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Benefits of CBD Lotion

CBD lotion has both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. The following are some of the specific benefits of CBD lotion and how it makes them happen.

Anti-Aging CBD Cream

It is possible the term anti-ageing CBD cream conjures all types of fantastic images like the mythical fountain of youth and so on. Sorry, we have to burst your bubble, but amazing as CBD is, it is not the elixir of eternal youth. There is a type of aging that not much can be done. It is referred to as intrinsic aging. The skin loses cells progressively faster than the rate at which it can regenerate them, thus becoming softer. Interventions such as Botox can help to blunt effects, but they can’t reverse it.

There is another form of aging referred to as extrinsic aging. This is the kind that can be reversed using CBD lotion. Extrinsic aging is the deterioration of the skin’s condition due to exposure to UV rays, pollution, and the environment. CBD cream tightens the skin, helps in its oxidization and moisturization, both of which are processes that help regenerate the skin and therefore reversing effects of the elements and other factors on the skin.

CBD Cream for Inflammation

CBD connects with CB2 connectors of the endocannabinoid system. These connectors are usually located in the peripheral areas of the central nervous system. The receptors are located on neurons on parts of the body other than the brain and the spinal cord. The role of the endocannabinoid system is to restore homeostasis whenever there is an imbalance. Inflammation is one such out of balance situation that CBD returns to balance. A CBD infused lotion, therefore, can provide relief when applied to an inflamed place such as joints that have arthritis or any other kind of inflammation.

CBD Cream for Pain

CBD cream for pain works similarly to CBD for inflammation. It relies on CBD connecting to CBD 2 connectors in the place where there is pain. CBD blunts the pain receptors making the pain signal received in the brain to be less intense. This means that when CBD cream has been applied, it reduces the amount of pain the user feels. It is important to note that this cream shouldn’t be used to reduce pain in an open wound. It is meant to be applied on the surface only. The beauty of using a CBD cream for pain is that it doesn’t have to be digested or go through the bloodstream to act. It just needs to penetrate the dermis skin to alleviate pain in a localized place quickly.

How to make a cannabis-infused lotion or cream

The following is a step by step guide on how to make CBD infused lotion.

You need:

  • 50 grams of CBD dominant dried Cannabis flower
  • 60 grams of beeswax
  • 500 milliliters vegetable oil. It could be virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, coconut oil or hempseed oil.
  • 1 Liter of clean water
  • 5 milliliters of essential oils
  • One fine mesh sieve


  1. Grind the cannabis flower
  2. Put the vegetable oil together with the water in a saucepan and put it on a stove
  3. Add the ground Cannabis flower into the saucepan
  4. Increase the heat on the stove gradually and stir continuously. Do not allow the mixture to boil. Keep it this way for two to three hours.
  5. Sieve the vegetable matter as thoroughly as possible and remain with the water-oil mixture. CBD is fat-soluble, and therefore your CBD is in the oil, not the water.
  6. Put the mixture into the fridge for a little while to facilitate separation between water and oil
  7. Remove the oil that rises to the surface using a spoon and put it in a different container. Up to this point, you have managed to make your oil. From the following step, you will learn how to make CBD lotion with CBD oil.
  8. Put the oil on a saucepan and heat it to allow it to liquefy and add the essential oils you had as an ingredient.
  9. With the mixture still on the fire, add the beeswax and continue stirring. The beeswax gives the cream a smooth texture.
  10. Once the mixture is smooth and ready, put it into sealable bottles that you can take with you and use the cream. If you delay for too long and allow the cream to solidify, it will be impossible to put it into bottles unless you heat it again.

This cream is as good as any of the best CBD creams, and it is ready to use as soon as it cools down, but it should never be used on an open wound or a mucus membrane.

What Effect Does CBD Oil Have On Sleeping Disorders?

A substantial percentage of people in America have sleep disorders for which they seek help from different quarters. CBD has been touted as one of the possible cures for sleep disorders. To understand what effects it can have on an individual, it is imperative first to identify the causes of sleep disorders and then see whether CBD would have any impact on the said causes of sleep disorders. The following are the causes.

  • Mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, Panic attacks: – the use of CBD may help with these because it inhibits the release of cortisol, which is the stress hormones.
  • Chronic pain: – Pain is another cause of sleeplessness, and CBD helps reduce pain, thus reducing the cases of insomnia.

Despite helping manage these conditions that cause sleeping disorders, CBD also helps in the management of REM sleep disorder, a condition that causes people to act in their sleep. From this information, look for the best CBD oil for insomnia and use it if you can’t sleep at night.

Final Thought

Research on the benefits of CBD is ongoing, but so far, it appears to be able to help with the management of several conditions. Among these conditions are pain and inflammation and sleep disorders. The formulation of the product usually plays a role in determining what CBD will do in the body. This compound may pan out to be one of the greatest remedies of all time.