Genesis is a big name in the CBD industry. It is a wholesaler for different CBD products. Besides selling other manufacturers’ products, the company also manufactures their own, which they also sell. The company is owned by a family who sees CBD and marijuana products not only as commodities in business but as an essential part of their world view. Their products are both for use as cosmetics and also for medicinal purposes. Find out more in our in-depth Genesis CBD review.

Genesis CBD
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Genesis CBD

Genesis CBD Products Highlights

The following are some of the products you can purchase from CBD Genesis to use for various purposes.

Vape Juice

Genesis CBD Review

CBD Genesis sells a wide array of vape juices from different manufacturers. Besides those by other manufacturers, they also have their product, which is known as CBD Genesis E-liquid. The brands the company markets include Koi, Green Roads, CBD Drip, and many others.

The company is careful to only deal with reputable manufacturers, but the products vary widely in terms of potency, packaging, and flavors.  

Some vape juices contain as little as 60Mg CBD per bottle, while others have as much as 1500Mg per bottle. You need to know your CBD tolerance level before ordering your vape oil to order a product with suitable potency.  

If you order a product whose potency is too low, you will not enjoy the benefits of CBD, and if you order one with a strength beyond your tolerance level, it might end up overwhelming you.

You can use CBD Genesis’ coupon with which you will save up to ten percent on the product’s price. The most popular CBD vape in their inventory is Koi CBD. 

Oil and Tinctures

Genesis CBD Review

Oils and tinctures are most suitable for people who want their intake to be more discreet than vaping allows. You can take tinctures and oils by dropping them under your tongue wherever you may be without drawing too much attention to yourself. 

CBD Genesis stocks several tinctures and oils from various manufacturers. The oils’ potencies range from 100 to 1,500 Mg. It would be best if you were sure which potency works best for you before buying. If you are a beginner, order a lower potency product and work your way up until you get to a potency that is right for you.  

Oils and tinctures sold by Genesis are usually extracted using the CO2 method, which is acknowledged for its thoroughness and safety. CO2 extracts most of the CBD from the hemp plant without allowing toxins into the oil, as some other extraction methods do. 

It is due to the efficiency and safety of this extraction method that CO2 extracts are sought after.

Many of the CBD oils the company sells are full-spectrum, which means that even if they have CBD as the primary cannabinoid, they contain other lesser organic compounds.

These compounds may include other cannabinoids and terpenes. When the compounds work together, they have an effect referred to as ‘entourage effect,’ which causes the oil or tincture to act faster.

CBD genesis has coupons that help you save when you buy these oils and tinctures from them. 


Genesis CBD Review

There are many different types of edibles that you can buy from CBD Genesis. They include gummies, Kush Cakes, popcorn, biscuits, cupcakes, among others. All of these edibles are CBD infused to help you deal with whatever issue you need CBD to help you manage. 

Edibles are suitable for discretion as no one will necessarily know whether they are regular cookies or CBD cookies. They also dilute the taste if you do not like the flavors other products such as CBD oils and tinctures have. Some gummy worms contain up to 1000Mg CBD.


Genesis CBD Review

When it comes to concentrates, CBD Genesis sells wax, which is also known as a dab. These concentrates are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and even CBD isolates.

Concentrates require you to use vaporizers, and they are usually quite potent and therefore recommended for experienced users. Dabs typically contain very high amounts of cannabinoids. 

Their high concentration means that experienced vapors should only use them as beginners are unlikely to have developed enough tolerance to handle them.

Dabs come in different forms with the best-known being wax, shatter and crumble. There are others in the market like pull-and-snap, rosin, and live resin, among others. All these varieties are found in the Genesis CBD stable.

The company also stocks vaporizers from different manufacturers. 

CBD Capsules

Genesis CBD Review

Capsules on sale by CBD Genesis range from the potency of 10Mg to 100Mg each. Contents of these capsules vary depending on the brand. Some are full-spectrum, while others are CBD isolates.

The effects of capsules are the same as with other products where the full spectrum produces entourage effect while isolates act alone.

You can take your capsules more discreetly than you would be able to use other products such as vape juice, oils and tinctures, and even edibles.

One other advantage of capsules is that there is no contact between the oil and your mouth. This makes capsules suitable for anyone who has a strong dislike of the taste of Marijuana oil.

A CBD capsule is probably the best product when you are using CBD as a supplement for general wellness. It allows your body to absorb the CBD into its system slowly, and there are, therefore, no sudden changes in the body.


  • It brings many different products from a large number of reputable manufacturers in one location from which you can compare and then order
  • All the products are shipped for free regardless of the size of your order 
  • There are coupon codes for almost every product which allows you to get discounts for virtually all the products on sale at Genesis CBD


  • The number of products available can overwhelm new users and leave them confused
  • CBD Genesis doesn’t allow for cancellation of orders. You can only return the product under their 14 days unopened return policy, at which they refund 85% of the purchase price and retain 15%. With this in mind, you need to be keen to order only when you are sure.

Final Thoughts

Although they have many products that may be confusing, one thing you can count on is that CBD Genesis only offers products from highly reputable companies. This means that you only need some necessary information about what you want to enable you to order without worrying about ordering poison. 

You need to get the necessary product information before ordering. You may, for instance, want to understand potencies, the difference between products, among others.

Dwight K. Blake Written by: Dwight K. Blake

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