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The Fast Growing Threat of the Disease

Dementia is an overall term that describes the group of symptoms that are associated with the decline of memory and other thinking skills. One of the most common types of dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease which accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases. People with Alzheimer’s disease may experience memory difficulties and changes in thinking skills. As time pass by, these symptoms could go worse and will affect the daily life of patients.

Research says that there is an estimate of 50 million people experiencing Alzheimer’s worldwide. These data raise warnings to families and health care systems inquiring for its treatment. As the number continues to increase, available information regarding its possible solutions remains vague.

It is believed that there is no single factor that causes this illness. Researchers believe that it develops from various factors, including age, genetics, injuries, lifestyle, and environment. In return, people with Alzheimer’s suffer from complications that differ depending on their stage. In its early period, it is predicted that AD patients experience memory confusion and loss. Without proper treatment, it eventually leads to their inability to walk and swallow.

This issue continues to prevail as the costs of its treatment establish burden to families. Overall, the status of present health care systems and available medicines are given at a high price. Moreover, even the citizens in the United States could not escape from this hurdle! In fact, AD is the 6th leading cause of death to Americans.

The growing number of AD cases calls for an alternative solution to this issue. Thus, the search for new medicines and treatments is a necessary step to move forward. As researches are made to develop a breakthrough, medical marijuana is tested to cure or slow the disease.

The Cure Found in the CBD

The CBD, also known as the Cannabidiol, is one of the most prevalent components of marijuana. Known for its health benefits, it is widely used to cure epilepsy, reduce seizures, address anxiety, and enhance sleeping habits. Its importance is also recognized by the U.S., making its usage legal to its 47 States. Aside from its significance to health, it also does not make its users feel “high.” This fact breaks the misconceptions present on the extensive usage of marijuana.

A research made by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute established a new role of marijuana in the line of medicine. It was found that CBD is one of the most effective treatments– even capable of reducing the early symptoms of AD.

The study also discovered that the active ingredients in marijuana prevent the formation and clumping of amyloid plaques that destroy the connections among nerve cells. It is also known that these amyloid plaques are the primary marker of Alzheimer’s disturbing one’s thinking-capacity, memory, and even behavior. To further explain, it prevents the accumulation of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), an enzyme that boosts amyloid plaque formation.

The significance of CBD is shown upon its potential capacity to both prevent and cure the disease. As the research elaborates, the ingredient found in marijuana provides a therapeutic sensation to AD patients that treat experienced symptoms and changes caused by the illness.

As researcher Kim Janda, Ph.D. clarified, the findings serve as a piece of convincing evidence on how marijuana works in wonders. It possesses desirable qualities to address the AD issue. Dr. Janda also reported that their study discovered unrecognized molecular components that directly address the progression of the disease.

The CBD is a legal and approved drug to treat various diseases. With this development found in the study of Alzheimer’s Disease, it calls for further researches to improve its usage. However, it was able to make its mark by creating alternatives for patients. These changes include new way to prevent, slow, or treat AD, thus, successfully reducing costs while improving the quality of life of patients.

A Medical Breakthrough: the CBD to Alzheimer's Disease

The usage of CBD improves ways to treat dementia and AD patients. With continuous research on the relationship of CBD to Alzheimer’s disease, a broader perspective on the drug is attained. Some of these benefits include the reduction of stress and anxiety, which also limit memory loss.

One of the outcomes that it provides is its capacity to reduce inflammation in the brain. This inflammation is the result of the blockages obtained by the failure of brain cells to disorient. For this reason, it becomes the primary cause of Alzheimer’s. The CBD helps to reduce and remove the impact of inflammation. It is also important to note that brain inflammation is not inevitable, and it is more prone to happen as we age. There are also factors that affect brain inflammation that is usually triggered by an injury, alcohol, and other related illnesses.

Once inflammation is present, oxygen is released to the brain. The higher the amount of inflammation occurred, the more significant the negative impact and oxygen it provides to a person. This event also creates more significant problems as it hinders brain functions once brain cells release oxygen. Most importantly, large amounts of oxygen released to the brain cause memory loss and deterioration – leading to Alzheimer’s. Since the CBD is considered to be an antioxidant, it helps reduce issues regarding oxygen stress. Thus, this medicine hinders oxygen buildup in the brain, which allows coherent brain function.

Memory loss for most AD patients is the result of brain cell destruction and decline. The CBD as a brain tissue stimulant avert the causes of the disease. Previous trials proved that CBD is capable of reversing and preventing the development of Alzheimer’s. On a study made by Australian researchers, it was scientifically approved that the medicine improves and enhance the growth of the brain cells. This development limits memory deterioration. Usage of the CBD could reverse the aging process of the brain that’s why it can reverse the impacts of dementia.

The benefits of CBD into the brain may seem never-ending. Recent findings hailed the use of CBD to treat different disorders found in the nervous system. It is made possible because of its capacity to protect nerve cells. Such only proves that CBD is an effective option and alternative to treat Alzheimer’s. It is capable of reducing brain blockage and plaques, preventing neurofibrillary tangles, and the release of toxic chemicals. These hallmark features develop the use of CBD in the line of medicine.

Final Thoughts

The current status of AD patients calls for more excellent medicinal development. Treatments that are currently given provide insufficient medications causing unimproved conditions. As a result, doctors and researchers seek new ways to solve this issue. On a statement provided, it was noted that there were no developments achieved. For the last 15 years, medical researches and solutions remained stagnant and limited. This instance leads to a desperate need for alternatives.

The discovery of the medicinal benefits of CBD created new solutions to the issues found in society. Despite the disbelief made by some towards its benefits, its importance to the development of medicines cannot be denied. Science, through trials and researched, proved, and backed the use of CBD oils to improve health conditions. With the latest search to solve Alzheimer’s Disease, the CBD demonstrated how it could be resolved with sufficient in-take and use. Thus, CBD oils are here not only to solve the growing demand for solutions but also to offer a cost-effective substitute. Through continuous studies and research, cannabis can be significantly effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease. Although the plant was seen as illegal for such a long time, it cannot be denied that it is hugely beneficial for people who suffer from incurable diseases. Unfortunately, the federal government still cannot see the benefits of this plant. So, every individual who seeks for it for medical purposes must do some research first in order to know what not’s of it under the law.

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