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How to Hide Marijuana Smell Before Growing

Before you start to grow marijuana, it’s essential to ensure the environment is set up for minimal smell.

The main factor of this is guaranteeing you have full control of your airflow. If you notice any cracks or leaks within your environment, you’ll want to resolve these immediately. Without full control, odor has a much easier time seeping out of the environment and into undesired locations.

If you don’t notice any cracks or leaks, then you’ll want to focus on your filtration system. You need a system strong enough to create negative pressure – ensuring air inside the tent is being sucked out by an extractor fan while allowing for an air intake system.

If your grow tent begins to expand outward, that means it’s being filled with too much air. Therefore, your intake system is too strong and/or your extractor fan isn’t strong enough. This can be tested for beforehand to ensure your filtration system is in perfect balance.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to test whether or not your growing environment will leak smells until you actually start growing cannabis. However, if it does leak smells and your filtration system is in balance, then it’s likely due to a crack in the environment.

Anti-Odor Products

Once your marijuana starts to grow, anti-odor products are the most effective way of reducing the smell. There are a few different methods, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. As such, we recommend testing one or two products at a time – potentially using two at once in order to minimize risk.

However, the biggest difference between all methods is the price (which we will detail below). As such, the method of your choosing may be determined by how much money you’re willing to invest into your cannabis grow.

Anti-Odor Gels

Acting like a car air freshener, anti-odor gels produce pleasant aromas that combat the stink produced by marijuana plants. There are some brands, such as Cannabolish, that have specifically designed gels to combat the smell of cannabis. This is done by identifying the chemicals producing marijuana smells and finding natural plant oils that combat these chemicals.

For a marijuana grow operation, we definitely recommend these types of brands. They are easy-to-use, compact, and the most affordable options discussed here.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Wintergreen Gel

Cannabolish: Gels

  • Hands-free odor-removing experience
  • Comes in 2 sizes (7 oz. and 15 oz.)
  • Offered in discounted bundles

Odor Neutralizers

Similar to gels, odor neutralizers are often made using ingredients that target specific smells. The key difference here is they’re released through an electric diffuser where heat is used to mix the ingredients and spray them around the room.

Since there are so many options for cannabis odor neutralizers, we recommend reading customer reviews before purchasing. These will give you a better sense of how a product works and if it’s effective for your cannabis grow.

Activated Carbon Filters

Cannabis filtering devices are a great way to strain almost 100% of the aromas created by cannabis plants. Of course, such effectiveness is largely determined by the quality of the filter you purchase. Admittedly, the more expensive the filter, the better quality (and more effective) it is.

Again, do some research into the brand and product you’re looking to get. The Mountain Air Anti-Odor Filter is one of the most effective we’ve come across – going as far as to win awards.

Ozone Generators

When it comes to removing cannabis smell from a room, ozone generators are some of the most effective. They’re not only good at eliminating odors one by one but can also destroy types of fungi or bacteria in the environment.

The only downside to ozone generators is they require an extra level of care. You’ll need to ensure that they’re in a properly contained area or else they can cause damage to both your plants and people entering your grow environment.

Best Anti-Odor Product Combinations

If you want to completely remove the cannabis smell from your environment, your best bet is to incorporate a combination of the above-mentioned products. From our experience, we found the following combos to be most effective:

  • Odor Filter and 2 Gels – With the odor filter doing most of the work, the 2 gels are simply a precaution to eliminate any lingering smells. We recommend placing one at the entrance of your residence and another inside the ducting (right before your extractor fan).
  • Odor Filter, Neutralizer, and Gel – This method is ultimately the same as the one above. The key difference is replacing the gel at the entrance of your home with a neutralizer. This will likely be more effective but also be a bit pricier.
  • Ozone Generator and Neutralizer (or Gel) – If you’re incorporating an ozone generator instead of a filter, there’s no need to put a gel inside the ducting. Instead, you can rely on the ozone generator for full smell control within your grow room and place a neutralizer (or gel) at the entrance of your house for further odor elimination.