weed out rogue operators due to competition. 

While it is harder to get tainted products in Virginia, there are some steps you can take to ensure you purchase only the highest quality product. The most crucial step is to ensure that you buy your CBD oil from a manufacturer who has a testing contract with a reputable independent lab.

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Do I need a prescription for CBD oil in Virginia?

We have asked the question, ‘Is CBD oil legal in Virginia?’ Now we must look at the extent of restrictions for its purchase. Does it require a prescription to get CBD oil?  CBD oil in Virginia doesn’t require a prescription. Virginia is one of the jurisdictions where you can add CBD oil to your diet without necessarily being sick as long as it has the required amount of THC.

2020 News about CBD in Virginia

The development of legislation concerning CBD and medical marijuana, in general, is an ongoing activity, and the process is expected to continue into 2020.

The only news we are likely to hear concerning CBD, in particular in the state of Virginia, is expected to be about its more widespread use. We also expect to hear news about the development of better products that are more effective and easier to absorb by using nanotechnology, among other technologies.

A bill for the legalization of THC has been presented to the State Senate, and if it is passed THC for therapeutic and recreational use will then become legal in the state. This would be the most significant marijuana development towards a different direction we may be looking forward to in the State in 2020.

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