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Origins of Orange Cookies

The Orange Cookies is a mix of the strains Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Juice. As such, it contains above-average tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels, complex effects, a distinct flavor, and a smell you’re sure to fall in love with.

In fact, Orange Cookies is such a unique cannabis strain that it won the Best Hybrid category at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Orange Cookies Strain Effects

The effects of Orange Cookies are largely similar to that of other Indica-dominant strains. Initially, you’ll be swept away with Sativa sensations, including a burst of energy. However, this will soon ease into a body high that many claim to be both relaxing and revitalizing.

That said, this can be an ideal Indica daytime solution. If you’re looking for something that will keep you calm and aware, Orange Cookies is just for you.

Still, it’s worth noting that this isn’t for someone who must be extremely physically active. The Indica effects are still prominent here and they will make you want to take the day at an easy pace.

On average, Orange Cookies bring in about 18% THC. While a fair amount, it’s lower than some other strains we reviewed. On occasions, you may run into the strain boasting 21% THC. Vice versa, lab tests reveal THC content can also be as low as 12-15%.

For Recreational Use

In our experience with Orange Cookies, we found two optimal recreational uses for it:

  • Daytime – When consumed throughout the day, Orange Cookies provided us with just the right amount of energy to get our work done and didn’t overwhelm us with its psychotropic effects.
  • Evening – Once work was complete, we found Orange Cookies to be a great partner in boosting our evening mood. It allowed us to take care of errands with ease and eventually subsided into a good night’s rest.

Your Orange Cookies experience will come down to what you’re looking for. If you need a day-time boost, this might just be the strain for you. If you seek an evening relaxer, this strain also has you covered.

Ultimately, it may take some experimenting to find the perfect solution. However, being the unique effects of Orange Cookies, we’re certain it won’t disappoint.

For Medical Use

Even though this is an Indica-dominant strain, medical marijuana patients tend to use it to relieve fatigue. This is thanks to Orange Cookie’s ability to energize and uplift. As such, if you struggle with chronic tiredness or low motivation throughout the day, you may find Orange Cookies an ideal solution.

On top of this, people who struggle with stress and depression are prone to purchasing this strain. Again, this has to do with its ability to improve daytime moods.

The secret to Orange Cookies is it doesn’t overwhelm you with energy. Some Sativa-dominant strains will do this and, as a result, leave you feeling anxious and restless. Orange Cookies provide a calming energy that can be manipulated into productivity, so long as that productivity doesn’t require too much physical energy.

How Do You Grow Orange Cookies?

As of this time, you cannot purchase Orange Cookies in commercial seed form. Instead, you must incorporate cloning methods if you want to take a shot at growing it. While the plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, most growers find its better suited for inside.

That said, an indoor grow will be in the flowering stage within 7 to 9 weeks of planting. This will yearn you about 12 ounces per square meter.

On the other hand, the outdoor grows are typically harvested by the end of September. This will garner you about 12 ounces of bud per plant.

Since Orange Cookies is made from Girl Scout Cookies, you’re bound to run across issues also found in growing that strain. For example, it’s common for the plant to overgrow itself and droop over underdeveloped branches. This can be avoided by pinning it to trellises and offering it occasional trims to encourage lateral growth.

Flavor and Aroma of Orange Cookies

When it comes to Orange Cookies, part of its namesake is the smell. It offers a tangy citrus aroma when left alone. However, as you start to break down the bud, you’ll be met with an herbal tang, producing a similar smell to an herbal tea. From there, the smoke it produces will bless your senses with a scent reminiscent of pure cane sugar.

When it comes to the taste, Orange Cookies delivers that citrus goodness. Admittedly, some users may find the punch of this taste a bit overwhelming. Luckily, it will mellow out into a whiskey-like flavor.

Final Verdict on Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is such a unique strain, one of which we believe most cannabis consumers will enjoy. This is largely thanks to its energizing and relaxing effects – a perfect solution for daytime or evening use. However, it’s also thanks to the fact that this strain is not overwhelming in effects, offering an average of 18% THC.

If you’re interested in using Orange Cookies for medical purposes, we recommend consulting a doctor beforehand. They will have a better understanding of your situation and whether or not this strain will benefit you.