If you’re looking for a company that merges a variety of all-natural alternatives with cannabidiol (CBD), look no further than HempFusion. As their name suggests, they take hemp extract and mix it with a variety of supplements to provide you with products designed for specific ailments. From CBD capsules to CBD topicals, we’re going to take a deep dive into HempFusion and all the products they have on offer.

About the Brand

Founded by Jason Mitchell, N.D., a member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, HempFusion has one mission – to discover all the benefits broad-spectrum hemp extract has to offer. Particularly, through the entourage effect. Each of HempFusion’s products is carefully designed using a specific concoction of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, Omega fatty acids, and a number of other beneficial phytonutrients from the cannabis plant.

Each product uses its specific concoction to target and relieve particular health conditions – from sleep to stress to energy. HempFusion ensures products can reach this standard by having some of the highest manufacturing standards found in the CBD industry. Each product is certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority and HempFusion goes the extra mile to develop these products under organic protocols.

Ordering through HempFusion is easy and comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. So, there’s very little risk in giving their products a try. HempFusion also offers free shipping across the United States.

HempFusion CBD Tinctures

HempFusion CBD Tinctures

HempFusion Product Highlights

CBD Tinctures

Hempfusion CBD tinctures

This is one of the few CBD oils currently on the market that’s USDA-certified organic – making it quite a unique tincture compared to the competition. You can purchase it in strengths ranging from 300mg to 1,500mg, each of which comes in an all-natural flavor. If you find you’re not a fan of the taste, we highly suggest placing a dose into your favorite beverage or dish in order to drown out that “earthy” flavor. HempFusion uses a broad-spectrum CBD extract. This is great for those who are looking to make the most of all the phytonutrients the hemp plant has to offer but still want to avoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In fact, since all THC is removed from these CBD oils, you can ensure you won’t fail a drug test by taking them. Each bottle comes in 30 mL with prices ranging from $34.99 to $79.99, depending on the strength.

CBD Capsules

Hempfusion CBD capsules

When it comes to HempFusion, their highlight product has to be their selection of CBD capsules. Each is designed using a specific selection of ingredients in order to promote relief for specific health conditions. And this is clearly identified within the titles of their capsules:

CBD Capsules for Mind & Body: Your standard broad-spectrum CBD capsule, filled with terpenes, nutritional fatty acids, and phospholipids. Each capsule comes with 20mg of CBD and can be purchased in a 30-count for $29.15 or a 60-count for $41.65.

CBD Capsules for Sleep: If you have difficulty getting to sleep at night or simply want to re-work your sleep schedule, CBD may be able to help. Thanks to its anxiety-relieving effects, many find it helps them get to bed much easier. This is especially true with HempFusion’s capsules as they mix CBD with specific terpenes, Omega’s, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) for further relaxation. Each capsule comes with 10mg of CBD and a 30-count costs $33.35.

CBD Capsules for Stress: By incorporating ashwagandha and a low dose of CBD, HempFusion hopes to ease your stress while not inhibiting your busy workday. You can purchase a 60-count of their CBD stress capsules for $33.35.

CBD Capsules for Energy: Caffeine tends to make some people feel anxious and jittery. Luckily, there are all-natural alternatives, such as ginger, ginseng, and guayusa – each of which helps promote energy and balance within the body. HempFusion takes these ingredients and mixes them with CBD in order to promote a calm focus that’s sure to help you throughout the day. You can purchase these capsules for $33.35.

Some people like to use CBD for multiple reasons and, therefore, may be interested in purchasing a collection of these capsules. For example, it may be beneficial to get the CBD Capsules for Energy in order to wake up and get to work alongside the CBD Capsules for Sleep as a means of getting the right amount of bedtime.

CBD Creams and Balms

hempfusion cbd topicals

HempFusion also offers a versatile selection of topicals that are each designed with specific ingredients in order to target certain conditions. Their creams and balms line are standard in the CBD space and can be used for both pain relief and skin moisturization. Currently, HempFusion offers:

CBD Anti Aging Cream: With powerful enzymes and essential fatty acids, the goal of this topical is to reduce wrinkles while promoting healthier skin. Each bottle contains 65mg of CBD and costs $19.95.

CBD Balm: If you struggle with dry or flaky skin, you may want to consider HempFusion’s CBD balm. Each is made using botanical oils, Shea butter, and 45mg of hemp extract and costs $29.99.

CBD Cream: Another option for dry skin is HempFusion’s CBD cream which uses ingredients meant to rejuvenate the skin. Each bottle comes with 60mg of CBD and costs $27.99.

OTC Pain Relief Topicals

Hempfusion OTC pain relief balm

If you struggle with pains in specific areas of your body (i.e. back pain), this selection of topicals is more ideal. Each incorporates a percentage of menthol that helps cool the targeted area before the CBD works its way under the skin. HempFusion currently offers the following pain relief CBD topicals:

Pain Relief Gel: With 65mg of CBD and 1.5% menthol, this topical is ideal for mild pain you might experience. Each costs $24.99.

Sports Pain Relief Cream: With 1.75% menthol and 90mg of CBD, this gel is ideal for stronger pains. Particularly, those related to sports or other activities. Each costs $24.99.

Pain Relief Cream: A standard CBD pain relief cream that contains 1.75% menthol and 60mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Each costs $19.99.

Pain Relief Balm: For pains that need immediate attention, this balm is ideal as it comes with 4% menthol which allows for quicker cooling. Each costs $19.99 and comes with 50mg of CBD.

Sports Pain Relief Balm: Made similarly to their standard pain relief balm, the key difference is this product comes with 80mg of CBD and costs $24.99.

OTC Skincare Topicals

Hempfusion CBD acne relief cream

Finally, HempFusion also offers a number of products that can help to rejuvenate the skin. While studies aren’t conclusive, some have shown that CBD has the potential to not only moisturize the skin but also help with specific skin conditions, such as acne. Currently, HempFusion offers the following skincare products:

Eczema Relief Cream: If you find yourself struggling with skin irritation, you may be interested in this topical. Each is made with 1% colloidal oatmeal that can help relieve inflammation from insect bites to certain chemical irritations, such as poison ivy. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD and costs $19.99.

Acne Relief Cream: If you’ve struggled to find the right acne treatment, you may want to give CBD a try. HempFusion’s CBD acne cream comes with 60mg of cannabidiol and 0.5% Salicylic Acid – the standard ingredient found in acne treatments. Each costs $19.99.

The Pros

High-quality and unique product: Each of HempFusion’s products are carefully designed to help with specific needs. With that, there aren’t many like them on the market and you may find these products are much more effective than those offered by other brands.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA): All of HempFusion’s products are run through a third-party lab test to ensure potency, purity, and a lack of contaminants, such as heavy metals and terpenes. The results from these tests are made transparent on HempFusion’s website.

USDA-certified organic: While not all of HempFusion’s products are certified, a select few are. And those that aren’t still follow the strict guidelines the USDA holds up for certification.

Extraction and manufacturing: All of HempFusion’s products are made using industry standard CO2 extraction. This allows for higher yields and a better-quality hemp product. From there, all products are devised in an FDA-registered facility that is ISO 9001 certified and cGMP compliant.

Very affordable products: For the quality you’re receiving, these products are some of the most affordable currently on the market. Not to mention, each comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction.

HempFusion coupon codes: The brand often offers deals and promos to further help you save on your total order.


The Cons

Hemp is not American grown: All of HempFusion’s products are made from hemp that’s imported from Europe. While this isn’t necessarily a negative, European countries don’t have the same protocol when it comes to agriculture as the U.S. does.

Some products lack potency: In the CBD topical products particularly, there is a low amount of CBD extract. For this reason, some may prefer topicals from other brands.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to CBD or have been around the market for some time, you’ll definitely want to check out HempFusion. Their products are unique enough to where you won’t find these concoctions of ingredients anywhere else. Not to mention, they have some of the fairest prices we’ve come across with a very customer-friendly return policy.

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