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CBD Content:13%
Flavor(s):earthy, citrusy & woodsy
Flowering Time:10-11 weeks
Average Yield:1.7oz per ft sq

MK Ultra x G-13



Created by the Barcelona-based seed bank Resin Seeds, Cannatonic was one of the first high-CBD strains to shock the modern cannabis industry. This blend of MK Ultra and G-13 typically has CBD in the 13% range.

People who try Cannatonic often report soothing effects and a subtle blend of woodsy and citrusy aromatics. Although Cannatonic’s effects are well balanced, it’s still a good idea to use this relaxing strain late in the day. Despite the original Cannatonic being created with cannabis genetics, it’s now getting easier to find Cannatonic hemp seeds for sale.

Generally, Cannatonic is listed as “moderately difficult” to grow due to its higher susceptibility to mold. It’s a good idea to plant Cannatonic seeds indoors so you can control ventilation and humidity.

Another issue farmers have with Cannatonic is its long flowering period. In most cases, it takes a minimum of ten weeks for this strain to be ready for harvest. On the plus side, standard yields from Cannatonic hemp seeds are relatively high at just under 2oz per ft2.



CBD Content:20%
Flavor(s):earthy, skunky, fruity & citrusy
Flowering Time:9-10 weeks
Average Yield:1.4oz per ft sq

Cannatonic x unknown ruderalis

Granted, the ACDC strain might not get you as pumped as listening to Back in Black, but that’s not really a fair comparison. Most customers who gravitate towards this high-CBD strain aren’t interested in a heart-racing head-rush high. Instead, the ACDC strain delivers a satisfying, energetic experience without psychedelic side effects.

With CBD in the 20% range, ACDC will undoubtedly keep you level-headed while providing a gentle mental uplift. Anyone who’s looking for a daytime toke with plenty of earth and skunk will be shook up over this strain.

And it’s not just ACDC’s effects that have got hemp enthusiasts buzzing. Thanks to the inclusion of ruderalis genetics, ACDC is far easier to grow than Cannatonic. Not only is it more resistant to mold, but it’s also easier to manage at a maximum height of four feet. Within about nine weeks, you should yield a modest harvest of 1.5oz per ft2.

Ringo's Gift

Ringo's Gift

CBD Content:15-20%
Flavor(s):woodsy, mint, pine & pepper
Flowering Time:8-9 weeks
Height:~ 6ft
Average Yield:1.2oz per ft sp

ACDC x Harle-Tsu



Created with a blend of Harle-Tsu and ACDC, Ringo’s Gift is a famous hybrid that can help users push through a hard day. While not as energizing as ACDC, this sativa-leaning descendant is a reliable daytime strain that soothes mental frustration without deep sedation.

Typical flavors in Ringo’s Gift include fresh pine, citrus, and a hint of peppermint. Smokers may also notice a faint whiff of black pepper depending on the phenotype they’ve got.

While Ringo’s Gift may be a treasure to smoke, it’s not exactly as pleasant to grow. Since this strain is relatively new, there isn’t yet a ton of accurate cultivation information, however it seems to perform well both indoors and outdoors. It also appears that Ringo’s Gift has a relatively short growth cycle (8-9 weeks) and a moderate yield of 1.2oz per ft2.

And in case you were wondering, Ringo’s Gift isn’t named after Ringo Starr. Instead, this strain’s name is an homage to the dedicated work of CBD activist Lawrence Ringo.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine

CBD Content:18%
Flavor(s):fruity, musky, spice & cheese
Flowering Time:8-9 weeks
Height:~ 6ft
Average Yield:1.5oz per ft sp

Charlotte’s Cherries x The Wife




Although Cherry Wine is a 50/50 hybrid, it’s one of the most popular late-night hemp strains. However, when you consider this strain’s nuanced flavor profile, that’s probably not difficult to believe. With its mature mix of fruit, musk, and cheese, Cherry Wine is a delicious after-dinner smoke.

But, it’s not just the delicious mix of fruit and cheese that makes it an ideal dessert strain. Cherry Wine is also one of the most relaxing hemp strains on the market. Many customers say they use Cherry Wine to help them unwind and get ready for bed.

Thankfully, it’s almost as easy to grow Cherry Wine hemp seeds as it is to smoke the finished flower. Since this strain has a 50/50 balance, it’s quite resilient against common pests and mold. Cherry Wine also tends to produce moderate-high yields within only 8-9 weeks.



CBD Content:20%
Flavor(s):skunky, gasoline, citrusy & spice
Flowering Time:8-9 weeks
Average Yield:1.2oz per ft sq

Suver Haze x Early Resin Berry



Lifter is one of the many fantastic high-CBD cultivars to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Despite its relatively new status, Lifter hemp seeds are highly coveted in cultivation circles due to their potent effects.

In fact, Lifter has become the go-to sativa strain for many diehard hemp smokers. This blend of Early Resin Berry and Suver Haze offers a tremendous clear-headed cerebral buzz with roughly 20% CBD content. Plus, if Lifter’s sativa dominance doesn’t get you going, then it’s skunky and spicy flavors certainly will!

Like many other sativa-dominant strains, be prepared for Lifter plants to lift off as they grow, as many Lifter hemp seeds could grow as tall as seven feet. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you grow Lifter seeds outdoors. Also, since this strain is rather skunky, it will attract attention once it reaches flowering.

If you can handle these issues, Lifter will reward you with modest yields in about nine weeks.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Weed Grinder

Fair Warning: Hemp Seeds Are Still Unstable

Even though it’s getting easier to find hemp seeds for sale, remember that hemp is far from a stable crop. Unlike tomatoes or corn, agronomists have yet to develop stable genetics for hemp seeds. Even if you’ve got your hands on the highest of high-quality seeds, you can’t expect uniformity in your hemp plants, as there are currently no completely viable hemp seeds for sale.

This lack of predictability isn’t all that surprising when you consider hemp was outlawed for much of the twentieth century. Scientists are only just beginning to study hemp’s unique growing pattern, and it will likely take a few years before you find hemp seeds for sale that have predictable growth patterns.

A big issue involved in hemp growth instability is that there’s no way to ensure the plants will consistently have THC below 0.3%. Even if your crop has an average THC of 0.4%, it will technically be considered marijuana. Farmers must weigh these potential losses against potential profits to determine whether hemp seeds are worth the risk.

What Do You Want to Get Out of Your Hemp?

Another question hemp farmers must ask before buying hemp seeds is why they want to grow this crop. As mentioned above, hemp has many uses besides CBD. In fact, for most of human history, farmers cultivated hemp primarily for its fibrous stalks. There are even a few farmers who collect hemp seeds to make oils, topicals, and dietary supplements.

Knowing your reason for growing hemp isn’t solely important from a business perspective. Indeed, high-CBD hemp requires a very different growing environment than industrial hemp.

While industrial hemp farmers don’t need to worry about spacing or male and female genetics, high-CBD cultivators can only use feminized seeds and they must be spaced out in the field. It’s impossible to successfully grow both of these hemp varieties in the same area.

For these reasons, you must be clear on why you intend to grow hemp before buying any hemp seeds.

How Do Hemp Seeds Grow? A Few Basic Tips on Hemp Cultivation

Because hemp was only recently legalized, there are still no standard guides for optimal hemp cultivation. However, farmers have discovered a few best practices to bring out the best in their hemp seeds, as listed below. Since hemp cultivation is such a new industry, new cultivators must find as much information as possible from reliable sources like university hemp programs. It might also be helpful to join an online forum dedicated to hemp cultivation.

Hemp Growing Conditions: Temperatures & PH Level

First off, most professional farmers only recommend planting hemp seeds after the final frost in your region. The soil temperature should be no lower than 46°F, and the pH should be between 6-7.5 as you sow your first batch of hemp seeds.

As far as climate goes, hemp prefers mild temperatures in the 60-70°F range with plenty of sunshine. Like other cannabis varieties, hemp needs extra nitrogen during the vegetative phase, and then more phosphorus and potassium as it reaches flowering.

High-CBD Hemp Plants Need Space

Another important consideration when it comes to growing hemp is the spacing. If you’re growing it for industrial purposes, you could get away with planting your seeds close to one another. High-CBD strains, however, need plenty of space to reach their peak trichome counts.

Recent estimates suggest farmers could plant as many as 30,000 hemp plants per acre if they’re growing fiber. By contrast, it’s never recommended to go over 1,500 high-CBD plants per acre.

Feminized or Pre-Sexed Hemp Seeds Only

Finally, those growing high-CBD strains must remember to research feminized hemp seeds for sale. Male hemp plants will not produce the resinous layers of trichomes you require. Thankfully, there are many pre-sexed hemp seeds now hitting the market.

Buy the Best High-CBD Strains

Understandably, cultivators in the hemp space have been cross-breeding numerous high-CBD strains to meet consumer demand. However, the hemp space is moving so quickly that it can be difficult for farmers to choose from the many hemp seeds for sale.

There are a few high-CBD hemp strains that have already achieved legendary status in the industry. As long as you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t have an issue picking from the excellent hemp strains on our list.