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What is Nutra Cleanse?

As mentioned, Nutra Cleanse is a retailer of dietary supplements to decrease toxins in your body. With that, some cannabis users have looked at it as a potential means of passing a drug test – more specifically, as a way to reduce tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) metabolites from the body.

The difficulty with Nutra Cleanse is none of their products target THC metabolites. Therefore, these products aren’t designed to help you pass a drug test.

And this showed in our experience with Nutra Cleanse. We tried 2 of their products and, in both instances, failed an over-the-counter marijuana drug test.

Therefore, we DO NOT recommend Nutra Cleanse as a means of passing a marijuana drug test.

Nutra Cleanse Review: What Products Did We Try?

Nutra Cleanse has a wide variety of products, all of which are designed to help with general body detox. These products are specifically formulated to consider several factors, including:

  • Exposure to a toxin
  • Body fat
  • Body weight
  • How much time you have to cleanse

Still, for the sake of our review, we only focused on the following 2 products. Keep in mind that we used these to test the efficiency of Nutra Cleanse against marijuana molecules. Since these products are not designed for such, it’s important to understand our review isn’t accurate for Nutra Cleanse’s other attributes.

Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit

Nutra Cleanse: Fail Safe Kit

Quality 100%

Effectiveness 50%

Price 100%

Customer Service 100%

  • Flushes system within 90 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours
  • Is effective for heavy to extreme exposure
  • Free shipping on all US orders

Made for daily users, the Fail Safe Kit is designed for instant body cleansing. It does so through a 2.5 oz Fast Acting shot and 12 Clean capsules, both of which are made using vitamins, herbs, and minerals. The combination of these two products is targeted towards individuals with high body fat content or high weight levels. You can expect optimal results within 90 minutes of consumption. With these results lasting up to 6 hours.

Remember, we did not find the Fail Safe Kit to be an effective measure in reducing THC molecules from our bodies. Even when taking this product under implicit instructions, we continued to fail marijuana drug tests.

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program

Nutra Cleanse: 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program

Quality 100%

Effectiveness 50%

Price 100%

Customer Service 100%

  • Permanently removes toxins from the body
  • Comes with 2 at-home tests
  • Products ship discreetly

If you’re looking for a solution that lasts for a longer period of time, you may be more interested in the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program. This is meant to act as a permanent solution and incorporates a Pre Cleansing Formula herbal supplement, instruction manual, and diet menu. These herbal supplements are a bit different than those found in the Fail Safe Kit and they incorporate alfalfa, burdock, cranberry, licorice root, goldenrod, echinacea, marshmallow, turmeric, and more.

Remember, we did not find the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program to be effective in reducing marijuana molecules from the body.

How to Use Nutra Cleanse

While it’s not effective for passing a THC test, you may be interested in using Nutra Cleanse for other reasons. If so, it’s important to ensure you’re using it properly. Nutra Cleanse has very specific instructions that must be followed directly to gain the most from these detox products.

Step 1

Initially, you want to consume all four of the Pre Cleanse Formula capsules with 24 oz of water, preferably 1 hour after a meal. It’s best to do this the night before you start your cleansing program. This allows your body to prepare for the cleanse which will be followed within the 5-day program.

Step 2

The morning after you’ve taken your Pre Cleanse Formula capsules, you take the Morning Time Formula capsules. These are 6 capsules which are taken with 24 oz of water – preferably, 1 hour before breakfast. This will be taken daily for five days with the five-day cleanse (10 days for the 10-day cleanse).

In the evening, you will move on to the eveningtime formula capsules – another 6-capsule dosage. Similarly, you’ll take this 24 oz of water – preferably, after you’ve eaten a meal.

Step 3

Once you’ve finished the 5-day (or 10-day) program, you’ll take the Post Cleanse Clean capsules. This is an 8-capsule dose that can technically be taken at any time. Unfortunately, Nutra Cleanse does not identify whether you should take this in the morning or evening.

Nutra Cleanse Review: Final Thoughts

Nutra Cleanse’s products are a great natural solution to ridding your body of toxins. However, they are not effective for targeting THC molecules and SHOULD NOT be taken as a means of passing a marijuana drug test. If you’re looking for such a solution, you’re going to need to seek out other avenues. Still, if you’re simply looking for an effective way to clean out your body, this may be the solution for you.