Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

To begin with, CBD oils aren’t for everyone. They have a grassy flavor which not all people like.

If you are one of those people, you can either find a flavored option or find a way to mask the taste.

Taking CBD Oil Sublingually

Most people take their CBD oil as it is. These are the people who have no issues when it comes to the natural taste of the oil.

How does this work?

As you put a couple of drops of CBD oil under your tongue, it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. CBD enters the capillary-rich areas along your cheek and gums.

Compared to swallowing, this route works faster.

To maximize the effects, you need to keep the oil in your mouth for about 1.5 minutes before you swallow it. You can increase absorption by swishing the oil around your mouth vigorously. Doing this boosts the surface contact between your capillaries and the oil.

Mixing CBD Oil with Food

If you aren’t a fan of the natural taste of CBD oil, you can take it with your food to hide the grassy taste. This is also a fantastic way to administer CBD for cats or other pets.

Apart from masking the taste, taking CBD oil with food can also maximize its absorption. It’s because taking CBD orally allows its active ingredients to be absorbed by your digestive system.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky:

The food you eat along with your CBD oil can have an effect on how much of the compound your body is able to absorb.

In one study, half of its participants took CBD in the morning before eating and ate their breakfast about 4 hours later. The other half, meanwhile, had a high-fat breakfast burrito after 30 minutes of taking the oil.

The groups switched after 2 weeks.

When blood draws were taken, it was established that those participants who ate a high fat morning meal had a higher amount of CBD absorbed.

A gentle reminder:

Even though it’s suggested that taking a high-fat meal can boost the absorption of CBD, it doesn’t mean that you should eat fatty foods along with your supplement all the time.

Fatty foods can increase the variability of absorption since not all foods have the same amount of fat.

Mixing CBD Oil and Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, you’re likely to experience less inhibitions. It can also help you relax.

Taking CBD, on the other hand, can make you feel calmer. There are studies that suggest that it can help lessen anxiety, too.

Now, if you take the two, you’re likely to experience the same effects but stronger.

For some people, mixing CBD and alcohol doesn’t just make them feel sleepy and sedated. They also experience changes in behavior and mood.

And there’s a study that suggests the same thing.

In the said study, it was found out that combining CBD with alcohol may result in significantly impaired motor performance as well as altered time perception.

Take note, however, that the said study is a bit outdated. Plus, it involved the use of a higher amount of CBD than what most people tend to use.

Here’s the good side:

Mixing CBD and alcohol show promising benefits. The list includes protection from cell damage and lower blood alcohol levels. It may even help treat alcohol addiction.

Now, should you take your CBD oil this way?

The research regarding alcohol and CBD is quite limited.. Considering that, it’s not recommended that you take the two together.

If your mind is still set on mixing alcohol and CBD, take them in low amounts to minimize your risks.

How Much CBD Oil To Take

Start low.

This is the most important thing you have to remember when taking CBD oil. Whether you’re trying to learn how to use CBD oil for pain or you’re trying to learn how to use CBD oil for anxiety, it’s better and safer to start with a lower and ineffective dose and build your way to a higher and more effective dose.

Now, for proper dosing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find out the potency of your CBD oil

In mist cases, manufacturers tell the concentration of their CBD oil to their customers. If yours doesn’t provide this information, you can follow a simple formula and calculate it yourself.

First, you have to know your bottle size in mL. Then, take note of the amount listed on the packaging. For CBD oils, it’s usually 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg and so on.

Then, calculate using this formula:

[CBD in mg]÷[bottle size in ml]= CBD in mg/mL

  1. Measure the dropper’s volume.

Most brands use droppers that hold 1ml of fluid.To verify this, you can fill up the dropper as normal. Then, let out one dropper at a time.

Make sure to count the drops and see if you can end up with about 20 drops.

  1. Find out your dose.

For this, you need to be familiar with this dosing recommendation:

Low Strength- 1mg per 10 lbs

Medium Strength- 3mg per 10 lbs

High Strength- 6mg per 10 lbs

Then, calculate the right dose for you according to your weight.

Here’s a formula you can use:

[Weight in pounds]÷[Desired strength (mg)]- recommended dose

  1. Adjust

As mentioned, the guide above is just a recommendation on how to use CBD oil. There’s really no solid rule when it comes to finding the right dose for a person.

This makes adjustments important.

People react differently to CBD oil. Some people may experience great benefits at 20mg while others may need more or less than that to experience relief.

In increasing or decreasing the dose, it’s important that you take the process slowly. Don’t rush and allow yourself to determine if the existing dose you are taking is working or not.

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

Honestly, the effect isn’t instant. Approximately, CBD oil can take about 15 to 30 minutes before working when you take it orally.

The result, as well as the effect, will depend on several factors, like age, diet, weight, and physical activity.

It will also depend on your body’s ability to absorb its components.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

In general, CBD oil is considered safe. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s free from side effects.

Some people experience dizziness while others experience diarrhea. There are people who reported nausea and dry mouth after taking it.

Take note that most of the side effects associated with CBD oil are mild. If you are experiencing any serious reaction, consider altering your dose and seeing a healthcare professional.

This is really important, particularly if you’re taking other medications. You see, CBD can interact with certain medicines like blood thinners.


Start low and remember to go slow.

That’s the most important thing to remember when trying to understand how to use CBD oil. Whether you’re planning on using it for pain, anxiety, erectile dysfunction or hair loss, you should start with a low dose and build up as you go.

When planning to use CBD oil, you can take it with alcohol but it’s not strongly recommended. Moreover, when taking it with meal, high-fat foods can increase absorption but variability can happen since foods have different fat content.