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What Do You Get Out of a LĒVO C?

Ever want to turn your favorite herbs into delicious oils, butters, honeys, vegetable glycerin, and more? The LĒVO C allows you to do this and so much more!

Through an exclusive patented design, the LĒVO C incorporates an ACTIVATE cycle which allows you to decarboxylate your cannabis. In turn, you can optimize potencies to your exact desire. Not to mention, the machine takes care of all the work for you – no need for an oven or other accessories for straining.

Thanks to LĒVO’s patented herb pod system, each batch of recipe provides you with cleaner tasting infusions. The pods make sure your infusion contains less chlorophyll, which is what makes cannabis infusion dark and “dirty” tasting. LĒVO’s pod system also means you don’t need accessories or cheesecloth to strain your infusions, just pout it out and use!

Personally, we were big fans of using the LĒVO C to turn our favorite hemp flower into cannabidiol (CBD) gummies. Due to the machine’s capabilities, we were able to get potencies and flavors to our exact desires.

All of this was enough to sell us on a LĒVO C. However, they take it a step further by also offering:

  • Infusions of up to 1 ounce of any herb you desire and 1 liter (4.25 cups) of liquid
  • Precise time and temperature controls that are completely customizable
  • Infusions without aeration or blades, making for a longer shelf life and better taste
  • Fun selection of colors
  • All parts are dishwasher-friendly
  • 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 30-day Return Period
  • Buy Now, Pay Later interest free installment plans

The LĒVO C also allows for large batches of recipe to be made – making this an ideal product for those who often develop herbal infusions.

Magical Butter: What's the Difference?

Magical Butter is another popular infusion machine on the market, and it comes at a cheaper price point than the LĒVO C. This will naturally entice new customers, but do the features really add up to what you’re paying for?

Both infusion machines are able to produce large batches of product which is great for herbalist enthusiasts. However, Magical Butter lacks in a number of features which make the infusion process more difficult. For example, it doesn’t decarb your cannabis which means you have to take care of this process yourself (typically over an oven). Magical Butter is technically a soymilk making machine, which is why it has mental blades attached to the lid that chop up the herbs and introduce lots of chlorophyll into your infusions, making it very grassy and “dirty” tasting.

Magical Butter also has a number of design differences which make it less preferable for certain types of infusions. To give you a more detailed look, here’s a chart comparing and contrasting the differences:

LEVO Oil Chart

LĒVO C vs Magical Butter: Bottom Line

While you can pull off infusions with Magical Butter, the LĒVO C is better designed for such work. It takes out a number of the processes and requires you to have less accessories. Not to mention, it gives you more customization options which is ideal for those looking for more precise potencies, flavors, and a longer-lasting shelf-life.

Overall, while the LĒVO C is more expensive, you get so much more for what you’re paying for. And for this reason, it’s our infusion machine of choice.

It comes at only a $50.00 higher price point, but with so many more features that make the extra investment worth it. Not to mention, the LĒVO C can be purchased in a discounted bundle alongside gummy kits that allow you to get started without the purchase of extra ingredients and kitchenware.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more personalized batches of infusions, you can always opt for the LĒVO II. Beyond the ACTIVATE feature, the LĒVO II also contains a DRY feature which allows you to reduce moisture on garden-fresh herbs and extend the shelf-life of your infusions.