Our Editorial Process

Our mission at American Marijuana is to provide you with trustworthy, comprehensible, fact-based information concerning cannabis and the cannabis industry. In order to maintain this mission, we’ve developed an Editorial Process to ensure you’re receiving unrivaled information.

This process has been developed by the American Marijuana team and is the foundation for all information found on our website. But what exactly is this process and how do we ensure all content published meets our criteria?

All content created by our team must meet 7 requirements before it’s put in front of your eyes: (1) information sourcing; (2) focus on research; (3) fact checking; (4) medical reviews; (5) originality; (6) our brand’s standards; (7) content monitoring and updating.

1. Information Sourcing

When it comes to cannabis, there’s a ton of information already out there. However, being as this is such a new industry, it’s become all-too-common for misinformation to present itself as factual.

One of our primary goals at American Marijuana is to provide you with data and knowledge of what we already know concerning the cannabis industry and the use of cannabis as a medicine.

Our team of contributors stands to uphold these values while also providing you with trustworthy, evidence-based, understandable content.

We recognize that everyone looks into cannabis with a different goal in mind and make a point to stand for empathy and inclusivity. This is a judgement-free publication for everyone looking to learn more about what this industry has to offer.

2. Focus on Research

As discussed, we understand there’s a lot of misinformation out there concerning cannabis. With that in mind, we only publish content that’s been thoroughly researched from scientific journals and governmental databases to ensure you’re only receiving accurate information.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cannabis, most research remains in pre-liminary stages. It’s impossible for us to make any conclusions about cannabis as a medicine or the efficiency of products featured on this website. However, what we can ensure is the information you’re receiving is all evidence-based and coming from professionals within the cannabis space.

3. Fact Checking

Before content is published on American Marijuana, it’s checked three times over. First by the contributor providing the information, then by a content editor, and finally by a medical reviewer.

Each time a piece of content is checked, all references are also read through in order to ensure you’re only receiving factual information. Fact-checking is an important part of our editorial process and one of the reasons we can confidentially provide you with information surrounding cannabis.

4. Medical Reviews

American Marijuana has a team of medical experts from professional organizations, research institutions, and private practices, all of whom have varying and extensive proficiency concerning their respective fields.

Beyond verifying that all information from our contributors is accurate, our medical reviewers also bring their own insight and perspective concerning cannabis and its potential as a medicine.

5. Originality

All of the content on American Marijuana is developed by our own contributors in order to ensure you’re reading original pieces of information. The content here is developed to guarantee readability, empathy, inclusivity, real-life application, quality information sourcing, and clear references.

In order to provide you with such content, we’ve carefully selected expert writers and contributors who make it their goal to maintain our mission. Each is trained on the best research practices and we’re always providing them with regular feedback and ongoing guidance.

Furthermore, we also carefully pick the brands we partner with in order to ensure integrity in the content we’re providing. All brands must meet our criteria to confirm we’re advertising safe and quality products.

6. Our Brand's Standards

At American Marijuana, it’s important that all our content is approachable and clear. In order to promote this, our wording is carefully chosen to be conscious and respectful while also promoting comprehension and inclusivity. We use compassionate language to ensure a judgement-free environment that intentionally seeks to eliminate stereotypes, stigmas, and biases.

As an ongoing commitment, we’re always engaging within the community and researching language trends to make sure we’re picking our word choices out carefully. It is our goal to evolve alongside the language and to respect people’s choice of words.

7. Content Monitoring and Updating

Since research concerning cannabis is constantly coming out, it’s important for us to monitor previously published content and update it if new information differs. We want to ensure that all our content is up-to-date, accurate, and clear to the reader.

Our team is always keeping tabs on changes happening within the cannabis industry, new medical information and clinical guidelines, and major practice recommendations. If one person on our team finds such changes, it’s shared with everyone else in order to promote potential updates that may need to be made on American Marijuana.

If you see an article that was recently updated, it’s likely new information came out concerning a specific topic and we made the necessary changes.

Furthermore, we make sure to regularly audit our content in order to also promote changes in language trends happening in cannabis, the medical community, and society at large. If you believe any of our content is out-of-date, we are always open to recommendation by our readers and are prompt to taking immediate actions.