CBD Oil Benefits: What You Should Know [Infographic Included]

CBD Oil Benefits: What You Should Know [Infographic Included]

With all the buzz surrounding CBD oil, it’s easy to think that it’s just another overly-hyped product meant to lure in customers and buyers. In reality, however, CBD oil really has tons of health benefits that it might just be the solution you’re looking for your health issues.

If you want to know more about the benefits of CBD oil, check out this infographic below.


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Top Benefits of CBD Oil You Should Know

By now, you probably already know how cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plants, is believed to be a cure for just about anything.

But what about your symptoms? Can it really address your specific condition?

If you’re in pain or you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, you probably wouldn’t want to spend more hours on the internet, searching for information that might help you out. So, as a way to help and guide you, we’re sharing with you everything you need to know about CBD oil and the potential health benefits of CBD.

Cancer treatment

CBD don’t actually treat cancer but it may help lessen the symptoms related to the disease as well as the side effects that come with cancer treatment. It can reduce vomiting and help with pain management.

participants undergoing chemotherapy, researchers found out that a one-to-one combination of tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD administered through a mouth spray was able to reduce nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. This was in comparison to undergoing the standard treatment alone.

Possible treatment for Epilepsy

Research is still ongoing but based on the data experts have today, CBD has the potential to help treat certain types of epilepsy.

The FDA has even approved CBD oil to treat two rare forms of epilepsy- the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

In one study done in 2016, participants were asked to take 2 to 5mg of CBD daily in addition to their existing medications for epilepsy. After 12 weeks, 36.5% of the participants experienced less frequent seizures.

Pain relief

Chronic pain is one of the primary reasons why people are drawn to hemp oil. The idea of experiencing pain relief without having to worry about the nasty side effects of pain medication is just quite tempting.

To give you an idea, here’s what you’ll be at risk of if you take traditional pain medication for a really long time:

  • Addiction
  • Liver damage
  • Withdrawal
  • Cardiovascular problems

CBD may suppress chronic pain, like joint pain, by focusing on and targeting the a3 glycine receptors to alter the way you react to pain. These receptors are generally found in your brain as well as your spinal cord.

By targeting them, your sensation of pain is minimized in the same way your traditional pain relievers work.

Better Mental Health

Believe it or not, anxiety disorders take the top spot in the list of common mental illnesses in the country. To date, it affects about 40 million adults or 18.1% of the population per year.

Because it is common, you can find a lot of options to manage it as well as its symptoms.

But, here’s the thing.

Despite the long list of treatment options for anxiety, traditional treatments don’t always work. In fact, at times, they create and add more problems to those suffering from an anxiety


Well, just like pain medications, traditional treatments for anxiety has a wide range of side effects to the human body. People who take them experience more depression, gain or lose weight, develop dependence, and experience more mood swings.

CBD is considered a potentially effective and more natural option to fight anxiety and other mental health problems.

It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and targeting the CB1 receptors in your brain. These are the same set of receptors that your traditional anxiety medication targets, too.

CBD may also be helpful in managing Alzheimer’s disease and other mental health conditions.

Manages blood sugar levels

Type 1 diabetes is more common than you think. It’s estimated that around 1.25 million adults and children in the country are currently diagnosed with it.

Unlike Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 is considered as an autoimmune disorder. This simply means that your immune system attacks and destroys cells in your pancreas.

This causes long-term damage and prevents your body from producing enough insulin to control your blood sugar.

Unmanaged blood sugar level can cause a wide range of medical problems. It can cause gout and damages to the brain and cardiovascular system.

It can make you prone to skin infections, too.

CBD is considered effective in regulating and promoting balance throughout your body systems. With that, it’s only logical to make it as part of your treatment.

There are several studies and clinical trials that can back that up.

For one, Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation’s study found that CBD could lower the inflammation Type 1 diabetes creates in the mice’s pancreas. In addition to that, it also showed how CBD may lower the general occurrence of the disease.

Helps with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a type of neurological problem that affects young adults around the world. In general, it primarily affects people between 20 to 50 years old.

MS affects the central nervous system which can limit different bodily functions. By taking CBD, people with this condition can feel lesser pain, muscle stiffness, spasms, and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Promotes better sleep

How can CBD help you get better sleep?

CBD may help relieve nightmares brought about by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, REM disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders.

By now, you’re probably wondering about one thing: Is CBD better than traditional medications?

Well, it could be.

Traditional medicines, although effective at times, can have major side effects. For one, they encourage dependency and the symptoms of sleep disorders could worsen if you decide to stop taking them.

You can also experience digestive issues, dizziness, loss of balance, shaking, and possible addiction.

CBD, on the other hand, targets your endocannabinoid system which has a big role in regulating sleep. It helps you rest longer at night, too.

Eases depression

Depression is so much more than feeling low and having insufficient energy. If not managed right away, it can lead to serious negative effects, such as suicide.

Managing depression is a bit complicated. Often, it requires a combination of lifestyle changes and medications. For most people, it’s a long process which often comes with episodes of worsening depression, dry mouth, insomnia, and weight gain.

Based on research, CBD has the potential to lower the activities related to neuroendocrine stress while boosting noradrenergic and serotonergic transmissions in your body. It’s basically how your traditional anti-depressants work but without the nasty side effects.

Helps in quitting smoking

Smoking is a deadly habit and most of us are aware of that. Unfortunately, however, a lot of us are still not realizing how deadly it is.

Consider this:

In the United States, smoking accounts for 1 in 5 adult deaths per year.

Quite scary, right?

A lot of smokers know that. As a matter of fact, about 70% show a desire to ditch the habit. Others tried but failed along the way.

One good reason for that is nicotine which is addictive.

One’s nicotine addiction is considered to be tied to the same system that CBD interacts with and regulate.

Manages acne

Acne or acne vulgaris can feel like a curse. It can lower your self-esteem and even push you to the point of depression. Plus, there’s also the social stigmas it creates.

There are a handful of treatments available to combat acne. You can resort to laser treatments, prescription medications, and medicated skin care products to calm your skin.

Or you can try CBD. It’s a good option if you are looking for something that’s natural and possess fewer side effects.

Studies have shown that CBD may actually help lower the production of the sebum responsible for causing acne. It can also lower inflammation throughout your body.

How to Use CBD Oil

One of the best things about CBD oil is the fact that you can actually use it in a number of ways. 

You can add a few drops of it on your creams and gels. You can also put the oil on your food or drinks.

However, for most people, they find that putting a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue is the most effective. It allows fast absorption

Plus, it enables you to experience a more systemic effect. Of course, you have to be careful about the dosage you are taking. There’s no case of CBD overdose yet but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

Taking CBD oil may require a bit of trial and error. You may have to try different forms or dosages to gauge the full effects of CBD to your body. 

Furthermore, like grapefruit juice, CBD oil can also increase the levels of certain medications in the blood. You have to be extra careful if you have existing medications, like medicines for blood pressure and diabetes.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Considering that it’s natural, you might be thinking that it’s completely free from side effects. Well, that’s actually not the case.

There are people who experience adverse reactions and the side effects of CBD. Some of those reactions include changes in weight, fatigue, and diarrhea.

Some people experience changes in appetite as well.

In addition to those issues, another thing you need to be careful about when taking CBD products is the way they could possibly interact with any of the medicines you are taking.

Here are a few examples:

In theory, THC can lower the serum concentrations of haloperidol, clozapine, and chlorpromazine. These are drugs mostly prescribed to manage specific mental health issues.

Taking a CBD oil with high THC content can make those drugs less effective. And as a result, the person taking them will have a hard time keeping his symptoms under control.

This is one good reason why people with unstable psychiatric states and acute psychosis are highly discouraged from taking CBD and cannabis.

Those who are diagnosed with severe cardiovascular problems, kidney diseases, immunological problems,  and other serious medical issues should think twice about taking CBD, too.

If you really feel that it can help you, make sure to talk with your doctor first and seek medical advice. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medications and supplements you are taking.

Now, let’s talk about another question you probably have in mind: Is taking CBD oil safe?

Currently, CBD oil is considered safe despite the fact that it could have really serious interactions when taken with other drugs and supplements. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone. 

Not all people react to CBD oil in the same way. Some experience relief while others need to take really high doses just to experience the benefits of CBD.

Apart from that, people have different health needs. You can’t take CBD oil just because someone you know is taking it.

If it’s your first time to take hemp-derived CBD oil, it’s a good idea to create a plan with your doctor first. Use it as a part of your treatment plan and not as your only solution to your health problem.

Even though the animal studies and clinical trials that exist today highlight the potential benefits of medical marijuana and CBD oil, they still don’t conclude anything. More studies and further research are needed for experts to have solid proofs.

After talking to your doctor, do your own research. Get to know the brand and product you are planning to try. 

Start with the lowest dose possible and see how your system will react. If you don’t see any changes, gradually increase your dose and allow enough time for your body to get used to CBD.

Is It Legal?

On a federal level and based on the United States’ Farm Bill, you can consider CBD products to be legal if they are hemp-derived and if they don’t have more than 0.3% THC.

CBD products that are derived from marijuana and marijuana use are considered illegal on a federal level but some state laws allow them. 

With that in mind, always consult the laws in your state to determine if it’s legal for you to consume CBD products. Plus, always do your research.

Get to know the product you are planning to buy. As much as possible, read its list of ingredients and check if the product has been tested by a third-party laboratory.

If yes, the results of those lab tests should be accessible. They should be posted on the company’s website or written on the product’s packaging. 

If you can’t find that information online, the company should be able to give them to you soon after you request them.

If the company fails to provide them, consider it as a red flag and start looking at other brands.

Final Thoughts

CBD may provide tons of health benefits. It may even be the answer to your specific health concern.

Now, although effective, it doesn’t mean that you should use it right away. Remember, Cannabidiol CBD products are still not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration so their quality isn’t always guaranteed.

For your safety and to make sure that you get all the potential health benefits of CBD, do your research before buying a CBD oil. Make sure that it’s made from high-quality ingredients and that it’s pure.

You may also want to know how the oil is processed and extracted. As much as possible, stick with CBD oils extracted using the CO2 extraction method as it’s considered as one of the safest and cleanest ways to extract the oil.

The existing clinical trials and studies are not conclusive as well. Most of them are still on the early stages. More tests and further research are necessary to determine the full health benefits of CBD.

Furthermore, consider seeking medical advice before you give it a try.

Dwight K. Blake Written by: Dwight K. Blake

Dwight was a Mental Health counselor at Long Island Psychotherapy & Counseling in Westbury, New York for more than 15 years. He believes that CBD is the prime solution to this mental illness and more-- with proper research, medical acknowledgment, and application.
Through his work at AmericanMarijuana, together with the rest of the team, he wishes to provide everyone with genuine results and high-quality product reviews for everyone to enjoy for free.

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