Find Your Favorite CBD Products at Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair

Find Your Favorite CBD Products at Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair

If you frequently attend state fairs, you’d know how awesome the experience is. There are carnival rides, fried foods, and really nice things put on display.

In the Oregon State Fair, however, there’s a different kind of attraction you’ll see- the cannabis plant show. A good number of growers will attend the festival not just for the honors of being there but also to educate those people who are curious to know more about the cannabis industry. FabCBD is one of the top companies that will be there.

In the fair, a huge number of live cannabis plants are lined up for everyone to see. All of them were transported from around the state.

The plants will be submitted to be judged by experts. They will be broken into different categories based on whether they’re indica, sativa or hybrid. There will be prizes for the said categories.

What’s more, the Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair is also a good avenue for people to find really high-quality CBD products that meet their needs. From the best CBD oil for anxiety to CBD gummies you can take for pain and sleep problems, you’ll see them there.

The fair, however, doesn’t promote irresponsible use. Instead, it promotes how cannabis plants are grown, how they are extracted, and how edibles are safely and properly made. It aims to serve as a bridge that will gap the prohibition era to the more legalized cannabis industry.

Different companies from around the country attend the fair and they aren’t just growers. Lighting companies, soil companies, and other business related to growing attend the fair.

The fair is a product of over years of hard work. And with all the effort put into it, it’s not surprising how the Oregon State Fair became the first fair in the country to put non-flowering cannabis plants on live exhibit.

The council that runs the fair regularly reaches out to the community with different forms of education to help destigmatize the plant and the industry. So for people who advocate for legal cannabis, it’s a groundbreaking experience.

Another highlight of the fair is the opportunity for people to get to know more about the dynamic cannabis regulations in the country.

During the fair, the consumption of marijuana will be prohibited strictly. Additionally, the plants that will be submitted to the competition should be non-flowering. Basically, that means that they should have no buds.

Cannabis has been designated as a farm crop in the state of Oregon so the fair and the council will be treating it that way.

And as for parents coming it with young children, the competition will actually be held in a separate hall from the fair to prevent dank herbal aromas from affecting them. There will also be fair workers at the entrance who will be checking IDs to verify that everyone who enters the area are all 21 or older.

If you are someone who works in the cannabis industry or you’re just interested in getting to know it better, this is the fair you wouldn’t want to miss.

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