CBD Oil in Texas: 2021 Legal Status, Where to Buy and More

CBD Oil in Texas: 2021 Legal Status, Where to Buy and More

Whether you are ordering online or purchasing from your local shop, it’s important for you to be fully aware of the laws in your state. Failure to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest CBD laws can compromise your safety and put you at risk of legal problems.

So, is CBD oil legal in Texas? Are CBD gummies, cannabis vape juices and weed legal, too? Is medical marijuana legal?

We’ll get you the answers to those questions later but first, let’s talk about the latest changes in Texas CBD laws.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

The Texas CBD laws are affected by two factors: the amount of THC and the source of CBD. To potentially clear the gray areas, Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1325 to turn it into a law.

This bill legalizes not just hemp farming but the sale of hemp-derived CBD products that possess no more than 0.3% THC. In case you are wondering, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound responsible for that “high” feeling one experiences after taking marijuana.

Now, here’s the issue:

The police use field tests that aren’t designed to differentiate marijuana from CBD oil. This means that some CBD users are still at risk of being detained while their products undergo further tests.

This makes it important for a CBD user to be thorough in doing his research about Texas laws. As much as possible, look for reputable brands who submit their products to third-party tests.

It’s one way to make sure that the product you are using actually has less than 0.3% or the legally allowed amount of THC. Those tests can also verify the source of your CBD.

Most brands that have third-party tests are transparent with their results. You should be able to see them on their websites.

If not, you can always email the company or call their customer service to get a copy of the results. If you don’t hear anything from them, it’s better to stay away from that company and find another one.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Texas

Generally speaking, you won’t have a really hard time finding hemp and hemp-derived products in Texas. After they were declared legal in the state, you can buy from dispensaries and local CBD shop near you.

And if you fail to find a local CBD shop, you can always order online.

Now, if you choose to order your CBD product online, just make sure that you are purchasing from a reputable shop and you’re buying a product that’s been tested for quality, purity, and safety. You see, with the increasing demand for CBD products and their legalization in Texas, the number of misleading brands has increased, too. 

And if you’re buying online, remember that customer reviews don’t always tell the whole story. Some aren’t truthful and others are simply fabricated to boost the product’s rating.

Sorting authentic reviews from fake ones can take time. It requires hours and hours of research and verification.

That's the reason why I have written "best CBD oil review" to provide detailed information about the most qualified CBD companies in the market. This post will help you find in no time the highest quality CBD products as well as latest deal you can have.

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2020 News about CBD in Texas

The law solely concerns hemp-derived products and it still isn’t legalizing marijuana use- whether it’s for medical or recreational use.  Marijuana-derived CBD oils are still illegal under the 2018 Farm Bill on a federal level.

The federal law, however, will require accurate labeling and even third-party lab tests. Brands who want to be considered legal for people to purchase should have test results that prove their strength and purity.

As for retail stores that are planning on selling CBD and hemp products, they may need to register with the health department of the state. They won’t be able to replenish their stocks until the manufacturers of their products are able to comply with the new requirements. 

While such requirements are strict, they can potentially make CBD and hemp-derived products safer. Strict implementation can make that possible.

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