CBD Oil for Acne: What Does CBD Do for Skin? How Can CBD Oil Help for Skin Care?

CBD Oil for Acne: What Does CBD Do for Skin? How Can CBD Oil Help for Skin Care?

Information on CBD shows that it can alleviate people’s suffering from numerous conditions. Having heard about this wonder supplement, you are probably wondering whether the use of CBD oil for skin can help you manage a case of acne. So, in this article, we are going to attempt to help you answer this question satisfactorily. The objective is to help you see whether and how CBD oil can assist you in the management of acne and how it works on both acne and other skin conditions. We seek to find an answer to the question, ‘what does CBD do for the skin?’ 

How CBD oil treats acne

There are two types of acne which get their names from where they are located in the body. These are face acne and body acne. Let’s see how CBD works to treat both of them, but to have a fuller understanding of how it works for acne, we need to know what acne is. 

Acne is a condition that is characterized by red blemishes on the face and body. These blemishes usually develop when a person’s skin pores are blocked by excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. When the pores are blocked as mentioned, a bacterium known as Propionibacterium acnes accumulates in the pores from where it causes blemishes, pimples, and inflammation. Oily skin and much dead skin cells are usually one of the hallmarks of puberty, and this is why acne is quite prevalent in teenagers. This doesn’t mean adults aren’t susceptible. 

Face Acne

face acne

Like everything else related to CBD, there is still a lot more research that needs to be conducted, and many studies are ongoing. The information available shows that CBD helps manage acne by blocking the release of the excess fat that acts as an adhesive for dirt and dead skin cells. 

A study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that inhibited oil production soothed any inflamed oil glands on the skin. The implication of this is that CBD helps in the management of acne in two ways. It prevents it by reducing the amount of oil on the face, and it also helps to reduce the red spots on the face because they are caused by inflammation.  

Body Acne

The cause of body acne is the same as the cause of face acne, as described above. This means that CBD can help in its management the same way it works on face acne. You can use CBD products on the body, such as CBD infused soap, to reduce the effects of body acne. 

Acne scars

People with acne usually get scars. These scars come as a result of the large inflamed pimples and the fact that people with them usually pick their skins, which sometimes causes wounds. These scars can be reduced by applying CBD infused ointments on them.  One survey found that CBD’s regular application-related products on scars reduce scarring after three months of use. CBD was found to increase the skin’s elasticity, and it also helps to hydrate the skin, and this is how it reduces the scarring. Reduced scarring is just one of the many reasons why you should use CBD oil for skincare. 

Does CBD work for other skin problems?

Many research studies have validated the efficacy of cannabis oil for skin.  The primary reason why you can successfully use CBD for skin inflammation is that the endocannabinoid system is found all over the skin.  The widespread nature of the endocannabinoid system gives CBD access to every part of the skin from where it can influence the environment and cause change. So how exactly does it work for different conditions?

Skin Inflammation

The primary purpose of the endocannabinoid system is to restore the homeostatic balance in the body. This includes restoration of body temperature, reduction of pain, and reduction of inflammation in any part of the body, among other things. Endocannabinoids form part of the endocannabinoid system, and they are released by the body any time when there is a part that is out of balance. Endocannabinoids do not permanently remain in the body, and the synthesizing hormones destroy them after being in the body for a while. Synthesizing hormones are also a part of the endocannabinoid system. 

This means that, if an inflammation on the skin runs for an extended period, there are instances when the internally generated cannabinoids will not be present to restore balance. This is where CBD comes in. When you use a CBD product, it ensures that your body always has cannabinoids to reduce skin inflammation.

Psoriasis and Eczema

It is possible, even recommended, to use CBD oil for eczema and psoriasis. Let’s find out why this is the case. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that is mainly characterized by the rapid multiplication of skin cells. It is estimated that these cells increase ten times faster than usual. As a result, the skin of a person with psoriasis appears to have scales, and it may also have red patches. Some research studies have shown that CBD slows down the multiplication of these skin cells, thus eliminating the primary cause of psoriasis. 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory attributes well articulated in the previous section also help manage eczema because it is an inflammation of the skin. CBD is also an antioxidant, and it helps to combat the free radicals that damage skin cells. It, therefore, helps the skin avoid the worst of eczema symptoms. 

Possible Side Effects

One of the reasons why CBD is so exciting is that it is generally very well tolerated. Despite its various benefits, its side effects are relatively mild, but CBD skincare products are not entirely free of the drawbacks. The following are some of the effects you might experience; 

  • Drowsiness: – when taken in large quantities, CBD may cause one to feel sleepy.
  • Diarrhea: – This also happens when CBD is ingested in relatively large quantities.
  • Cottonmouth: This refers to dryness of mouth, which comes because CBD affects the submaxillary salivary glands, causing them to stop producing saliva temporarily.
  • Slower liver function: – Some studies have shown that CBD inhibits the function of a cluster of liver enzymes that synthesize medicine. This is particularly important for people who are using medication alongside CBD. The slow down of the metabolization of medicine may require your doctor to recommend some changes in dosage. 

How to use CBD for skincare

There are various formulations of CBD oil for skincare that are available in the market. The nature of products informs how they will be used for skincare. The following are some examples:

  • Sublingually: – This method is used when you are using a CBD oil tincture. You put a few drops as per the recommended dosage on the mucus membrane under the tongue. The CBD sips through the mucus membrane and to the bloodstream from where it proceeds to the skin. 
  • Ingestion: – This method applies to products that go through the gut and have to be digested. They include products such as CBD capsules and edibles infused with CBD, such as CBD gummies, cookies, and drinks.
  • Application on the skin: – this method is particularly relevant for skin conditions. It is applicable where topicals such as CBD creams are in use. Others include CBD lotions and serums, among others. You apply to the affected area. 
  • Vaping: – This is when you inhale vapor generated using a vape pen from a specially formulated CBD vape oils. The vapor goes through the lungs to the rest of the body. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities that make it an ideal treatment for skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Its antioxidant qualities help it fight free radicals that destroy skin cells that preserve the skin’s quality. The fact that it inhibits the rapid multiplication of skin cells in psoriasis enables it to go a long way toward the problem. As you can see, CBD skin care benefits far outweigh any possible side effects. 

Dwight K. Blake Written by: Dwight K. Blake

Dwight was a Mental Health counselor at Long Island Psychotherapy & Counseling in Westbury, New York for more than 15 years. He believes that CBD is the prime solution to this mental illness and more-- with proper research, medical acknowledgment, and application.
Through his work at AmericanMarijuana, together with the rest of the team, he wishes to provide everyone with genuine results and high-quality product reviews for everyone to enjoy for free.

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