Cannabis Seeds USA – Top 10 Seedbanks

Cannabis Seeds USA – Top 10 Seedbanks

It has been a wonderful couple of years for marijuana enthusiasts, with it now being easier than ever to grow your own plants across Canada and certain parts of the US. However, in order to grow quality marijuana plants, you are going to need quality seeds. And getting your hands on said seeds can be easier said than done, with suppliers seeming to multiply on a yearly basis and the internet offering no shortage of misleading information that can be difficult to navigate – all of this means that finding the best marijuana seed bank is no easy task. 

Whether you’re looking to grow terpene-heavy marijuana, or CBD-rich hemp for making CBD oil, it all starts with a seed. 

Fortunately, there are many online options out there, many of which have reputations that come backed by glowing customer reviews and testimonials. However, researching every company individually can be time consuming and confusing. For your growing convenience, we have compiled a list of the ten best places to buy marijuana seeds on the internet.

Top 10 Seedbanks That Ship to The USA

Ilgm logo
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Shipping: United States, Australia; no other countries
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts Available: 10% discount for paying with Bitcoin, other discount codes available
Their name says it all, and it’s no surprise that Ilovegrowingmarijuana, or ILGM, started as the passion project of one marijuana enthusiast who had more than 25 years of experience under his belt. This passion certainly shines through on their website, which offers an impressive array of seeds that are organized by type as well as THC or CBD content and yield amount. The website also offers some thorough guides for beginners, as well as a supportive forum for question and answer support.  If you’re looking for marijuana seeds for sale, this is as good a place to start as any.

Pros: payment possible directly from bank account, guaranteed delivery, wholesale sales available

Cons: limited shipping area, does not accept cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, no phone customer support available 

Seedsman Logo
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain 
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts Available: Regularly available 
Seedsman is a highly-rated marijuana seedbank, with nearly 30,000 Trustpilot reviews under their belt. While this alone is nothing to scoff at, there are other things worth noting about the company. For one thing, they choose their seeds from a selection of more than 80 breeders from around the world, and they organize their large selection of seeds within a comprehensive library that allows you to sort by yield, strain, growing place, et cetera. They have also been around for a very long time, at least in the world of online seed dispensaries, with their online presence dating back to 2003. Seedsman notably also sells their own brand of seeds alongside their other curated selections. For those looking to buy marijuana seeds online, rather than in person, Seedsman is a great option.

Pros: worldwide shipping is available with express options, company uses a percentage of their profits for activism, extremely large selection, ship across the USA

Cons: no help guaranteed if package intercepted, slower shipping than competitors, customer service is not always helpful 

MSNL Seedbank Logo
  • Location: London, United Kingdom  
  • Year Founded: 1999 
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts Available: Yes; 10% off from newsletter subscription, 15% off for Bitcoin payments
With a history dating back to 1999, MSNL, or Marijuana Seeds NL, is no new kid on the block. One website perusal makes it obvious that this marijuana seedbank giant takes their role very seriously, with a very wide seed selection as well as an extremely thorough FAQ section. They even offer a dedicated customer support team that is available to answer buyer questions within 24 hours of submission. The company also uniquely offers three different levels of packaging, from “standard” to “stealth” to “guaranteed stealth”, the latter of which may be well worth the splurge for some people.

Pros: established company, guaranteed stealth packaging available, excellent reputation, great promotions, and ship across the USA

Cons: customer support operates during business hours only and can be slow, some buyers have complained of seeds not germinating 

crop king seedbank logo
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada  
  • Year Founded: 2005 
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts Available: Yes, discounts common
The first Canadian entry on this list, Crop King Seeds is a cannabis seed provider based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They offer an extensive selection of marijuana seeds for sale,  from autoflower, regular, and feminized as well as an impressive guarantee of an 80% germination rate. Although Crop King Seeds have operated their online store for more than 15 years, Canadian marijuana enthusiasts may recognize their name thanks to presence of the company’s brick-and-mortar stores as well as the fact that they often show up at tradeshows. 

Pros: 24/7 customer care, germination guarantee, discreet shipping

Cons: website design can be overwhelming, relatively small selection when it comes to new strains

weedseeds express logo
  • Location: Haarlem, the Netherlands
  • Year Founded: 2005 
  • Shipping: Worldwide with exceptions
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: In certain countries; USA not included 
  • Discounts Available: Yes, discounts common; occasional giveaways
Weedseeds Express is based out of one of the world’s foremost locales for marijuana culture, in the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands. Although they are one of the smaller players on this list, they offer some impressive qualities, such as a germination rate of over 90% and super fast delivery. The company is also well-known for keeping their customers up-to-date through every step of placing an order, so that nobody is left in the dark wondering when their order is going to show up. 

Pros: stealth shipping available, website is well-organized, lenient return policy

Cons: fewer online reviews compared to other companies, lack of guides or literature for new growers

ministry of cannabis logo
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts available: Coupons are regularly available 

The first thing that stands out about the Ministry of Cannabis is their beautiful website — although we know that appearances can be deceiving. However, in this case it looks like appearances can actually be very telling in that the Ministry of Cannabis is an attractive, reputable marijuana seedbank. While the company’s headquarters are in Barcelona, they source their high-quality seeds from trusted breeders throughout Europe. The company is perhaps best known for their shipping guarantee which offers customers very quick, discreet shipping between 24 and 48 hours of placing an order. 

Pros: solid social media presence, responsive customer support team, delivery process

Cons: all orders are billed in Euros, fewer special offers than other companies

  • Location: Peterborough, United Kingdom
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Shipping: Most countries worldwide  
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts available: Loyal customer discount  
SeedSupreme offers an impressive collection of more than 4,000 strains, including all plant varieties. Their easy-to-use website offers plenty of customer value, even offering recommended strains for certain health conditions. The website also caters to a wide range of growers, from experts who are looking for a new challenge to beginners who are just getting started and feeling a little overwhelmed. The company is also known for stocking limited edition, collector’s strains. 

Pros: offers seeds from its in-house breeding operations, heavy attention paid to medical cannabis

Cons: some customers report concerns over seed quality, shipping can be slow 

qcs seedbank logo
  • Location: Montreal, Canada 
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts available: Special offers available
Ever since weed legalization made it to Canada, many areas of the country have become known for their own micro weed economies. This is the case with the Quebec Cannabis Seeds, which has been online since 2013, and has made quite a name for itself in the cannabis seed world despite being a relatively small player. Any marijuana seeds for sale from Quebec Cannabis Seeds come with an 80% germination guarantee, although this is not likely to be required as their seeds are designed to survive a rough North American climate.  

Pros: guaranteed germination, offers USD purchases for US customers 

Cons: minimum orders for credit card purchases, $10 charge for shipping

tiger one seedbank
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: Yes
  • Discounts available: Yes, up to 70%

Although they  have considerably less of a following throughout North America, Tiger One Distribution is a well-known name on the European scene, where they are particularly known for their wholesale options. Alongside a vast seed selection, they also offer kits and accessories such as vaporizers and CBD products. 

Pros: great option for wholesale seeds, affordable prices, well-established in Europe

Cons: limited resources and kids available, prices are in Euros

growers choice seedbank
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Founded: Although an exact founding date is not listing on the website, they state they have been around for more than 20 years
  • Shipping: Worldwide 
  • Bitcoin Accepted: Yes
  • Credit Card Accepted: No
  • Discounts available: Occasionally
Grower’s Choice Seeds may be based in Barcelona, but their vast US presence has made them one of the more popular seed distributors in recent years, especially for retails on the west coast of the United States. Due to this volume, Grower’s Choice Seeds actually offers customers the option of having their seeds ship from the United States, which removes the need for seeds to go through customs of any kind. Although this is one of the more controversial options on this list among customers — over the years some seed recipients have complained about inconsistencies in seed quality — they are a company that has been around for a very long time, and they do offer a germination guarantee. 

Pros: seed germination guarantee, long history, high volume of orders 

Cons: website is less sophisticated than competitors, longer than average shipping times, possibly inconsistent

Cannabis Seeds Buyer’s Guide

Once you’re armed with the knowledge of great companies to support, there can still be quite a bit of mystery that comes along with buying marijuana seeds online. Let’s break it down: 

What Makes a Good Cannabis Seedbank?

Determining what makes a good marijuana seedbank can be hard, as it follows its own distinct set of guidelines that couldn’t be applied to, say, a restaurant or even a regular garden center. Even with these other services, there is always going to be a certain degree of subjectivity, and this is the case even more so for marijuana seedbanks, as marijuana preferences can be personal. In general, though, all good seedbanks will have the following qualities in common:

  • Quality of seeds
  • Responsiveness and competence of customer service
  • Fast, economical shipping
  • Fair refund policies
  • Option for anonymity 
  • A number of payment options offered 
  • Strain availability and variety 
  • Glowing customer reviews
  • Overall consistency

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

Even if you have been using marijuana for some time, if you are new to growing the different naming conventions of the seeds can be quite confusing. Here is a bit of a breakdown: 

  • Regular cannabis seeds, also known as photoperiod, which can produce either male or female plants at random, on an annual basis
  • Autoflowering seeds, which are often feminized and produce plants that last for between 2 and 3 months
  • Feminized seeds , which exclusively produce feminized plants on an annual basis 

In addition to these three main types, cannabis seeds can also be classified as indoor or outdoor, as well as by the strain that they produce. While it is commonly understood that there are two main strains of cannabis (sativa and indica), there is an endless array of options that can exist within these broad classifications.

Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Ordering cannabis seeds online is not like placing an order for takeout or a common household order — or is it? While it is understandable for a new buyer of cannabis seeds to be concerned about the safety around buying cannabis seeds online, as long as you have done a bit of research and plan on buying from a reputable shop, placing your order is perfectly safe. 

How Do I Pay For Cannabis Seeds Online?

While the particulars of how you can pay for your cannabis seeds online will depend on the individual shop, most popular shops offer at least one of the following payment options: debit card, credit card, e-transfer, mailed cash, money order, and in some cases even cryptocurrencies. 

Current Legality Issues Surrounding Seeds

One of the most common concerns for prospective buyers of cannabis seeds is whether or not it is legal. While it is generally legal to buy cannabis seeds as a souvenir or collector’s item, it is not always legal to grow marijuana. However, this legality will largely depend on where you live. 

Please note: this article does not constitute legal advice, and you should always do your due diligence to ensure that you are complying with the specific laws in your area. For example, cannabis laws in Idaho might be totally different from cannabis laws in Colorado.

In Canada, cannabis has been legal in all provinces and territories since October 17, 2018. However, while the Cannabis Act allows for Canadians to grow up to four cannabis plants per household, there are exceptions in some provinces and territories, so it is best to check up on your local legislation before growing. 

In the United States, the situation is more complicated, and can vary greatly depending on the state. As of January 2021, there are 18 states where the home growing of recreational cannabis is permitted, although specific restrictions do apply. Be sure to consult your local laws before growing or buying Cannabis seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Online

  1. How can I buy cannabis seeds in the USA?

It is relatively easy to buy cannabis seeds in the USA — in fact, it’s not much different than buying the seed of any other kind of plant. However, you may need to be 21 years of age in order to grow cannabis plants recreationally in some states where it is legal. 

  1. Where can I buy cannabis seeds in the USA?

As purchasing cannabis seeds is legal throughout the entire United States, there are a number of places where you can purchase them, such as online as well as in certain retail stores. 

  1. How much do cannabis seeds cost? 

The cost of cannabis seeds can range from anywhere between $1 USD per seed to $20 USD per seed. This cost will depend on a number of factors such as supplier, variety, and quality.

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