Elixinol CBD
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Elixinol CBD

About The Brand

Elixinol is a company based in Colorado. Founded by Paul Benhaim, its main goal is to manufacture and supply high-quality CBD products around the globe.

What’s so special about this brand is that it’s founded by someone who has an intense passion and understanding of hemp. Paul Benhaim happens to be a CBD hemp oil activist.

And just like him, the brand is very open to helping those in need. They even host charity events sometimes.

Elixinol CBD Product Highlights

One of the things that stand out for this brand is its innovative product lines. It doesn’t just sell CBD oils but it also has balms and powders.

To help you pick the right one for you, below is a quick overview of each product.

Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures

Elixinol CBD Oil Review

The Elixinol tinctures are made using the CO2 extraction process. This helps ensure that you get its maximum health benefits.

In this product line, you have three different products to choose from.

First is the Respira. Available in grape mint and natural flavors, you can get yours in 2 different strength levels- 300mg or 600mg.

The CBD oil is suspended in vegetable glycerin solution. It doesn’t contain any harmful compounds that can compromise your health and safety.

Apart from the Respira, you can also get the Elixinol CBD hemp oil. It’s available in 300mg and 3600mg which are great if you’re just starting out with CBD oil or you need a high dose to obtain relief from your condition.

Then, there’s the Extrato Rico Em CBD Canabidiol which has 5000mg of CBD. This is the brand’s highest strength tincture.

Instead of using vegetable glycerin, it’s formulated with MCT coconut oil.

Elixinol CBD Capsules


Elixinol CBD capsules are produced through the same extraction process the brand uses for their CBD oils. However, compared with the tinctures, the capsules are considered to be more potent.

You can get them in either 450mg or 900mg.

The 900mg bottle has 60 capsules and each one has about 15mg of CBD and 375mg of hemp oil. To get its maximum effects, Elixinol suggests taking one capsule each day at about the same time.

Elixinol CBD Liposomes

Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Elixinol is one of the few brands that sell liposomes. They are designed to help the hemp oil get inside your body faster.

You can get the liposomes in two different potencies- 300mg and 1,000mg. Both options have 100% natural fruit and herb extracts that aren’t just refreshing but tasty, too.

The products come in spill-proof bottles with pump dispensers. This type of packaging makes application easier and faster.

You just need to do a quick spray under your tongue.

Now, if you can’t seem to tolerate the taste, you have the option to add it to water to dilute it.

Elixinol Topical Balms

Elixinol CBD Oil Review

The balms are proof of the brand’s commitment to providing CBD products that can address their consumers’ needs.

From this product line, you have the CBD lip balm which can soothe and protect dry lips. It can also help with cell regeneration so you can have healthy lips despite being exposed to dry air, wind, or the sun.

Apart from full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, this lip balm also has omega oils and vitamin E which posses great moisturizing properties.

Next is the CBD hemp balm. This one aims to protect and moisturize the skin.

With a plant-based formula, it’s able to penetrate the skin easily.

Elixinol CBD Dog Treats

Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Elixinol’s veterinarians and master chef bring to you one of the best CBD treats on the market

It’s non-intoxicating, it won’t get your dog “high”, it’s all-natural, non-GMO whole food with zero grain, it’s tested by third-party laboratory to ensure safety and efficancy.

It’s great for generally healthy dogs

The Pros

Impressive Product Range

Elixinol isn’t like most CBD brands that produce tons of products just to increase their sales. Instead of focusing on quantity, this brand spends more of its time, resources, and money into producing high-quality and effective CBD products.

And no matter what you need CBD products for, this brand has something to offer you.

Great Product Sourcing

Elixinol excels when it comes to product sourcing. It has an international presence and that enables the brand to keep its really high standards.

They source hemp from Europe, the US, and Australia. They are partners with farmers who have the same vision and standards when it comes to quality.

Reasonable Price

Elixinol CBD products aren’t the most affordable ones in the market. However, considering the kind of quality the brand has to offer, their prices are actually reasonable.

If you still find their prices too high for your budget, there are actually Elixinol coupon codes you can use to get discounts. Of course, the coupons will only work with legit products.

Be careful of buying from unauthorized sellers and use discretion when buying from online selling platforms like Amazon. To be extra sure, just purchase directly from the site.

By doing that, you won’t just be able to get discounts but you’ll be able to help the brand donate to specific organizations, too.

Unique Flavoring Methods

Believe it or not, this brand has an in-house formulator. The same fluid extraction process it uses to extract CBD oil is the same one they use to extract the flavors for their CBD products.

It’s like this:

When the company creates its cinnamint flavor, it actually extracts the flavor from natural cinnamon. With that, you don’t only get that nice cinnamon flavor but you also get its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It’s quite innovative, if you ask us.

Good Return Policy

When a brand issues a return policy, you’d know how confident they are with their products- just like Elixinol.

The brand offers a full refund if you receive any of their products with damaged packaging within 90 days. And if you aren’t happy with the products, you have 30 days to make the request for a refund.

The Cons

Waiting and Shipping

It takes 2 to 5 business days for them to process your orders. Then, you’ll have to wait 2 to 4 days for shipping.

If you happen to be ordering during the holiday season, you may have to wait longer than that.

If you want to avoid this frustrating process, you should consider ordering ahead of time. Plan your orders so you won’t have to endure pain, anxiety, and sleeping problems for several days.

In-House Lab Testing

Elixinol is one of the few brands that rely on an in-house lab in testing their products. This may feel a bit deceiving for some consumers.

However, with the brand’s commitment to provide nothing but the best, it makes sure that all their products go through strict and rigorous testing procedures. At times, they even may dummy batches just to check if the labs are doing their best in finding out abnormalities.

About Elixinol CBD Customer Service

Apart from the long time it takes to process and ship products, Elixinol’s customer service is actually quite impressive. Despite the tons of questions they receive, they are still able to respond to their buyers.

In addition to their great customer service, the brand’s website is quite impressive, too. It has separate sections for the products, its store, and the company.

The site also features an education section which is actually impressive. It’s a good indication that the brand doesn’t just aim to sell products but it’s also aiming to educate the public.

Final Thoughts

Elixinol is definitely one of the best CBD brands you should look into if you have various health issues you want to manage. It has an impressive product range so you’ll surely be able to find one that will work for you.

The brand is also committed to helping others. It donates 5% of every purchase and you get to choose where it goes. It supports Realm of Caring, Vote Hemp, and AutismOne.

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