Established in 2016 in Arizona, Populum is a relatively new company.  The name of the company is based on the Latin term ‘ad populism’ which means for the people. According to its name, this company formulates its policies based on its overarching plan, which is to demystify CBD. Once demystified, more and more people will seek the benefits of hemp oil. As far as Populum is concerned, health and wellness from CBD oil are a fundamental right, and they should be available to all people. They have CBD oil, CBD capsules, and other products in their inventory. Keep reading this Populum CBD review to find out more.

Populum CBD Hemp Oil
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Populum CBD Hemp Oil

Who is Populum?

Our Populum CBD review will start with an answer to this question. Besides processing hemp, the company was founded, because, for a long time, hemp had been unfairly vilified. Many of the people who vilified it either didn’t understand it or had untoward reasons for their opposition. 

Setting the record straight concerning CBD was one of Populum’s agenda at the beginning, and it remains so to date. Besides popularizing hemp products, the company goes a step further to manufacture supplements that are helpful in the management of conditions and for general wellness.

The company shows its commitment to the objective of popularizing and democratizing CBD in many ways. One of these is by allowing customers a 30 day free trial of their products. You pay for the product you want and use it for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you simply return it, and they give you back your money. It is important to note that the free trial is limited to one product for each customer. 

Populum has a policy of giving discounts to customers who need the CBD most, such as veterans. This effort has made the company one of the most charitable out there. People who have more faith in American grown hemp than in hemp that is produced elsewhere will find Populum acceptable. All the hemp that Populum uses grows in Colorado. The company has gotten into an agreement with farmers who have to adhere to high standards to ensure product safety. Farmers affiliated to Populum endeavor to grow their hemp organically. 

Organically grown hemp ensures that the product thereof doesn’t contain toxins. Populum also ensures that the harvesting and handling of the product are done according to the set safety protocols. After harvesting, the company extracts juice from the plant by using ethanol. They only use food-grade ethanol to ensure the safety of the final product.

The next process of the extraction of the hemp oil is fractionalized distillation. This distillation process is intended to purify the raw hemp extract. Unlike other possible methods, fractionalized distillation purifies the raw extract while at the same time maintaining the chemical structure of the CBD. It also leaves other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other organic compounds intact for users to eventually use. 

As earlier mentioned, the original intent of the company was to make CBD accessible and better understood. It, therefore, stands to reason that they would be as transparent as possible concerning their products.

Unlike other manufacturers who post lab reports for their products online, Populum gives the lab reports as a part of the package. Having them as part of the box makes Populum results more accessible than is the case with other brands. The lab results enclosed with the products are from independent laboratories. 

Populum provides shipping services for its customers for free. Free shipping services could give you considerable savings, especially if you are a frequent buyer.

These company’s products are all full spectrum. It is to keep the chemical structure intact that the company undertakes the filtration process so carefully after extraction. The terpenes and phytocannabinoids besides CBD remain in the products afterward. The cannabinoids give users of Populum products the entourage effect, thus extending their benefits beyond what CBD can do.  

Other cannabinoids found in Populum products include: – 

  • Cannabigerol which has strong anti-inflammation properties 
  • Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) which helps the user’s body to relax. It also helps with the general well-being of the body.
  • Terpenes, among other elements, have specific positive effects on the body-such as causing it to relax and energizing it depending on the type of terpene in question. 

As a people-centered company, Populum has a stellar reputation when it comes to customer care. They answer questions, follow up on shipments, and they generally work hard to make your customer experience as enjoyable as they could make it.

The company also endeavors to educate its customers. They post this information on their website for the information of their clients. 

Populum CBD Product Highlights

The following is a list of some of the products in Populum’s stable.

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

Populum CBD Review

All Populum CBD oil products are full spectrum. They are infused with grapeseed oil, with the primary carrier being MCT oil from coconut as the carrier. The company uses MCT oil as a carrier because it makes the CBD more bioavailable than other carries do.

The oil comes packaged in 30ml bottles of different potencies of 250mls, 500mls, and 1000mls. The different strengths are intended to cater to people with varying levels of need. The oil works best when taken sublingually, where CBD dissolves into the bloodstream within 30 seconds of intake.

Besides the grapeseed and MCT oil, Populum CBD oil also contains hemp seed oil as part of its ingredients. The hemp seed oil supplies the essential oils and essential minerals to the body. Some CBD users dislike the taste of hemp extract. The company takes care of these by adding orange flavor to the oil to make it more palatable.

The oil also contains stevia extract, which makes the hemp sweeter than most other brands. It is easier to add Populum CBD oil to coffee and other beverages than it is to add other brands owing to its sweetness.

The oil comes with a dropper that is calibrated to dispense 1 ml of oil per drop. The precise volume of oil per drop makes it possible for the users to give themselves correct doses.

The different strengths are defined as follows.

Definition Strength, (Mg)CBD per dosage (Mg) 
Basic 250 8
Signature 50017
Advanced 100033

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Capsules

Populum CBD Review

These are also referred to as the Populum soft gel capsules. The capsules are ideal for CBD users who prefer not to feel the taste or texture of the oil in their mouths. Capsules release the CBD and other elements contained in them more slowly, allowing the user to experience effects more evenly over a more extended period.  

Capsules also provide a simple way to take the right dosage of CBD. The simplicity of dosage is because each capsule usually has a specific amount of CBD, and therefore the user can simply take the number that meets their dosage requirements.

Populum CBD capsules are packaged in a single potency of 25mg per pill. With 25mg, each capsule is considered a middle dosage amount, and each bottle has 30 capsules. 

Besides hemp oil extract, capsules also contain coconut oil, which is the carrier. It also contains gelatin, glycerin, and purified water. The capsules, like other CBD products, are usually used to fight inflammation. For them to be effective in this undertaking, they need to be gluten-free since gluten increases inflammation in some people. It is for this reason that Populum ensures that its capsules are gluten-free.

Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Populum CBD Review

This product is designed to provide external relief for joint pains and muscle aches. It is the only CBD topical that Populum manufactures. The rub is like a lotion, and it is designed to be easily absorbed through the skin. It doesn’t have the greasy feel that some other topicals leave the user to endure.

Each package of the hemp rub contains 100mg of CBD. It also has other ingredients that help in the reduction of pain and boost other soothing effects the topical has on the user. The following is a list of the ingredients and what they do.

  • Chamomile & Aloe Vera: – These give the rub the ability to moisturize the skin, cool it, and provide relief for the pain.  
  • Antimicrobial arnica:- It treats irritation and bruising.

You can use this product to facilitate the post-workout recovery for your skin. It is owing to the properties and ingredients used in the manufacture of this product that it can be used for routine skincare activity.

CBD Face Oil

Populum CBD Review

Full-spectrum hemp extracts contain antioxidants that improve skin health. CBD face oil leverages the qualities of the compounds in full extract and others to give your face the benefits of a robust product.

In this product, CBD oil is infused with lavender for increased benefit while at the same time, giving the oil a pleasant scent. Other ingredients include grape seed oil, which contains high levels of Omega 6 fats that counter free radicals. Omega 6 fats penetrate the skin quickly, which ensures that your skin doesn’t feel greasy.  The CBD face oil will help you reduce the signs of aging.

Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

Populum Pet Hemp Oil

This oil is specially formulated to keep your pets calm. It contains hemp seed oil and coconut oil, and it has a formulation that allows it to be mixed with pet food. You can also put the oil under the pet’s tongue. The following are the ingredients of the pet oil.

The concentration of CBD in the oil is lower than the one used by humans owing to the smaller sizes of pets. 

  • Hemp extract 
  • Hemp seed oil – cold pressed 
  • Extra-virgin coconut oil 

The hempseed oil contains Omega 3 oils, which improve your pet’s health besides the relief it gets from CBD.

Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews

Populum CBD Review

Pets that have anxiety issues need to be calmed down from time to time. They could be suffering from separation anxiety or problems related to old age or any other cause of anxiety. These chews are formulated specially to help your pet with these issues. Besides the Populum’s proprietary hemp extract, the chews contain Alaskan salmon and apples. 


  1. Lab rest results for each product: – Availability of the results for product analysis tests is vital to building confidence in the product by the user. Populum inserts the results in each of the packages for the user’s benefit. 
  2. 30-day free trial: – This is especially helpful for cautious new users. The opportunity to use a product and return for a full refund after a month encourages newbies to be a bit adventurers where CBD is concerned. 
  3. Complementary natural ingredients: – Besides hemp extracts, Populum infuses its products with other helpful natural ingredients to boost its effects. These products include grapeseed extract, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil, among others.


  1. Fewer Products: – The number of products may make it difficult for some users to find a product that is appropriate for them. The company, for instance, doesn’t manufacture edibles, and it, therefore, doesn’t cater to that segment of the market. All products are full-spectrum. This doesn’t provide for the needs of some users who would prefer 0% THC in what they use.
  2. Gelatin: – Their capsules contain gelatin, which is not suitable for vegans.  

Final Thoughts

The benefits of CBD are wide-ranging for all people. From those who are healthy, those dealing with minor discomforts to those facing severe chronic illnesses. It is a noble undertaking to make this information available to the public. This Populum CBD review shows the measures that the company has taken to make this information available to customers. They start by having the hemp grown in the United States. Seeing the product evolve from seed to bottle is a powerful way to demystifying it.

Dwight K. Blake Written by: Dwight K. Blake

Dwight was a Mental Health counselor at Long Island Psychotherapy & Counseling in Westbury, New York for more than 15 years. He believes that CBD is the prime solution to this mental illness and more-- with proper research, medical acknowledgment, and application.
Through his work at AmericanMarijuana, together with the rest of the team, he wishes to provide everyone with genuine results and high-quality product reviews for everyone to enjoy for free.

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