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Origins of Clementine Marijuana Strain

The Clementine strain first made its appearance on Crockett Family Farms when breeders crossed the parent strains of Lemon Skunk and Tangie. Such lineage along with a powerful high gave Clementine its initial popularity. However, since then, the strain has gone on to garner exposure through other acclaims, including its first place win at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup, in the Sativa Concentrate category.

Clementine Strain Effects

Clementine has developed a reputation for its very high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) count, reaching up to 27%. As such, this is one of the strongest strains you can get your hands on and not for the light of heart.

Since it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Clementine has garnered the nickname of “the wake and bake strain.” With such a name, you can expect Clementine to provide you with uplift your mood and energy initially upon consumption. This is followed by a sense of focus and awareness, as reported by most users. However, being that it also contains elements of Indica, these effects will help to ease muscle tension and relax the body.

Part of the reason Clementine is able to produce such versatile effects (and has such a unique profile) is due to its terpene characteristics. These include:

  • Terpinolene – Helps to create uplifting and energizing effects (also contributes to the fresh, piney, and herbal tastes and aromas).
  • Myrcene – Aids in grounding users and preventing “heady” effects (also contributes to the mango, hops, and lemongrass flavors and smells).
  • Pinene – Works together with the high levels of THC to mitigate short-term memory loss.

For Recreational Use

For recreational consumers, Clementine’s Sativa effects are great for helping to promote energy. Some will find it to be the perfect strain to smoke right when they wake up – with its effects on focus and awareness allowing you to get through a busy work day. Others may find its effects useful in after-work activities, such as running errands, cleaning the house, or cooking dinner.

However, it should be noted that some users report the Clementine strain to be a recipe for anxiety and paranoia. This is due to its high THC count and ability to leave your body with a surge of energy. If you’re sensitive to THC and not 100% sure whether Clementine is the right strain for you, we recommend experimenting with it when you don’t have responsibilities. As such, you’ll get an idea of how your headspace operates under this strain and if it’s optimal to use throughout the day.

If you do find Clementine is causing you too much anxiety, we recommend shifting to another Sativa strain that doesn’t have nearly as much THC. Some popular ones include Harlequin, ACDC, and Jack Herer.

For Medical Use

While there’s no research looking into the medical benefits of Clementine specifically, we do have a number of user reports to go off of.

Being the focus elements of this strain, some people claim it’s useful for those who struggle with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Still, being that these effects come on strong, those with ADHD should consider taking this strain in small doses.

On top of this, Clementine may also help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, being that some people also experience paranoia from the strain, the above statement largely depends on how you handle high-THC Sativa.

Clementine Strain Effects

How Do You Grow the Clementine Marijuana Strain

While Clementine can grow in a versatile selection of climates, the strain prefers outdoor locations with long growing seasons. This is largely due to her very tall height and production of large pillar-like colas.

Indoor growers can also grow Clementine, but they have to keep a close eye on her progress. The reason is without diligent efforts, this plant can become out of control and lead to unhealthy growth. Still, it’s worth noting that Clementine prefers strong indoor grow lights.

If you want to offer Clementine the best chance at growth, it’s worth inoculating seeds with Trichoderma and mycorrhizal fungi during the sowing process. This helps to prevent fungal infections and elevates root growth while the plant is still in a vulnerable state.

It’s also worth noting that Clementine is prone to mold. Therefore, outdoor growers will need to cover their plants at the end of the season, especially if they live in a rainy area.

Flavor and Aroma of Clementine

With a name like Clementine, it’s quite obvious how this strain tastes and smells. Just one whiff and you’ll immediately get a sense of its fruity aromas. Just one taste and you’ll be sure to experience sweet and tart lemonade flavorings. Beyond its high-THC count, this is another reason Clementine has garnered in popularity – it may be one of the most tasteful strains out there.

Final Verdict on Clementine Cannabis Strain

Clementine is a great option for those looking for a tasteful Sativa-dominant hybrid. Being high potency, this strain is bound to get your energy going while allowing you to focus and be aware of your surroundings. As such, it’s an optimal “wake and bake” strain, if that’s your thing.

Still, the high potency may also lead to anxiety and paranoia. If you’re sensitive to THC (or simply don’t have a lot of experience with marijuana), this may not be the best strain option for you. In such cases, we recommend looking into strains with lower THC counts and higher quantities of cannabidiol (CBD).

If you’re looking to take Clementine for medical purposes, we recommend consulting a doctor beforehand.

Clementine Strain Review FAQs