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15 Best Weed Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

To inspire your Halloween plans and help you answer the question, “what should I wear this year,” we’ve put together a list of the best cannabis costumes.

Rasta-Imposta-Human-Spliff-234x300-1 (2)

Love rolling a doobie, or smoking joints with your crew? Then you’ll love this one-size-fits-all costume for men. It’s simple yet classic, with a design that will put you in the mood or entice others to puff, puff, pass. The price is $40.78 with free shipping.

2. High Seas Cannabis Pirate Maiden Costume

Alright ladies, it’s time to give you some costume inspiration. If you want to channel your inner pirate and some Johnny Depp vibes, then check out this cannabis-themed pirate costume. It’s the right amount of cute and sexy, without going overboard.

It comes with a hat, top, skirt, black corset belt, boot cuffs and it’s available in a standard size for a price of $37.87.

3. Rasta Imposta: Bag Of Weed Costume

Rasta Imposta: Bag Of Weed Costume

Who doesn’t like the fresh, gorgeous appearance of perfectly trimmed cannabis flower? Well, how about a costume to match. If you’ve ever wanted to carry your stash on you in a safe, yet proud and flashy way, now is your chance.

This one-piece costume pulls down over your head and is a way to show you’re a cannabis-friendly dude. The price is $35.72 and shipping is free.

4. Weed Costume for Couples: Cannabis Leaf & Million Bucks

Weed Costume for Couples: Cannabis Leaf & Million Bucks

If you want to dress up with your boo this Halloween or your best friend, this is the couple’s costume for you. They are both one-piece and slip over your head for a comfy fit. Also, they come in one-size-fits-most and are unisex.

This weed leaf and million dollar bill duo bring the massive, and ever-growing cannabis industry to life, in human form and concept. It costs $49.99 and is Prime eligible on Amazon.

5. Halloween Gummies: Cannabis Candy Costume

This unisex costume is one funny, sweet, and tasty treat! It lets you know chill vibes are coming, whether that’s from your own THC gummies for Halloween or the chill vibe you plan on bringing to the party.

Snag this costume for just $33.99. Best of all, it’s a Prime eligible product.

6. Blue Dream Marijuana Pot Rx Bottle

Blue Dream Marijuana Pot Rx Bottle

Dress up as one of the most popular cannabis strains on the planet — Blue Dream. This costume is perfect for men or women and has an orange Rx bottle with little nugs of Blue Dream inside.

It’s a one-piece tunic that’s cozy and has a pretty affordable price tag (when it comes to Halloween costumes) of $38.05.

7. Blunt Master

This showstopper is just what the cannabis blunt gods ordered. It’s got a nice, genuine appeal that’s sure to turn some heads. The weed lei is also a nice touch that adds to the cool factor of this outfit.

It’s also one of the highest-rated costumes and comes at a cost of $49.26.

8. Adult Pot Leaf

For a classic cannabis leaf costume, this is a great option. It’s available in unisex and covers the top half of your body with a cut-out for your face. So, the tip of the leaf is worn like a hood.

It’s marked at a discounted price of $36.05 and includes free shipping.

9. Weed Chef

This weed costume for men comes with a chef hat and apron, both adorned with dozens of cannabis leaves from top to bottom. Like the guy in the picture, pair this outfit with some shoes with green laces.

Every little green detail counts. Scoop this costume up for $25.00 and be the hit of the party.

10. Rasta Bear from Ted 2

Rasta Bear from Ted 2

If you’re a Ted 2 fan, then you might just fall in love with this costume. It’s a full head-to-toe (ends at your ankles) outfit, that is sure to keep you nice and toasty on the crisp Fall day that is Halloween.

Some of its features include dreads, a weed lei, and a fat doobie attached to one of his paws. And it’s priced to sell at just $28.72.

11. Cannabis Bud with Wig: For Ladies

Cannabis Bud with Wig For Ladies

Ever wanted to dress up as a cute cannabis bud for Halloween, ladies? Now is your chance. This one-piece green dress has a ruffled skirt, includes a weed necklace and a leafy wig. It comes in a women’s regular (one size) and fits snug.

It’s eligible for free delivery and costs $23.99.

12. Men’s High Seas Cannabis Pirate Costume

This is the most affordable men’s costume to make our list. But, don’t let the price tag fool you, it comes with plenty of accessories including a headscarf, a shirt and attached vest, pants, and a waist sash. And all these pieces have bright green cannabis leaves throughout.

Even more, this costume offers quick delivery and costs just $18.99.

13. Weed Suit for Men

Weed Suit for Men

For all the men out there who want to look super suave and fly this Halloween, you’ve got to see this weed suit. It’s made with woven fabric that’s machine-washable and has an elastic waistband for a comfy fit.

Be the most stylish guy at your Halloween bash for a price of $59.99.

14. Weed Nurse Costume

Weed Nurse Costume

Available in four sizes, this sexy cannabis nurse costume comes with a crop top, high waisted shorts with garters attached, a headpiece with a green cross stitched on the front, a mask and neckpiece. This is a Prime eligible product and costs $69.99.

15. Pot Leaf Sweatshirt for Pets

Pot Leaf Sweatshirt for Pets

Let your pets participate in the fun of dressing up for Halloween with this cute pot leaf sweater. All of the cannabis leaves are bright and multi-colored for a nice pop. Plus, Halloween is traditionally a cold day, so you’d also help them stay warm.

Plus, it’s available in 6 different sizes, to ensure a nice comfortable fit for your pup or kitty. The price of $11.99 is the same no matter what size you need.

5 DIY Costumes

If you are a DIY-er and want to make your costume at home with a group of friends, or your partner, here are some ideas to help you get inspired. Click through on the titles for examples.

1. Weed Bong

If you have the creativity, materials, and true DIY skills, then this is a project worth your time. And it will definitely pay off because a weed bong costume is bound to get a lot of positive commentary.

2. Cannabis Fairy

Designing your own weed fairy costume would be a blast. You’d get to use glitter and sparkles, and create a magical looking headpiece. Plus, there are so many different creative directions you can go in with your face makeup. Essentially you would get to turn your Halloween weed costume into one big, awesome art project.

3. Weed Edibles Baker

Who doesn’t love a good edible? But, you know what people love even more — the baker who made it! If you don’t actually bake something, be sure to bring your favorite CBD gummies to share.

4. Cheech & Chong

It’s no surprise this costume idea made the list, right? These two guys have been an influential part of the cannabis culture so dressing up as them is a great tribute to all their contributions. Not to mention, it’s a cool costume to make and you won’t need a ton of time or materials.

5. Girl Scout Weed Costume: Troop 420

How about this costume idea? Dress up as a Girl Scout and embroider “Troop 420” on the front of your sash. Don’t forget to bring a box or two of girl scout cookies to share with everyone.

Final thoughts

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. You get to be creative, dress up however you want, eat lots of candy, and attend parties — what’s not to love!

Whatever costume you decide to buy or make this year, we hope you have the best Halloween ever!