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Origins of White Widow

The White Widow first appeared in coffee shops in the Netherlands during the 1990s and got its name from its icy, white appearance. White Widow is a cross between a South Indian Indica and a South American Sativa, and its hybrid genetics give it a nice, equal balance of cerebral and body effects.

In 1995, shortly after it debuted, White Widow received the High Times Cannabis Cup. After that, the White Widow strain quickly became world-renowned, with some even calling it the “Greatest of All Time.” White Widow has since been crossed with other strains to give us more popular strains such as White Russian, Blue Widow, and White Rhino.

White Widow Strain Effects

White Widow Strain Effects

The frosty trichomes that give White Widow its name also give it a high potency with reported THC levels as high as 20-25%. As a hybrid strain, White Widow users report effects that are associated with both Indica and Sativa cannabis.

People have described the White Widow high in a variety of ways. Some users reported an uplift in mood, while others described it as “upbeat and mesmerizing, and will relax your body without causing your mind to want to fall asleep.”

While White Widow is part-Indica, the high it produces is reported to be more consistent with Sativa cannabis strains. Its reported effects would suggest this strain can help you to get things done and stay focused without getting too spacey. You may also enjoy White Widow in social settings as you may become chatty after smoking it.

White Widow users have reported using it to help with stress reliefchronic pain, and to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, participants in a comprehensive study published in 2018 selected White Widow as one of the top 15 strains they used to alleviate insomnia/sleep disorders, mental health conditions + PTSD, and headaches1.

When you consume White Widow, you can expect numerous benefits and an enjoyable high. However, some users have reported undesirable effects as well, like dry mouth and dry/red eyes, though these are common side effects associated with smoking any cannabis strain. Additionally, and to a lesser extent, a smaller group of users have indicated experiencing increased paranoia and anxiety after consuming White Widow.

Too many cannabis community members, the benefits of White Widow seem to outweigh its side effects. If you are considering picking up some White Widow to give it a try, start with a smaller dose as you discover how it affects your body. Furthermore, before using White Widow or any cannabis product to medicate, it is strongly advisable to consult your physician first and work with them on finding the best approach.

How Do You Grow White Widow?

In addition to its unique high and appearance, White Widow is an attractive strain for novice and advanced growers. At 8 to 9 weeks, White Widow has a relatively short flowering time. It is also highly resistant to mould and insects. For these traits and others, Royal Queen Seeds named White Widow one of their top 5 resistant cannabis strains in 2017.

White Widow’s resilience makes growing it possible in a variety of conditions. It can grow indoors or outdoors, in natural soil or hydroponically. Although it prefers warm temperatures, White Widow can tolerate higher or lower temperatures.

Growing White Widow Indoors

Appearance and Aroma

When growing indoors, you can grow White Widow in soil or hydroponically with great success. You can expect a plant height of up to 100cm and a yield of 450-500 gr/m2.

Growing White Widow Outdoors

If you choose to grow your White Widow outdoors, you can expect a taller plant, reaching a height of up to 190cm. You can also plan your outdoor White Widow plant to have a higher yield compared to an indoor plant. Outdoor White Widow yield is estimated to be 550 – 600 gr/plant.

Appearance and Aroma

Appearance and Aroma

The flowers on White Widow are dense and covered in gorgeous frosty, white trichomes. This sticky resin will put a smile on your face and promises a nice, enjoyable buzz to come. In addition to the plant’s physical beauty, it also carries a satisfying aroma. As you breathe in the scent of White Widow, you’ll smell earthy undertones followed by spicy and peppery notes. Some describe the spiciness as cinnamon and nutmeg. Deliciousness!

White Widow Taste Notes

Despite the frostiness of the buds making them look like frosted sugar, the taste of White Widow is not sweet. When smoked, the flavors of pine and lemon come through. On the exhale, the smell is earthy and pungent. All around, smoking this strain is a lovely tasting experience.

Final Verdict on White Widow Strain

White Widow is one of the most respected and cherished cannabis strains on the planet. Over and above its pungent aroma and stunning appearance, White Widow delivers some fantastic effects. The energizing, social, and productive buzz is suitable for many occasions. Furthermore, White Widow also delivers a nice body high that has been reported to help alleviate stress. Overall, White Widow is a well-rounded strain that is enjoyable to grow, and even better to smoke!