General Cannabis Laws in Florida

Is CBD legal in Florida? Read on for a comprehensive answer. In the State of Florida, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal. If found in possession of more than twenty grams of marijuana, you would be guilty of a misdemeanor and liable for up to one-year imprisonment and a fine of up to one thousand dollars. Your driving license may also be suspended as a result of this misdemeanor.

The law concerning medical marijuana evolved over the past several years. The State took the first step towards legalizing medical marijuana in 2014 through a bill of the State Senate. The bill through which it was legalized was named the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act. It allowed children who have drug-resistant epilepsy, such as Dravet Syndrome, cancer, and multiple sclerosis to access medical marijuana.

In 2016, medical marijuana was legalized by an amendment to the state constitution. This amendment appeared on the ballot as Amendment 2 during the general election.  The proposed bill was passed by 71.3% of the voters, which shows reliable public support for medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana was to be used for the treatment of patients who suffered from diseases listed in the bill when doctors recommended its use. These diseases include glaucoma, AIDS, PTSD, ALS, and multiple sclerosis. According to this law, medical marijuana could only be sold in a state-recognized medical marijuana clinic.

A person who seeks to buy requires a Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ card) from your physician to qualify to purchase medical marijuana. The original bill prohibited the use of smoking as an intake method for medical marijuana, but another law lifted this prohibition in 2019. It is possible to smoke a CBD dominant strain of marijuana since breeders have developed those.

Recently, Florida marijuana law made it legal for THC to be used for therapeutic purposes if the user has a MMJ card from the state department of health.

How to be eligible to buy CBD Oil in Florida

CBD oil Florida laws make the involvement of doctors in the acquisition of medical marijuana necessary in that a doctor has to diagnose you with the condition that is eligible for the use of CBD as per the law.

The doctor who recommends you for an MMJ card must have gone through training with the Department of Health in Florida. Please note that a person is only eligible to get the card if they are a legal resident of Florida.

It is important to note, however, that doctors in Florida are not allowed to prescribe CBD oil. The main reason why CBD oil prescription is not allowed in Florida or anywhere else in the United States is because the Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD as a drug. The CBD based drug, Epidiolex, is, however, approved for prescription in the management of pediatric seizures, especially in drug-resistant forms of epilepsy.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Florida

For a person with a MMJ card, you can go to a CBD oil Florida dispensary and get your CBD oil.

Sometime back, these clinics were the only source of CBD oil in Florida, but today you buy CBD oil from one of the many shops selling the product in Florida.

As you buy, however, you should remember that the product is still illegal if you don’t have an MMJ card. Law enforcers usually don’t enforce the law about CBD, but there have been instances where they have done it.

One way you can get CBD oil in any form is by ordering it online. Many reputable CBD manufacturers have online shops through which they sell their products. Other merchandisers don’t manufacture but sell CBD oil online. You can order online from these sellers regardless of where the seller is located in the US, as most of them ship to all the 50 states, and they have pretty efficient delivery methods.

You should check the quality of products on sale on the website from which you intend to buy. Since CBD oil is not FDA approved, its quality and safety standards are not regulated by the government.

The lack of a regulatory framework leaves an opening for crooked people to sell unsafe, substandard products.  A seller can’t say that their product is sub-standard, and you have to get other ways to ascertain the quality of the product.

Scrupulous manufacturers typically seek the services of an independent third party laboratory that tests its products and then makes the test results available to customers. These lab results usually itemize the contents of the oil. To increase faith in the testing process, the lab that tests the product should be ISO certified.

You can also determine the credibility of a manufacturer by their membership of peer marijuana manufacturers. The bodies are not established by law, but they have mechanisms on how to regulate the quality and safety of the products their members sell. One such association is the US Hemp Authority.

The number of days it takes to ship the products to you is a vital consideration for you to make when choosing an online vendor. Most vendors will only show you their best possible side, but you can get a clear picture of their customer service by looking at customer reviews. If you are concerned the reviews on the vendor’s website have been censored, you can check independent websites for reviews. You may want to consider a different vendor if there is a high percentage of customer complaints.

2019 News about CBD in Florida

In 2019, the governor of Florida signed into law Senate Bill 1020, which allowed the growth of CBD dominant strains of industrial hemp. The bill also made it legal for people to manufacture and sell CBD products that would be extracted from the industrial hemp.

This is the answer to the question of whether CBD hemp is legal in Florida. Once this law is fully operationalized, it will be possible for manufacturers of CBD products to freely sell their wares in the State without possible legal repercussions.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Florida

Increased acceptance of CBD as a wellness product in Florida is helpful for people managing different medical conditions or seeking to improve their wellness.

With the signing of Senate Bill 1020, a much wider variety of CBD products will be available to potential users, and people will get an opportunity to boldly interrogate the quality and safety of products before they buy them.

Having legalized these supplements, the State Government of Florida will be obligated to put in place measures to ensure that the CBD products marketed in the State are safe for users.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, will now be free to focus on coming up with more innovative products that will help users get the most out of CBD.