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Can I Take CBD Oil at Any Time of the Day?

Many people ask about the best time to take CBD oil. There is no straightforward answer to that as CBD has different effects on different users and people take it for various reasons. There is no specific time that CBD oil affects all people the same way. Some take it every hour of the day and successfully enjoy the benefits they are seeking, but you must find the time that personally works best for you.

When to Take CBD Oil for Different Purposes

The vast majority of users take CBD oil in the morning to help boost their energy levels for the day, sometimes lacing their coffee or smoothie with it. Others take small portions of their daily dosage at regular intervals throughout the day. This approach is ideal for those who want to maintain certain levels of CBD in their bodies. These are usually people who take CBD oil to help them manage symptoms of a disease.

Some people alternatively take their CBD on demand, including those who suffer from seizures. They can take CBD oil if they realize an attack is in the offing. People who take it for this purpose can use it at any time of the day as the need arises.

The other time-sensitive group of people is those who take CBD oil to help them sleep. The best CBD oil for sleep is usually mixed with serotonin and other agents to boost its potency. When to take CBD oil for sleep depends on whether you have a condition that makes it necessary for you to sleep during the day. If not, this oil should only be taken at night.

When to Take CBD Oil: Day vs. Night

You can take CBD oil during the day to:

  • Start the day with clarity
  • Reduce stress and help cope with the difficulties of the day
  • Help with your workout
  • Improve your energy levels throughout the day

You can take CBD at night to:

  • Help you relax after a long day at work
  • Help switch off from worries and thoughts
  • Reduce night-time discomfort if you have a condition
  • Help you sleep

Timing and Effects of CBD

CBD has a variety of effects on different users. Some report enjoying a calming effect when they take CBD in the morning while others report feeling energized by it. Like with many other aspects of CBD, every individual needs to find out how they will personally react to it by trying and experimenting with different dosages. Once you have identified how CBD makes you feel, you can then decide when you want to achieve those effects.

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

CBD is not toxic, and people have been known to take up to 2,000mg per day without any significant side effects. There has never been a reported case of a CBD overdose, so the short answer to whether one can take too much CBD is ‘no.’

Ways to take CBD

There are many different ways of taking CBD that work differently for everyone and are preferred by different users. These include:

  • Vaping – You can vaporize CBD oil and inhale the vapor. Other products such as dab and hemp flower can also be vaped. Users should look for the best CBD vape oil available since not all of them can be suitable. Vaping is a fast way to feel the effects of CBD, usually kicking in after 3-15 minutes.
  • Taking CBD sublingually – This involves dropping some CBD oil in the mucus membrane under the tongue. Taking CBD sublingually gives you near-instant effects as the substance can directly enter the bloodstream through the mucus membrane.
  • Edibles and beverages – Edibles include CBD gummies and cookies infused with CBD, while drinks include coffee and tea — some people even lace their beer with CBD! It can take up to two hours to feel the effects of CBD from edibles and beverages, which is significantly longer than other delivery methods.
  • CBD-dominant hemp flower – This can be smoked in a joint or cigar, taking around 3-15 minutes to enter your system.

Consuming CBD in these various forms results in different waiting times for feeling the effects. Consider this when deciding on the best time to take CBD.