Is CBD Oil legal in Vermont: The Law And The Market For CBD in Vermont

Is CBD Oil legal in Vermont: The Law And The Market For CBD in Vermont

Like many other jurisdictions in the United States, Vermont has had a long and somewhat mixed history on the legalization and use of CBD. The legal complications have often been a result of the somewhat complicated relationship between the federal and state governments where marijuana is concerned. And also, due to the perception of the larger society where anything related to cannabis is concerned.  Although this is the situation, CBD has, in the recent past, gained popularity as a health supplement in Vermont. As a result, the state became one of the US jurisdictions that legalized CBD early, and it has recently legalized cannabis for recreational use. In this article, we shall discuss the legality and availability of CBD in Vermont.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Vermont

The state of Vermont has been ahead of most other states in the union where CBD and marijuana are concerned. It legalized medical marijuana way back in 2004. This legalization happened with the state Senate passing Senate Bill 76 – the law through which CBD became legal.  The conditions under which a person could use CBD when it was first legalized were very stringent. The rules have somewhat loosened over time, but they are still quite restrictive, especially where access is concerned. CBD continues to gain acceptance across the board, and the public opinion shifts further and further towards its acceptance and mainstreaming, and the state is slowly following suit. 

The law in Vermont has legalized all types of CBD, i.e. CBD derived from marijuana and industrial hemp. The CBD can be utilized for both therapeutic and recreational use. According to the law, registered patients can buy CBD for therapeutic use from state-authorized dispensaries. The authorization of a patient must be done by a doctor with whom the patient in question has a bona fide doctor-patient relationship. A qualifying relationship between the patient and the doctor must have existed for not less than six months, and relevant documents must support this. The requirement for a six-months patient-doctor relationship may be waived in case the patient has: 

  1. A terminal illness 
  2. Cancer that had metastasized to different parts of the body or 
  3. AIDS 

Once a qualifying doctor issues the recommendation for a medical marijuana card, the patient then goes to the Vermont Marijuana Registry from where they get the card. If the patient is not in a position to personally receive and use the card, usually due to deterioration of their health condition, a card may be given to a caregiver. A caregiver, in this case, maybe a member of the family or an employee. Medical marijuana, including CBD, is only legal for people who have severe medical conditions listed in the law as follows. 

HIV and AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, cancer, and other conditions manifest themselves in severe and intractable symptoms. Diseases and treatment regimens that lead to the following conditions also qualify a person to use CBD and medical marijuana in Vermont legally. Wasting syndrome (Cachexia), hyperemesis (severe nausea), and severe pain or seizures.  The amount of CBD that a person can possess even under these circumstances is restricted by law. The law in Vermont, therefore, while it allows for usage of medical marijuana and CBD is quite strict in the manner in which it controls it. These people can buy from state-approved CBD dispensaries that endeavor to offer cheap, affordable CBD oil

Recreational Marijuana

CBD Oil in Vermont

The progress towards acceptance of marijuana products was further demonstrated when Governor Phil Scott signed H. 522. This law allowed citizens of Vermont who are above 21 years to possess and use marijuana without recriminations from the state as long as they follow the laid down regulations.

It is legal for people who choose to use to have up to one ounce of the substance for personal use. The law only allowed for possession and not sale and weed, and all products derived from it, including CBD, are still controlled substances whose sale attracts penalties. 

Under this statute, qualifying individuals (over 21) are also allowed to grow a maximum of two plants. These plants are to be their source since no one is allowed to sell to them. These plants can only be raised on the user’s private property. Cannabis under this law can’t be consumed publically, only in private. Besides restrictions from the state, the law empowers local authorities such as municipalities, landlords, schools, and employers to impose further restrictions on growth and usage as of weed as they deem necessary. There is a raft of other restrictions in the laws meant to protect non-users and children from second-hand smoke. Violation of these rules leads to penalties. 

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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Vermont

One of the interesting features in Vermont in as far as CBD is concerned is that while it is legal to possess and use CBD and recreational marijuana, the law doesn’t allow its sale. This leaves people who would like to sell it in Vermont in a quandary. Ordinarily, when a state legalizes CBD, companies selling the best CBD oils and other products rush to open stores, but this hasn’t happened in Vermont for the quirk mentioned above in the law.

The challenge with this situation is that even if authorities don’t enforce the ban on selling CBD, reputable companies still can’t venture into the state. Their operating protocols typically wouldn’t allow them to operate in a jurisdiction where it would be illegal to do so. This leaves CBD users at the mercy of shady businesses that have no qualms working in the legal shadows. The quality of products sold in such establishments can’t be guaranteed.

Buying Online

You can, however, buy quality products online from your CBD manufacturer or seller of choice located anywhere in the United States. The vast majority of these sellers who have the best CBD oil have online platforms, and they ship their products in all the fifty states. Many of them have excellent customer care representatives through whom you can track your shipped products, and there are even some who offer free shipping for products worth more than a set amount. In Vermont, a local online store that comes to mind that may have high-quality products is the Vermont Hempicurean. We should have mentioned that there is a pilot program for the growth of hemp in VA. The Hempicurean seeks to ensure that hemp farmers in the state benefit from their work by linking them to customers. This task is an important one in this state, owing to the already discussed legal challenges associated with the sale of marijuana and hemp products. 

The Hempicurean also has a physical store in Brattleboro, but we are going to discuss the details on that later.  

Buying CBD online is always a bit of a challenge. You can find that some of the establishments are not able to deliver on the promises they make on their websites. So how do you know that an online dealer is legitimate? There are some tips you can use to get a pretty good idea of whom you are dealing with. 

Customer reviews

The only way you can predict what your experience with an online seller is going to be like is listening to the experience of buyers who have had dealings with them. You can get these experiences in customer reviews. If there are many positive customer reviews, then you are likely to have a pleasant experience. If there is a substantial percentage of negative reviews, you are better off trying to purchase from somewhere else. Reviews on the dealer’s website may not give you a clear picture of what to expect because they may be censured if the dealer is unscrupulous. You can circumvent this hurdle by looking up independent reviewers.

Extraction Method

The quality and purity of your CBD oil will be determined, to a large extent, by the extraction method used on the hemp from which it is taken. The supercritical CO2 extraction method is currently the safest and most effective method of extraction. It uses no solvents, and your CBD oil is, therefore, highly unlikely to contain toxins. When solvents such as ethanol are used in the extraction process, there is a possibility of them not being sufficiently distilled from the extract. This leaves trace amounts of the solvent in the extract, which eventually finds its way into the final product. 

Third-Party testing

The manufacture of CBD products is not well regulated by law. This means that the law doesn’t impose standards on the manufacturers, and therefore, there is no place where makers of these products have to take them for standard verification. To remedy this problem, manufacturers voluntarily subject their products to reputable independent laboratories. The labs analyze these products to establish their terpene and cannabinoid profiles and to rule out the presence of toxins. The results should then be made available to you as a buyer by either being displayed on the website or presented to you on demand. This way, you can know precisely what is in the product before you buy it.

Money-back guarantee

Some sellers offer to give you a limited money-back guarantee. If this option is available, it will boost your confidence when buying the product. It might also serve to communicate the company’s confidence in its products.  

If, for whatever reason, you feel you still need to buy your CBD locally, we have compiled a list of some of the shops from which you may get good quality CBD products in different cities of the state. State-sanctioned dispensaries are usually the best, but some other locations may be equally good.

CBD Oil in Vermont

CBD Shops in Montpelier 

  • AroMed Aromatherapy and CBD it is located on 8 State, St. Montpelier, Vermont 05602.

CBD Oil Shops in Burlington 

  • Champlain Valley Dispensary. It is located on 1 Steele Street #124, Burlington, Vermont 05401

  • Hemptation Infused Goods. Situated on 38 ½ Church St – Vending Cart, Burlington, Vermont 05401 

CBD Oil Shops in Rutland 

  • The Emporium Tobacco and Gift Shop. This shop is located on 131 Strongs Avenue, Rutland, Vermont 05701.

CBD Oil Shops in St Albans City

There is only one CBD shop in this area.

  • Green Mountain Hemp Company. It is located on 81 N Main Street, St. Albans City Vermont 05478.

CBD Oil Shops in Brattleboro

  • The Vermont Hempicurean. The Hempicurean is located on 8 Flat Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301. 

If you remember, we had earlier mentioned the Vermont Hempicurian as a good online source of CBD products manufactured using Vermont grown hemp besides oils. They also have the best CBD gummies Vermont has to offer. Their store, whose location we have given above, has all of the company’s products on sale online and more. If you are near Brattleboro, you might be better served by visiting the shop because then the attendants, who are well informed, can guide you on which product is best for you.  

2020 Updated News of CBD in Vermont

It can be expected that in 2020, Vermont will continue crafting laws and regulations to manage the use of CBD and marijuana better. The continued mainstreaming of CBD in other jurisdictions within the US is expected to have an impact on how the state legislature acts concerning the control and management of CBD usage. The hemp growth pilot program continues in the state, and the registration application for the 2020 season is ongoing. There is also likely to be more dealers opening shops. The rate at which CBD stores and dispensaries will increase is expected to remain slow due to the restrictions of the law.

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