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The Best Cannabis Strains For Female Orgasms on the market

Best Cannabis Strains For Female


Cannabinoid Profile: (Sativa, THC 12-19%)

Main Terpenes: Myrcene (musky), pinene (earthy)

Considered a rare find, Voodoo is a coveted strain with the power to cast spells on your love life. The profile is 100% sativa, not an easy find among the endless series of hybrids hitting the market. High in myrcene and pinene, this terpene duo emits calming fruit and pine tree-scented waves.

Voodoo may give you the nudge of confidence you need to get out of your head and be more vocal about your bedroom fantasies. Lovebirds describe feeling wonderfully open and sociable once Voodoo begins to take effect.


Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica-dominant, THC 19-23%)

Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene (spicy), Limonene (citrus), Myrcene (musky)

With its tantric indica effects, some would say that Zkittlez lifts you to otherworldly heights. The California-bred strain won Michigan’s 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica.

Puffing on Zkittlez, you notice classic candy flavors like sweet and sour. The high is described as a full-body tingle that holds back on the cerebral intensity, keeping your mind and body in sync. Consider this strain a fun and laid-back way to add some zing to foreplay and reach that desired female orgasm.

Key Lime Pie

Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica-dominant. THC 18-25%)

Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene (spicy), Myrcene (musky), Pinene (fresh herbs)

Key Lime Pie is a delectable afternoon treat that satisfies your sweet tooth in more ways than one. Those with insatiable sexual cravings might feel a new urge to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than rush through foreplay, thanks to the strong indica effects.

Myrcene and caryophyllene slip you into a tantalizing state of relaxation and inner peace. These terpenes make smoking Key Lime Pie taste like the real thing: light, citrus-forward, and slightly sour. Try microdosing this strain if indicas tend to make you lazy. You’re looking for the sweet spot between horny and relaxed.


Cannabinoid Profile: (Sativa-dominant, THC 19-30%)

Main Terpenes: Myrcene (musky), Limonene (citrus), Caryophyllene (spicy)

Seems fitting, right? Bootylicious is a sativa-dominant strain known for its cupcake and diesel aroma. People say they feel more confident and giggly after smoking Bootylicious.

The combination of myrcene and limonene gives this seductress of a strain drool-worthy appeal.

Bootylicious might even provide the ego boost you need to make your desires known. You can find this well-rounded strain in the Pacific Northwest and parts of California.

Sweet and Sour Widow

Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica, 1:1 CBD and THC)

Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene (spicy), myrcene (musky)

Mouthwatering Sweet and Sour Widow is the CBD strain to electrify female orgasms, ladies. The 1:1 CBD and THC ratio creates a balanced euphoria to keep you out of your head and tuned in to your body.

The smell is fruity, spicy, and musky, with an obvious mouth-puckering sweet and sour taste. Sweet and Sour Widow may help anxious “head cases” let their guard down and give in to the deep, dark fantasies buried within.

Banana Kush

Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica-leaning Hybrid, THC 18%)

Main Terpenes: Limonene (citrus/sweet), Fenchol (lime), Myrcene (musky)

Banana Kush is the dream strain for on-the-go, hard-working women. Some say this strain turns desire on overdrive thanks to its lemon-lime, tropical musk.

The hybrid effects strike a balance between happy energy and tingly euphoria. Banana Kush reminds you to take your time in bed and embrace the present. Try this strain to turn off work and get turned on instead.

Sunset Sherbet

Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica-leaning Hybrid, THC 18-24%)

Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene (spicy), Limonene (citrus), Humulene (woody)

Another happy-go-lucky type of high, Sunset Sherbet swirls together fruity, citrusy, and woody terpenes to put you in a summertime state of mind. The child of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbet expresses hybrid effects to keep you both relaxed and focused.

This strain is a playful buzz you can enjoy during foreplay and beyond. If you’re okay with food in the bedroom, try nibbling on mango slices or another tropical fruit as you smoke Sunset Sherbet. The combo may enhance the high, leading to sticky-sweet surprises.

Candy Store

Cannabinoid Profile: (Indica-dominant Hybrid, THC 18-25%)

Main Terpenes: Linalool (sweet), Myrcene (musky)

Candy Store has a perfume of sour berry, sandalwood, and fresh cherry blossoms—springtime aromas that may stimulate sex drive and make you hornier than a rabbit. Enjoy this strain when you have no other plans but to lounge around and (maybe) get busy in the bedroom.

The indica effects aren’t your average “couch-lock” experience. Instead, you can expect tingles to flutter along your arms, chest, and legs (even down below, where an urge to fondle and explore creeps up with unexpected intensity). Candy Store falls on the higher range of potency, so puff mindfully if sex is on your mind so you don’t smoke yourself into a snooze.

Cannabis can make orgasms better and more frequent for women. And hey, don’t they deserve it? So, roll one up, unwrap an edible, or dust off the bong and give yourself the self-care you deserve.