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Currently, this method is known to provide a high percentage of cannabis while giving a healthier way to consume the plant. Thus, it is chosen by many for its health benefits and effectiveness. Having a lot of misconceptions surrounding this new method, this article will help you understand the importance and benefits that this process proposes.

How Dabbing Works

Among the benefits of this method, dabbing is definitely worth the try. To start this new method, it is necessary to differentiate dabbing from dabs. Dabs are the resin obtained by concentrating the cannabis plant. On the other hand, dabbing is the process of vaporizing the extract to get the dabs.

The dab resin comes in various forms depending on its method of extraction and choice of plant extract. It can be made into a solid or liquid consistency varying from oil, soft solid, and hard solid. To add more, there are also several methods to obtain the dab resin. These concentration ways may include the use of butane as the extract’s solvent, the use of heat to extract the oil or even the use of CO2 as the solvent.

In this process, you may also choose among the numerous tools to obtain the dab resin. This equipment may be selected depending on your desired function, method, feature, and price. In choosing among these tools, you may vaporize your extracts using either dab rigs or wax vaporizers.

If you have chosen to use wax vaporizers, there are a variety of wax pens sold in the market. These devices are often called dab vapes, wax pens, or even dap pens. Despite being drawn in a series of names, it all serves a specific purpose – to vaporize the plant extract. Wax vaporizers are battery-powered devices that produce heat and vaporize the concentrate. Once it is heated and turned into vapor, it can be inhaled by the user through its mouthpiece.

On the other hand, the dab rig can also be one of the tools to be used by its users. Despite having several variations in its structure, it all has the same components and set up. It contains a water pipe, nail, dome, blow torch, and a dabber.

After choosing your desired consistency, tools, and solvent, you may proceed with the process. The user may put the plant substance into the tools to be heated. After a few minutes, it will start to create vapors for the person to inhale. By directly inhaling the dab vapor, the user can immediately gain the benefits of cannabis.

Why Do People Dab?

Why Do People Dab?

At the end of the day, it is a common question to ask what dabbing wax is and why people decide to do it. Users have different reasons behind taking the cannabis plant, particularly the CBD and THC. Despite all the intentions, people used the dabbing process because of the benefits that it offers.

It is widely known that dabbing gives a faster and more intense impact on its users. This intensity is achieved because of the use of concentrated extract and its method. Thus, the plant’s impact depends on the users’ choice of dosage and concentration.

When taking cannabis for medicinal purposes, this method is beneficial. The patient may get the utmost benefits of the weed while acquiring immediate relief and aid to one’s body illness.

Is Dabbing Safe?

The dabbing process is created and initiated to provide a safer, cleaner, and healthier way to take the cannabis plant. Instead of smoking cannabis, its users are inhaling vapor rather than smoke coming from burning leaves.

However, despite its proposed health benefits, one should still be cautious of its usage. According to some researches, dapping may also create harm to the body. When using butane as a solvent, it emits a cancer-causing substance and some irritating chemicals. At the same time, since dabs usually are homemade, it may be extracted with potential chemicals, including pesticides, which may lead to poisoning.

Are Dabs Bad for You? Side Effects of Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

Similar to all methods, dabbing also has its disadvantages and side effects. In reality, dabbing cannabis weeds could give danger to its users. This threat is the result of an improper extraction and confusing process.

To start with, an extracted dab is made at home. Thus, there is no way to measure and determine the quality and purity of one’s obtained resin. The resin may contain chemicals and solvents from its harvest that may cause adverse health impacts to the user.

However, there are ways to prevent this scenario. This issue can be resolved by conducting a lab testing process to measure the potency of the dab. You should also use premium quality solvents to be mixed with the concentrate. Lastly, the user must also use quality equipment and tools to prevent the occurrence of accidents. At the end of the day, the dangers of dabbing can be avoided by taking extra precautions and care in doing the process.

What are the benefits of dabbing?

If the dabbing process was made with safety, its users are guaranteed with its benefits. Dabbing marijuana is a method that could give you the most advantage, among other means. Thus, if you are experiencing pain and anxiety, this method could provide you the fastest and most effective relief. Through this method, marijuana could also be used as an alternative to treat glaucoma.

At the same time, dabbing eliminates the negative impacts of smoking weed into a user, particularly to its lungs. It is known that by using the process of smoking, the burned plant produces toxic resin and hazardous smoke. With this method, the benefits that marijuana is effectively delivered while eliminating harmful substances.

Try Some Cannabis Dabs

As mentioned, there is a possibility of health treat by conducting the dabbing method. Still, we cannot overlook the potential benefits that it could provide to its users. With the utmost care to the process, we have nothing to lose. It is not enough to know the most effective method possible. To get the best results, you must also determine what cannabis plant to choose.

Among the cannabis choices, what will dabbing CBD offer to you? The CBD is widely known for its non-high and medical benefits. Researches show that it can ease one’s pain, anxiety, acne, and other medical conditions. Thus, the CBD can be one of the best cannabis choices to try.

The copaiba oil is also known for the health benefits it provides to its users. It is extracted from the bark of its tree and is commonly used as an essential oil. Similar to the CBD, the oil can work wonders and provide health benefits.

The Bottom Line

The proponents of the dabbing method created a new way to be able to consume cannabis healthily. Due to the plant’s potential benefits and advantages to one’s health, its usage can’t be simply ignored and denied.  Despite the possible threat that it may offer, it can always be prevented with proper care. In the end, this method is a milestone for people who use cannabis for both health and recreational purposes.