Top 7 Facts You Should Know About CBD

Top 7 Facts You Should Know About CBD

Marijuana, as a viable alternative for various medical conditions, is now slowly being taken into consideration by the public. Although countless debates are still surfacing the moment we hear the topic as such, the day where medical Marijuana is widely appreciated and understood seems not far off anymore. And none is more responsible for that other than CBD, or cannabidiol.

Nowadays, various CBD products are now widely known and available in certain parts of the world. People are more familiar with the chemical found in Marijuana called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main ingredient in the plant, which is responsible for getting its users the “high” feeling. Thankfully, their attention is now shifted more on its other compound, the CBD, which retains all the enormous potential of Marijuana as a medical alternative but devoid of the capability of rendering its users “high.” Simply put, CBD is the right side of Marijuana.

Experts and consumers alike are all up for it, intensively extracting and identifying all of its positives with regards to the medical field. Nowadays, the compound is now being used as the main ingredient in products as oils, edibles, pet food, and so much more.

With every intricate research conducted towards CBD products, it gets closer and closer to finally prove that it is indeed an effective alternative to treat various medical conditions. This includes anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain; the list goes on and on. With its potential for countless health benefits, it is no wonder that people are now becoming more and more infatuated with such products, and no one can blame them.

To further comprehend CBD, here are seven facts about the beautiful compound that you should know:

It is the key ingredient in Marijuana

Marijuana, or Cannabis, is comprised of several unique compounds. Among all the aforementioned compounds making up the interesting plant, CBD and THC are found to have the highest concentration. It is the most prominent. However, that does not mean that levels of such compounds and chemicals would be constant with every marijuana plant that we see. Reports have shown that the level of prominence of CBD and THC may directly vary from where and how they are nurtured to grow. In its traditional state, Marijuana contains more THC, but by utilizing several selective breeding techniques, one can produce Marijuana containing high levels of CBD, and without any THC at all. 

CBD is not psychoactive

We may have dropped this fact already above, but let us elaborate it more right here. Again, unlike THC, CBD does not render a user to get “high.” This means that individuals that are mainly looking for recreational purposes and just for the means to get some smoke won’t get much out of CBD. This fact also strays CBD away from being abused as its primary use is for medicinal purposes. CBD, as a non-psychoactive, also attracts more researchers and experts within the compound as they prefer to those that have various treatment potential with minimal risks or side effects. 

It is also worth mentioning that some CBD users usually report having a feeling of total relaxation. Though some may perceive this as being intoxicated, such a state is just the effect of CBD and shouldn’t be mixed up with the impairing psychoactive effects found in THC. Meaning, as long as you are using products with low-THC levels or none at all, there wouldn’t be any issue of CBD altering your mindset and impairing your mental state.

The medical benefits of CBD are seemingly unending

Countless studies have proven time and time again that CBD has a high capacity to relieve and ultimately treat several medical complications. Scientists and experts with regards to the plant have found out several properties in CBD that can prove genuinely beneficial to its users. They conclude that CBD is Anti-inflammatory (for treating inflammation and other inflammatory disorders), Anxiolytic (for relieving sleep, anxiety, and depression disorders), Anti-cancer (for treating tumors and cancer cells), and so much more. Not only that, as researchers vigorously continue to study the compound, expect that more good news is indeed bound to pop up. 

Although most of the evidence found in the present came from animal tests, the few studies with regards to CBD conducted on human patients all points out to it being an excellent medical alternative. The list above seems impressive enough, but as day pass by, those health benefits would inevitably even rise.

CBD combats the adverse effects of THC

CBD and THC will always be in great relation to one another. As one is being studied, the other will surely pop up in no time. It has already been established that both compounds have the same health benefits; however, CBD is put in high regard because of its natural protection against the infamous Marijuana high. Countless research has all turn up pieces of evidence that prove that CBD is indeed devoid of it. It dramatically reduces the adverse effects of THC, like memory impairment and symptoms of paranoia.

Here is a table further differentiating CBD from THC:

Is it Hemp-Derived? YES NO
Is it Marijuana-Derived? YES NO
Can it get you “high”? NO YES
Does it increase your appetite? NO YES
Does it show up on drug tests? Possible, but mostly NO YES
Does it have side effects? Close to None Psychoactive side effects

CBD is still illegal to some territories

Despite the tremendous potential of CBD as a mean of medicine, it is still considered illegal to certain parts of the globe. Understandably though, Marijuana remains a sensitive topic to a whole lot of people, and it certainly will take time for them to welcome the plant fully. It is also worth mentioning that the United States and Canada have classified CBD as a Schedule I drug and Schedule II drug, respectively.

In the United States, there are a number of states that have already welcomed Marijuana open arms. Such states are now referred to as “Green States,” and they have fully legalized the use of the plant in both medicinal and recreational purposes – that is, if you meet the minimum age requirement. In fact, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has officially approved Epidiolex – a drug comprised of an ingredient extracted from marijuana – for the treatment of severe epilepsy in children aged 2 and older. 

With that said, here are the following Green States in which you may freely use various CBD products:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington

CBD is safe for intake and non-habit forming

The World Health Organization (WHO) itself stated that consumption of CBD is completely safe, and it does not render an individual to form a habit of dependency on the product. With that said, moderate and responsible consumption of CBD is still highly advisable.

Such a claim has been backed further by a 2017 study published by the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. In it, they examined volunteers that frequently smoked Marijuana, which contained 5.3% to 5.8% of THC, and administered them various CBD products to be taken in orally. After frequent tests, they analyzed the abuse ability profile of the orally consumed CBD compared to active Marijuana. The research team then concluded that various CBD products do not display any signals of habit-forming properties.

Your pets can also use CBD

The health benefits of CBD isn’t exclusive to humans. In fact, most of the positive medicinal effects of the compound are discovered via animal testing. Take, for example, your pet dog. CBD consumption can have positive impacts on ailments that may hit it, such as separation anxiety, joint pain, aging, and arthritis. And in case you may think that using such products for your pets would be ultimately bad for them, let us clear that up right here. A report from the World Health Organization shows that CBD, in its purest state, is safe and should be welcomed fully by different types of animals.


It is indeed great to hear that we are now taking positive steps with regards to welcoming Marijuana as a valid medical alternative. With every medicinal benefit that researchers and experts with the matter find, so too will the stigma of the plant as nothing more but a drug to get high of will undoubtedly die. Let these seven facts serve as pillars of understanding for a whole lot of us. 

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