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Best Electric Weed Grinders

Lonzen Electric Herb Grinder

Lonzen Electric Herb Grinder

  • Powerful 1400mAh rechargeable battery
  • Can use 300 to 500 times before needing to recharge
  • 2-year warranty
Electric Tobacco Shredder

Electric Tobacco Shredder

  • Grinds herb into the perfect consistency for a vaporizer
  • Extremely affordable
  • Has a large storage and grinding capacity

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Fancyli Electric Herb Grinder

Fancyli Electric Herb Grinder

  • Features a six-leaf blade for efficient grinding
  • Large chamber capacity
  • 100% money-back guarantee

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Tired of grinding your herb by hand, or (gasp) with a pair of scissors? Look no further than these electric weed grinders, sure to cut down your joint rolling time significantly.

Whether you use pipes, bongs, vapes, or plain ol’ joints, everybody needs ground herb to get started. We found the best of the best electric herb grinders to make your seshes that much smoother.

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Best Decarboxylators



  • Personalized batches (1 - 2 cups)
  • Patented ACTIVATE and DRY mode
  • Easy-to-use, push-button dispense mode, and dishwasher safe

Our Rating

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Ardent FX

Ardent FX

  • Decarboxylate, infuse, and even bake within one device
  • Odorless technology
  • Single-button operation
MB2e MagicalButter Machine

Magical Butter Machine

  • Easily decarb and infuse in a single machine
  • Reduced odor
  • Grinds your material for you

If you’re into edibles, especially the DIY kind, you probably already know all about decarboxylation. Just in case you don’t, it’s the process of heating your cannabis or concentrates in order to activate the cannabinoids within. This is a necessary step when making edibles, since non-decarboxylated cannabis doesn’t get you high when you eat it.

If you make edibles at home, you probably decarb your product on a cookie sheet in the oven – a process that’s hard to get perfect, and that can also be smelly and wasteful. Tired of doing it the hard way? Check out our roundup of the best decarboxylators on the market, including some pretty sweet Magical Butter coupon codes:

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Best Silicone Bongs

Strong Silicone After Glow Adventurer Bong

Strong Silicone After Glow Adventurer Bong

  • True to its name, this is a bong designed for travel
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • It glows in the dark!!!!
Eyce Tall Silicone Beaker

Eyce Tall Silicone Beaker

  • Beautiful colorful contemporary design
  • Comes with magnetic lighter holder
  • Replaceable glass mouthpiece

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PieceMaker KaliGo Silicone Bong

PieceMaker KaliGo Silicone Bong

  • Compact, portable
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Contoured mouthpiece

For the clumsy among us (and let’s be honest – after a few good bowls, we’re all a little clumsy sometimes), silicone bongs are a great alternative to traditional glass bongs. That’s because they’re unbreakable – go ahead and drop these silicone bongs off the coffee table, or even off the balcony.

Contrary to what some believe, silicone bongs are 100% safe to use – they’re made with food-grade silicone which is designed to withstand extreme temperatures easily.

Looking for the best silicone bong on the market? Read our full review:

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Best Gravity Bongs


Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

  • Attractive glass design
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning

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The Infinity Waterfall Remastered

The Infinity Waterfall Remastered

  • Attractive, hourglass-shaped glass gravity bong
  • Multi-use functionality
  • Universal 14mm Joints


  • Portable and durable
  • No-spill design
  • Smooth, controllable smoke

Sometimes, you just wanna get the best bang for your buck. As everyone who smoked weed in high school knows, gravity bongs are the way to do that. But unlike the high school days, you don’t need to make one by cutting up a soda bottle anymore – gravity bongs have come a long way.

From the elegant Stundenglass, which can double as a coffee table centerpiece, to more affordable acrylic options, we found something for everyone who’s looking for a gravity bong.

Read our full roundup of the best gravity bongs now:

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Best Percolator Bongs

Glasscity 13’’ Double-tree Perc

Glasscity 13’’ Double-tree Perc

  • Mouthpiece and downstem available in blue or green
  • Tall tube loaded with double-tree perc, each with six arms
  • Consistent five-star reviews stand by this reasonably priced bong

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Purr 10’’ Honeycomb Perc

Purr 10’’ Honeycomb Perc

  • West Coast brand, handmade in California
  • Option to add a 1-year warranty to purchase
  • Honeycomb perc stacks bubbles inside straight tube
Envy Glass 17’’ Pop Rocks Perc

Envy Glass 17’’ Pop Rocks Perc

  • Highly-rated and reviewed
  • Pop Rock (inline) design makes it the most unique perc listed
  • Available in seven fun colors (ex: Purple Lollipop and Red Elvis)
  • Site includes a video demo to help you see the percolator in action

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Water filtration in the form of a percolator bong is one of the best ways you can enhance your smoking experience. Get big, flavorful, and smooth hits with our selection of the best percolator bongs out there today.

With so many options to choose from, we ranked, rated and reviewed our favorite percolator bongs – so if you prefer a tree perc, or a honeycomb, no worries – we’ve got you covered.

Read our full review of the best percolator bongs now:

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Unique Weed Pipes



  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to use
  • Filtering technology for cleaner smoking
  • Detachable magnet for easy cleaning

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  • Unique shape comes in metallic gold or silver or matte black
  • Durable (nearly impossible to break)
  • Smoke cooling technology leads to an impeccable high

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The Grenade Pipe

The Grenade Pipe

  • Sleek design that resembles a grenade
  • Textured edge for slip-proof grip
  • Thin handle for easy holding

Tired of the same old spoon pipes, and looking for something a little different? Maybe you want a hand pipe with the most up-to-date features, or maybe you’re looking for something unique to impress your friends at the next sesh. Either way, we found the coolest, most unique, and most functional weed pipes on the market today.

Read our full review to see all of our top choices for unique weed pipes:

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Best Stash Boxes



  • Electronic display
  • Chargeable, long battery life
  • Phone app control
The Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case

  • Humidity controlled environment
  • Comes with dab containers
  • Comes with grinder
Lock-R Box

Lock-R Box

  • Comes with a rolling tray
  • Comes with containers
  • Comes with lock and key

So you’ve got the best gravity bong. You’ve got the best hand pipe. You even picked up a silicone bong for rips on the go. But where are you storing your product?

Everything starts with well-maintained, well-stored cannabis. That’s why we found the best stash boxes on the market for the serious cannabis enthusiast – so you can keep your herb safe, under lock and key, but also help regulate humidity to keep your bud smoking the way it ought to.

Read our full review of the best stash boxes out there today:

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Best Gas Mask Bongs

Dia de Los Muertos Mask Bong by World Of Bongs

Dia de Los Muertos Mask Bong by World Of Bongs

  • Skull gas mask
  • Cooling material
  • Curved bong attachment
BadassGlass Gas Mask Bong

BadassGlass Gas Mask Bong

  • Easy to clean and transport
  • Ventilation holes for easy breathing
  • Comfortable, airtight seal
Hypeshops Silicon Gas Mask

Hypeshops Silicon Gas Mask

  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable

What do you get for the stoner who has everything? Why, a gas mask bong, of course. While they may not be the most practical, and certainly aren’t intended for everyday use, gas mask bongs are a great addition to any cannabis enthusiast’s arsenal of accessories.

Sure to be a hit at parties, and sure to get you absolutely off-your-face high, gas mask bongs are a fun and unique way to consume your cannabis.

See our full roundup of gas mask bongs for more:

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