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Vaporizer Type:Portable
Heat Up Time:5 seconds
Heating Style:Convection
Temperature Settings:130°C – 210°C / 266°F – 410°F
Power Source:Battery

Grasshopper Vaporizer Overview

Manufacturer: Hopper Labs

Born in the USA, Hopper Labs have defined themselves by their team of experienced engineers. Focused on quality technology and design, the Grasshopper vaporizer pen delivers.

Small & Compact Vape Pen

The Grasshopper vaporizer is discreet by design. The 45-watt heating element and ease of temperature control allows for a personalized vape experience – from a smooth, clean draw to a hot pull with a kick, it’s completely up to you.

Dry Herb Ultra Portable Vape Pen

The Grasshopper vaporizer is designed specifically for vaping herb. Whether new or old to vaping herb, this is both an easy starter and adored by a loyal customer base.

High Price Tag Comes with Lifetime Guarantee

While price may be an immediate deterrent for some (a cheaper option might be the Air Vape X), Hopper Labs offer a lifetime product guarantee. If you are looking for a well-manufactured and extremely discreet vaporizer, the Grasshopper vaporizer is worth the investment.

Using The Grasshopper Vaporizer

With an impressive temperature range and chamber capacity of about 0.3g dry herb, this small unit is great for quick sessions.

Highest Three Temperatures Notches Best for Extraction

The Grasshopper vaporizer comes equipped with a trademark, battery-operated, 45-watt convection oven. Resembling a simple pen by design, power is achieved by an easy click of the top button. Specifically designed for dried herb use, the chamber itself will hold a decently sized pack between 0.3-0.5g of the flower of your choice.

An illuminated dial easily adjusts the temperature, located directly below the power button, though it lacks a visible temperature level, unlike other vape pens, such as the Arizer Solo 2. At the lowest, you will have a burn temperature of roughly 130°CEach of the five notches on the dial causes an increase of 20°C. At the highest temperature, you will be treated to a 210°C burn, give or take.

The Grasshopper vaporizer pen will engage in auto shut-off after a good 18 seconds of the unit being on. You will want to keep an eye on the temperature dial lights, as you may need to issue another click to fire that engine back up.

Good Vapor Quality at Higher Temperatures

After loading the herb chamber and powering on the Grasshopper vaporizer, you’re going to want to play with the temperature dial. You will notice the immediate appearance of red lights around the vaporizer base, indicating that the convection oven is coming up to your chosen temperature. When that temperature is achieved, the lights will turn blue, indicating that you are ready to enjoy your first pull.

In terms of draw, expect very light clouds at the lowest temperature notch. Expect the temperature increases to promote the production of heavier vapor. At the highest notch, you’re looking at a very hearty draw – the forecast now calls for plenty of clouds. It seems, at times, the mouthpiece can become very hot, so you’ll want to be extra careful if the Grasshopper is on full blast.

Taking a clean and tasty draw from the Grasshopper vaporizer at your chosen temperature is an enjoyable experience. The bonus of the temperature dial makes for a very unique ‘choose your own adventure’ action.

Cleaning the Grasshopper Vaporizer

One of the Grasshopper’s greatest features is the minimal amount of effort required to keep your vaporizer in great shape. It is so fluid in its design approach, disassembling the Grasshopper vaporizer pen is as easy as unscrewing just two pieces: the mouthpiece from the herb chamber and the power/temperature dial. Upon unscrewing the temperature dial, you will notice the battery compartment. You may also notice that you have absolutely nothing to clean.

As you remove the mouthpiece from the herb chamber, simply give the bowl a decent tap onto a paper towel to remove the majority of cooked herb. You’ll want to also have a quick brush of the screen attached to the mouthpiece in case of any residuals, but you won’t need to replace the screen attached to the heating chamber at any point. Brush out, repack and go again!

For longer-term maintenance, it is suggested by Hopper Labs to give the mouthpiece a 24-hour soak in 99% isopropyl every six months or so. You will not need to use any isopropyl in the herb chamber, and it is strongly advised to ensure your herb chamber is not exposed to any moisture. Click the button with the mouthpiece off, and watch the Grasshopper vaporizer finish cleaning its own herb chamber – burning off any remaining dry herb, and readying itself for the next pack.

A True Vape Pen 

The Grasshopper vaporizer is an incredible piece along the timeline of vapor tech. Available in stainless steel, titanium, colored titanium, and the perhaps coveted HT titanium, Hopper Labs have kept the Grasshopper vaporizer locked to its sleek, pocket-ready, and discreet pen shape, even including a convenient but timeless pen clip.

The temperature dial is very convenient, and the LED lights illuminate along the base add for a nice visual.

The addition of a back-up Hopper Labs rechargeable battery is key. The magnetic recharge device is great, but it seems to take roughly 60-70 minutes to come up to full charge – which doesn’t seem to last that long, although the auto shut-off lends a helping hand. While the batteries are indeed rechargeable, you will have to purchase additional batteries direct from Hopper Labs. If you’re looking for a vaporizer pen with long battery life, try the Pax 3.

Grasshopper Vaporizer Warranty & Accessories

Arguably, the greatest ‘accessory’ is the lifetime warranty guaranteed by Hopper Labs. Being located in the USA makes for easy communication with a dedicated team. In terms of included accessories, you’re not looking at much beyond its leather sleeve, a back-up battery, and the magnetic charging unit.

Hopper Labs offers an array of accessories designed specifically for use with the Grasshopper vaporizer – from glass bubblers to battery chargers, batteries, and what seems to be very useful, a silicone mouthpiece addition. Anticipating this may impact the overall heat of the mouthpiece, this could be a wise investment to make for your Grasshopper vaporizer.

Hopper Labs

Hopper Labs, based in the USA, has been among the most celebrated brands in the market for quite some time. Driven by a passion for quality, the engineers at Hopper Labs brought the best of their experience to the table for the design of the Grasshopper vaporizer. Committed to their product, Hopper Labs offers an outstanding lifetime guarantee on your purchase.

Grasshopper Vape: Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use power button
  • Convection oven can achieve multiple burn temperatures with easy twist of dial
  • Discreet, pocket-friendly, ready to go


  • Mouthpiece can become hot to touch
  • Temperature dial lacks a visual read on precise burn temperature

Discreet & Designed with Ease of Use in Mind

The Grasshopper vaporizer pen is truly one of a kind, and delivering excellent quality is undoubtedly accomplished. Very discreet in design, you can clip the Grasshopper right into your breast pocket without a second look. The mouthpiece can certainly hit a high temperature, but the Grasshopper vaporizer is an excellent investment if you’re careful with that.