CBD Oil for Nausea: How to Get Rid of Vomiting And Upset Stomach

CBD Oil for Nausea: How to Get Rid of Vomiting And Upset Stomach

You may have heard of people throwing up from weed, a person’s stomach hurting after smoking weed and such other horror stories. With such information, weed is probably not the first place you would go to find a solution for nausea. So, does weed help nausea? If you are looking for relief, CBD Oil is a highly recommended option. 

Nausea is a horrible thing to experience; it is distracting, highly uncomfortable, and it is usually accompanied by vomiting, which is both messy and dehydrating. Despite its effects, nausea is typically just a symptom of an underlying condition. 

Conditions that cause nausea include; motion sickness, food poisoning, low blood sugar, appendicitis, liver disease, kidney failure, brain injury, and concussion, among others.

Besides sickness, nausea usually manifests as a side effect to certain drugs. Chemotherapy, general anesthesia, and the antiretroviral drugs used by HIV patients are notoriously nauseating. 

Pharmaceutical companies have attempted to develop drugs to help manage nausea. These drugs are known as antiemetics. There is a significant limitation associated with these drugs in that each of them is only effective in the treatment of nausea caused by a single underlying disease. If, for example, the drug is developed to be used by low blood sugar patients, it can’t be used to treat chemo-induced nausea or any other nausea. 

The adoption of CBD oil for nausea has shown real promise in overcoming the limitations in pharmaceutical antiemetics. 

Continue reading to get more information on nausea, its treatment, and on recommended CBD products for the treatment of nausea.

Best CBD Oils for Nausea

Sabaidee CBD Oil
Highest Quality

Sabaidee CBD Oil

CBDPure Oil
Best Overall

CBDPure Oil

Best Flavored


Royal CBD
Best Value

Royal CBD

1. Sabaidee CBD Oil

Sabaidee CBD Oil

Our Rating

Price 100%
Customer Service 100%
Transparency and Accuracy 100%


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Sabaidee CBD Oil helps to manage cases of severe nausea and vomiting. It works for both sudden attacks and chronic cases.  

People going through cancer treatment (both chemotherapy and radiotherapy) can also find relief from nausea by using Sabaidee. The beauty of this product is that you can use it if you anticipate nausea. Like you know, you’ll be going for chemotherapy, and you’ll experience nausea in the aftermath, you can take the oil beforehand.  

A chemo session typically lasts between half an hour and four hours. The effects of Sabaidee oil will usually remain in the body for a duration of up to ten hours from the time you get it into your system.

The longevity of Sabaidee in the body means that, if you take it at the beginning of your chemo session, it will be active at the end no matter how long the session lasts.

This oil is also fast-acting enough for the effects of your anticipatory intake to felt even when a chemo session, lasts for only 30 minutes long. 

You can also use this CBD oil for an upset stomach. You should use it if you have a combination of nausea and upset stomach.

In our assessment, Sabaidee is one of the purest and most potent product in the market. If your cause for nausea is motion sickness, you’ll have enjoyed many merry go round rides in the ten hours while the CBD remains active without nausea becoming a clutch. 

This oil is safe since it is made from organically grown hemp and extracted using the most reliable, most efficient extraction method. The manufacturer also takes the product through third-party testing to ensure its attributes are independently validated.  

This product is available in three different concentrations. The different strengths enable you to increase your intake if a lower dosage proves ineffective down the road.

2. CBD Pure Oil

CBD Pure Oil

Our Rating

Price 99%
Customer Service 100%
Transparency and Accuracy 100%


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CBD Pure is a potent CBD oil for nausea. It can help you manage nausea even in its most extreme occurrences. It works both when you feel nauseated and when you anticipate it.

Thus if you are prone to motion sickness, you can take some of the oil before you get into a position predisposing you to motion sickness. 

If you have been taking CBD for stomach issues such as an upset stomach, vomiting, or nausea and the dosage you have been taking is no longer sufficient, we would advise you to try CBD Pure.  

Organic hemp is the best strain for nausea, and the hemp used in the production of this oil is grown organically in Colorado. The manufacturer uses the CO2 extraction method, which is acclaimed as being the most effective extraction method. The production process is preferred to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the plant.

CO2 extraction produces a pure product by keeping all possible toxins at bay. The final product has the natural hemp taste, but its filtering is so thorough that the taste of the final product is not as tart as typical CBD products.  

Besides investing heavily in a clean, efficient production process, the company engages the services of an external lab to test their oil. They usually put the third party lab results on public display so that you can find out precisely what the oil contains.

One unique feature of this oil is that they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.  This guarantee is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s ability to treat your nausea.

The manufacturer’s confidence should go a long way towards convincing you that this is an efficient cannabis nausea management supplement that can also give you vomiting relief. 

The only downside with this brand of product is its lack of variety. There is only one flavor of CBD Pure oil, which disadvantages the people who would prefer flavors other than the natural one. If the natural CBD taste makes your stomach turn, it may not be the best way to get rid of nausea for you. 

CBD Pure Oil can remain at an optimum function in the user’s body for six to eight hours from the time they take it. You should use these timelines to calculate when to receive your anticipatory dose.

3. Fab CBD


Our Rating

Price 100%
Customer Service 99%
Transparency and Accuracy 100%


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Fab CBD is a safe, high-quality product that can help you manage nausea. You can use it for relief for mild, moderate, and chronic nausea. You can take it for chemo, radiotherapy, motion sickness, and as a supplement alongside medicine for upset stomach and nausea.

All Fab products come from organically grown hemp. The hemp is grown in Colorado, and the production process utilizes the CO2 method, which is the cleanest and most efficient method.

The cleanness of the product makes it suitable for use even by people with low immunity. Patients experiencing the ravages of chemotherapy or radiotherapy and those with HIV/AIDS have weakened immune systems. The last thing such patients need is a product that contains toxins getting into their bodies. Fab CBD is clean enough to be suitable for use by these patients.  

The concentration of products in this stable starts at 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. The different levels of intensity make this oil ideal for the gradual increase of CBD dosage for nausea. Pregnant women with morning sickness can take the lower concentrations to help them manage the symptoms. 

Fab CBD uses coconut oil as a carrier. Coconut oil allows quick absorption of CBD into the body. When your body absorbs CBD quickly, you start experiencing the benefits sooner than when you use products with different carriers. Its high speed of absorption makes Fab CBD the best CBD oil for nausea for people who get sudden attacks. 

This product is relatively cheaper compared to other products in the same range of quality. 

It comes in natural, mint, and citrus flavors and so if naturally flavored CBD oil can make you sick, you can pick a different taste.

4. Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD Oil

Our Rating

Price 98%
Customer Service 98%
Transparency and Accuracy 98%


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This oil is produced from American grown hemp, which is entirely organic. Royal CBD is available in three concentrations with its highest potency is 1000mg per 30 ml bottle.

If you are one of those people who can’t hold down anything with a strong taste, then this is the option you should take. It has a neutral flavor as a result of the premium MCT oil the manufacturer uses as its carrier.

Anxiety can be a cause of nausea, and alleviating stress is one way to get rid of nausea from anxiety. This oil is quite effective in managing anxiety from panic attacks or any other cause. Stomach pain causes vomiting, and this CBD oil manages stomach pain, and in that way, it helps curb nausea. 

This product is also suitable for the management of nausea caused by low blood sugar, stomach aches, nausea, motion sickness, and all the other causes. The hemp from which Royal CBD is extracted is organically grown in the United States, and the end product is therefore clean and healthy.

Royal CBD oil is a full spectrum product, and it is quite useful in the management of nausea.

What is Nausea?

Under normal circumstances, nausea is a defense mechanism used by the body to rid itself of toxins in the digestive tract. It is characterized by the feeling that you might vomit.  When experiencing nausea, your skin gets sweaty, and your stomach lurches.

Nausea is usually followed by dry heaving and sometimes vomiting. Under normal circumstances, vomiting is therapeutic because, through it, the body extracts the toxins causing nausea. 

Unfortunately, there are some particular instances where nausea comes too often or lasts for too long.  Effects of nausea can range from mild to excruciating, and whatever the case, you need to deal with the symptoms even as you work to treat the underlying condition. It is probably the need to deal with these symptoms that led you to ask the question; does CBD help with nausea?

Common Remedies for Nausea

Being a common occurrence, people have attempted to treat it over the years. The following are some of the methods you can use to manage nausea. 

          i.     Don’t brush your teeth after eating

          ​ii.    Drink clear iced drinks

          iii.   Eat non-oily food 

          iv.   Eat all hot or all cold foods, do not mix hot and cold 

          v.    Rest after eating

          ​vi.   Eat the specific foods you can hold down

          ​vii.  Eat and drink slowly 

          ​viii. Eat small portions  

          ​ix.   If you vomit drink large amounts of clear liquids increasing them gradually

          ​x.    Consult your doctor on the possibility to discontinue the medicine causing nausea and vomiting

What Effect Does CBD Have on Nausea and vomiting?

Ultimately, the feeling of nausea is generated by the brain. Receptors in the GI tract of the brain and the entire nervous system have a role to play in this process. CBD counters nausea by connecting with serotonin. The CBD acid, which is a raw variant of CBD, is even more effective in dealing with nausea as it combines better with serotonin.

The brain has a system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system, also known as the EC system, is believed to regulate nausea in humans. When CBD gets into the body, it connects with the EC system to provide relief from nausea.

What Does the Research Say?

The FDA approved the first CBD based drug in 1985 for the management of nausea occasioned by cancer treatment. Researchers have continued with their studies, and there has been a considerable consensus that CBD helps manage nausea.

Research that is still at a preclinical level indicates that CBDA, a row form of CBD, is even more effective in managing nausea. CBDA is found in raw THC containing plants that are still growing. So if you have the question, how does marijuana help with nausea? CBDA is the best answer.

If the plant is heated or dried, CBDA decarboxylates into CBD. The only available extraction method that would ensure that CBDA remains accessible to a patient is juicing. Juice from fresh hemp juice is, therefore, likely to be quite effective against nausea.


Research on the specific causes of nausea is still ongoing. It is imperative for you always to remember that while being effective in managing conditions and symptoms, CBD is not a substitute for your regular drugs. You should always consult your doctor on whether or not it is okay to use CBD alongside your regular medications.

The difference between THC and CBD is probably most apparent in the fight against nausea. Weed makes you nauseous, while THC causes nausea, CBD reduces it.

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