CBD Interview of the Decade: Prominent CBD Companies and their Insights about their Company and the Future of CBD

CBD Interview of the Decade: Prominent CBD Companies and their Insights about their Company and the Future of CBD

CBD is growing at a fast pace and companies are popping up everywhere. At this rate, it’s hard to know which company  is providing the most potent quality products.

This is why we decided to carry out a massive research, pick some among thousands that truly stand out and conduct an interview to learn more about these CBD Giants.

How did they manage to stand out from the rest? What do they all have in common that other companies don’t? All of that, and more, as we expose their secrets to becoming among the most trusted CBD brands today.


Q: Having focused on CBD genetics, what to you is the true good CBD? Is it based on how pure it is? What are your thoughts on this?

While CBD is important, growing quality organic hemp involves more than just that. That's why we consistently look for plants with progressively more robust cannabinoid profiles in our pheno-hunts, allowing us to grow even better plants the following season.

Like most disciplines, growing the best hemp genetics is an ongoing process because we always want to be a cut above the rest.

We've been in the CBD game since 2013, so we're used to constant adaptation and improvement. Actually, we enjoy it.

Q: You prefer harvesting the plants by hand. Would you rather make your own machine that does exactly, or close to, how you do it by hand, or would you rather stick with your method in the next 5-10 years?

At 4 Corners Cannabis, we definitely prefer paying as much attention to each plant as we can.

When hemp is harvested, with most farm equipment, the machinery is too rough with the plants (for instance, combines) and actually shakes off a good portion of the valuable cannabinoids you've grown the hemp for to begin with.

The crystalline structures on each hemp flower are where the CBD, CBG, etc. come from, so they need to be treated with care. If we find a mechanized method of harvesting that allows us to be as gentle as we are when we harvest by hand though, we'll gladly switch to that method.


Q: Craig Henderson started Extract Labs in his garage back in 2016. Being a Master’s of Engineering from the University of Louisville, what specifically pushed him to start a business revolving hemp?

Craig was really motivated to start a business surrounding hemp after his time working for an extraction company that taught how to extract marijuana into oil.

There were definitely a lot more hemp farmers starting to pop up in 2016 looking for their oil to be processed, and being a veteran I think Craig saw the potential benefit in helping his fellow veterans that suffer from PTSD and chronic pain among other conditions.

Q: Is being a combat veteran a contributing factor as to why Extract Labs was established? How so?

Craig being a combat veteran has definitely contributed as a large factor as to why we were established and to our success as well.

As a team I know we all feel so lucky to have such strong leadership and values that really come from Craig and his life experiences.

We all have this passion and motivation to help people and learn more about this amazing plant and its’ capabilities, and it has been very obvious that Craig’s role as a veteran has pushed us to be even more passionate and motivated.

I really have never seen another business owner in this industry or otherwise that is so hands on and involved with every piece of the business, it’s clear he really believes in the products that we make.

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Q: Populum is focused on producing only full-spectrum CBD products. Do you plan to expand your product line by adding broad-spectrum and isolate CBD to accommodate more people in the future?

At this time, we do not plan on offering any broad-spectrum and isolate products. Something that differentiates populum​ from other CBD brands is the quality and potency of our Full-Spectrum extracts. While we see the benefits of offering these types of products, we want to make sure that our customers are getting the results they’re seeking.

We are strong believers in the benefits of full-spectrum extracts in offering an “entourage” effect, meaning that the restorative benefits of the whole plant are greater than the sum of its parts. Our full-spectrum hemp CBD is purely extracted and minimally refined to leave most of the hemp extract intact. At Populum, we only provide full-spectrum CBD products because we are proponents of using every part of the hemp plant, rather than isolating a single chemical compound.

All our extracts also include a healthy profile of other cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBN, or CBG, and terpenes, such as Limonene.

Q: You’ve created an award-winning flavor powered naturally by orange essence unique to the market. What, to you, should CBD oil taste like? Should it taste zesty, smooth?

The reason why we put so much focus on flavor for our tinctures is because a lot of customers are new to CBD. Our initial research showed that many people who aren’t used to cannabis are put off by unflavored or the “hempy” bitter aftertastes. Thus, we’re proud that our tincture is able to offer a pleasant taste, while using a full-spectrum extract and natural ingredients.

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Q: We haven’t seen any CBD products for pets, are we going to see one in the future? Soon, perhaps?

All our products are safe for pets. I know one customer of ours very well that purchases his dog his own bottle of CBD oil. Most pet CBD you see on the market is no different than CBD for humans. It only has a different label. They key to dosing your pets is to start with around 2.5mg of CBD for every 10lbs. So our regular strength CBD is the perfect starting point for most animals.

Our transdermal pain cream is also great for pets. Since it provides systemic benefits, you can simply rub the lotion on the inside of your pets ear. It works amazing. I've used it personally for my cat. It makes her the most relaxed travel companion.

Q: All of your products are full-spectrum, is there any specific reason why?

We believe full-spectrum is the most effective product out there. The trace amounts of THC are critical to the CBD being most effective. Just asked anybody that has compared a broad spectrum product to a full spectrum product. They say the difference is very noticeable.

We considered creating a broad spectrum CBD but since you can not GUARANTEE the product is 100% THC free there is really no point. Most people that are looking for broad spectrum products are concerned with drug testing, but not even THC free products are safe making that guarantee when somebody's livelihood is on the line.


Q: How did Hempful Farms start? What triggered the development of your first product?

Ironically enough, the Zonka Bars Cannabis Edible Line is what triggered the Hempful Brand. In 2010 we launched our Zonka Medibles in Arizona, as the AMMA and our medical program were coming online. My wife and I were licensed home growers, allowed to grow 12 plants each. Due to the ambiguity in the law, you’re only allowed 2.5 ounces, even with that many plants in harvest. Once we harvested our crop of 20+lbs, we were immediately out of compliance.

We created ZonkaBars Candy bars to help use the flower as medicine and started donating these products to collectives and compassion clubs, veterans and patients alike. 2012 we were raided for 27 total felonies from Criminal Syndication to Manufacturing a Narcotic. I was facing 127 years total.

After 3.5 years fighting in court, we hired a Private Investigator who informed us how crooked the county system was, the more evidence that was brought to light against the police, the less they wanted to go to trial too. Was offered a 2yr plea to avoid trial. I then launched a book, "One Life: The Chris Martin Story” then in Oct last year launched my Documentary, telling the whole story.

Q: According to Chris Martin, “… hemp should be in your daily life and diet now.” Does incorporating CBD into your daily life increases your chances of failing a drug test? How so?

Honestly, hemp should be apart of your diet because of the photonutrients, cannabinoid levels and amount of Omegas in the plant alone. Hemp Seed, Protein and oils are all great ways to ingest hemp.

If you’re using a full spectrum product, our a product that the THC hasn’t been remediated out, while taking a Urine Analysis, you can throw a positive. You're taking cannabinoids while taking a cannabinoid test. I would def steer clear of full spectrum. While Ive read articles stating that CBD can convert to THC in the ingestion stage, I have not witnessed or experienced this myself but would say, to be sure you don’t fail, avoid full spectrum.


Q: Are you planning on or currently working on expanding your product line this year? What can we expect from these?

We just released our brand-new Massage Oil. In April, we’re launching our Sparkling Water, which will be available in 4 different flavors. We’re especially excited about this launch, since CBD Living Water was our very first product, released back in 2014.

We’re also constantly improving the technology used in our products, as well as increasing strengths and milligrams of CBD whenever possible. Two weeks ago we also launched a complete packaging redesign intended to make choosing the perfect product easier for consumers.

Q: If there’s one thing that CBD Living has done well that no other company has been capable of, what is it?

CBD Living’s biggest accomplishment is the incredibly strong brand loyalty we have.

We’ve been unable to market and advertise on traditional channels like social media and Google Adwords, due to restrictions on CBD. That means our huge following grew organically through word of mouth and through inspiring testimonies from our customers.


Q: Inesscents Salvation’s CBD Skin Salve (Hot Freeze) is one of your most popular products. What do you think that makes it different than other CBD salves or in the market?

There are quite a few notable qualities that differentiate Inesscents in the marketplace. Our ingredients and formulations truly make all of the difference. It’s not just CBD, a base oil, some beeswax and scent.

We utilize over 20 years of extensive knowledge of organic botanicals and combine it with the emerging science of hemp derived cannibinoids to deliver the highest quality topical CBD products available. We use cold pressed oils, organic herbs and essential oils and locally sourced CBD extract grown from organic seed. This is imperative to maintaining the therapeutic integrity and efficacy of each botanical. These details translate to how our products actually work with the skin.

I like to think of it as the difference between canned and fresh spinach. I think we all know which is giving your body what it needs to thrive. Plus, we hand-blend and pour everything in small batches. Even our 8 Herb botanical infusion (which we use as a base oil) includes carefully selected therapeutic herbs that support the body at the deepest level. (arnica, calendula, lavender, yarrow, nettle, chickweed & chamomile). All of this and our costs are comparable or less than our competitors – even with our stellar ingredients!

Q: Is there a particular reason for CBD to be included in everyone’s skin-care products?

Ummm – yes! We have developed quite a few products that extend beyond relief and recovery (which should be on hand in everyone's bathroom cabinet). For those who have not tried our CBD infused facial care line, just go out on a limb and see what all of the hype is about.

Not only are these products aromatically light and bright, you can see and feel the immediate difference in your facial skin. It was a game changer for so many people (myself included). The bath salts are incredible - a next level relaxing aromatic journey. We know a lot of folks who converted from shower people to bath people!

We use hemp sourced from organic co-op farms in colorado for our oil-based products & our smokable hemp flower comes from carefully selected specialist greenhouse growers. All U.S based, fully licensed, organic grown & compliant to federal and state laws.

When we launched Absolute Nature, we were already eight months into research and development—checking sources and growing practices to make sure they met our strict standards.

We knew finding the right source was crucial for our success in providing a safe and dependable finished product. We did not rush these interviews and took our time verifying references and investigating practices. We partnered with farms capable of providing the volume for increased scaling and are on the cutting edge of technology. Our aligned farms are the foundation of our branding. Without a reliable and dependable foundation, all we build will crumble.

As for the processing of our oil-based products, we decided to outsource extraction & manufacturing to an iso9001, cGMP processor using ONLY c02 extraction. This decision gave us the ability to utilize hugely expensive processing equipment, producing the cleanest extractions possible, while allowing us to scale our operation without crippling costs, disruption to supply, as well as possible variations in our product quality.

As with our raw material suppliers, we had just as many interviews with processors, (if not more) visiting locations to check cleanliness, standards & procedures, and meet the people behind the scenes. You would be surprised by how many processors are not on their A-game. With a lack of standards, the claims made often did not match what we experienced. Through this, we found a group of processors that are doing the right thing the right way and use the guidelines that we set.

We built this company from a grain of sand. We do not pretend to be something we are not. We are passionate about Cannabis and will never settle for less than perfect. We only source the best materials available and use the most advanced technology we can get our hands-on to ensure our exacting standards get met at every step. Absolute Nature CBD was founded to change the industry, and be an example of how a cannabis company should be.

We believe the product quality speaks for itself. The main key benefits are that it's whole-plant, full-spectrum containing a leading cannabinoid profile. We have 10 cannabinoids in our profile, along with other beneficial compounds, essential fats, all blended with MCT oil, further enhancing the effects & absorption.

We are crazy about Nature. We have this insane idea that Nature is enough. There is no need for artificial flavorings, preservatives, or additives. We are purists here at Absolute Nature and demand our products remain so.

We are believers in full-spectrum; without a quality spectrum, you are missing out on the entourage effect; the proven synergistic effect of multiple cannabinoids working together. The entourage effect has been shown time and time again to offer higher levels of relief versus just using CBD by itself. With our profile and the use of MCT Coconut oil as the carrier, it is seriously the best tincture we are capable of producing right now.

We often hear from our customers that they love the taste too. Being a non-flavored CBD oil, many are surprised at the subtle cannabis taste with a slight sweetness, which comes from the MCT.

As with all of our products, our full panel 3rd party testing and published reports are undoubtedly a key factor for many consumers when purchasing our 100mg oil.

We refuse to cut corners or offer a lower quality product because it's cheaper to manufacture. It's not about the bottom line for us; it's about providing a product that works. Period.

Yes! We are currently developing a range of strain-specific products & varying cannabinoid focused products. Think, CBG, and CBN. These products will start with oils and expand out to other delivery methods. Also on our agenda is a range of non-cannabis-based, all-natural, plant-based products for various health applications & benefits. Absolute Nature will encompass everything natural & beneficial to health.

We do have one major project underway. Unfortunately, that's currently a secret.
All we can divulge is: the product revolves around matching strains to users/conditions. This is something not been seen in the market before. We believe, as far as we know, this is pioneering. Once this launches, we would LOVE to talk to you and your readers about this in more detail.


Q: Is there anything Absolute Nature CBD has done well that no other company has done?

We can't and won't comment on other companies. We are not into bashing or telling other companies what they should be doing or bragging about how we do things better. We are not perfect ourselves and are always learning and growing. We tend to look more inward to analyze ourselves and judge based on our standards.

But from the outset our fundamental aspirations were: Honesty, educational, ethical, transparency, eco-friendly, charitable, high quality, organic, contaminant-free, whole-plant based, medicinal, efficacious, and provide compassion discount services to those who need our products the most. Always striving to make a difference in people’s lives through any of our aspirations and company ethics.

Our main business goal is to be an excellent example for the industry. CBD isn't a "cash cow" for us. CBD is a passion that even our employees share. If you do something only for money, you will burn out and quit at the first obstacle. If you do something from the heart, you will flatten every mountain in your way.

Q: Absolute Nature CBD won the “Best Natural CBD Products Provider 2020 & Most Innovative CBD Training Education Programme 2020”. Did this change the company’s goal as a whole? How so?

In short, no. Being recognized for our high standards and ethical approach has solidified the fact we are on the right path. We have stuck firmly to our planned goals and ethics and will continue to do so.

It did revitalize our passion and our drive to continue to do the right thing, no matter what. We do not do our best only because people are watching. We do our best because it's our passion, and it's the right thing to do.

But don't get us wrong, we are certainly honored to receive recognition for our hard work. We will continue down the path we set out on from the beginning.


Q: What practices are you using to become certified organic? In your opinion, do you think simply abiding by organic growing regulations is the only way to be certified?

Since the beginning, we have always used organic growing practices – no pesticides, fertilizers, etc. We third-party test every step of the way to make sure no contaminants are found in our products. We are definitely looking into the organic certification but it does take years to become certified.

Q: Ananda Hemp specified that “all of your extract comes from the flower”. Is there a specific reason for this? How does this make your product lines better than using extracts from the stalk?

The stalk of the hemp plant actually contains very few cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients. The majority is found in the flower of the plant where the trichomes are located. We use whole flower to ensure we are extracting all the essential beneficial compounds from the hemp plant in order to make the highest quality products.


Q: You explained that your tinctures don’t get our pets “high” and is this safe for pregnant dogs? Does this affect the unborn pups in a way?

There isn’t enough data out there to definitively conclude how cannabinoids affect the fetus in a pregnant animal. Therefore, until studies can provide more clarity, it’s best to play it safe and avoid cannabinoid use during pregnancy.

Q: VetCBD products are sold exclusively in California cannabis dispensaries. You also stated that you do not ship outside California “because of the current law”. Does this have anything to do with federal standards for product quality? Enlighten us about California cannabis law.

VETCBD’s cannabis products are licensed, regulated cannabis products that abide by the strict regulations and testing standards of California’s legal cannabis market. Cannabis products cannot cross state lines until federal policy on cannabis changes. Therefore our cannabis products are sold exclusively through state-licensed cannabis retailers or delivery services.

We are launching our hemp line soon, and that line will be available nationwide and will abide by the same rigorous manufacturing and testing standards we utilize in our cannabis line.

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Q: As an educated herbalist and nutritionist, Kat Merryfield must have heard a lot about the benefits of marijuana. But what specifically pushed her to pursue the CBD industry?

Kat very much appreciates the benefits of THC but also recognizes that a person may not be able to enjoy the benefits of THC if they live in a non-legal state, have to perform workplace drug testing, etc. Which was/is the case for her and her husband. They live in Tennessee, a non-legal state. Her husband is what actually drove her to explore the benefits of CBD. He is a 13 year combat vetern and was suffering from PTSD and other combat related issues. In her search to find him a natural, drug test safe, treatment alternative, she came across CBD. That was in 2014 and Kat's Naturals was born.

Q: Are your pet care products safe for pregnant or lactating dogs?

Honestly, there are not enough case studies to state whether any CBD products are safe for any pregnant or lactating mammals, of any kind. We always recommend that a person speaks with their doctor or in this case, veterinarian, before trying any products. If a company is stating their products are safe for pregnant or lactating mammals, I would definitely proceed with caution and request the case studies that support this claim.

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Q: A lot of companies now claim to be the best in the CBD industry in their own way. What makes Ambary Gardens worth choosing over, say, 5 other options, at least?

While many companies are continually claiming to be the best in the industry, Ambary Gardens has always kept focus on making the best possible products. Through research, customer feedback, and tireless formulation we believe we make products that stand the test of time and will help our customers for years and years to come. This mentality of always looking ahead for what’s next and what’s better while always staying grounded in the things that brought us here will keep us at the top of our game.

Q: You already have plenty of products available. Are you still looking to make more in the future? What could we possibly expect from these?

Our product catalog contains such a wide array of products because we see such a wide array of people! As we grow and learn, we continually see places where we can improve or formulate new products to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers. We absolutely will be releasing new products in the future, in fact, look for some exciting new additions to our product line this month!


Q: Beth suffered from chronic back pain from scoliosis. What about Julie? How did CBD affect both of your lives now with CBD as part of your daily life?

I have Type 1 diabetes and use CBD for a deeper sleep, which allows my body time to repair itself. It also helps me control my sugar levels. I wake up feeling overall better when I consistently use our CBD oil. My skin has also changed from using our skincare care products. I no longer suffer from rosacea.

Q: Are all of your products CBD isolate? How so? Do you plan on manufacturing full-spectrum anytime in the future?

At the moment, all of our products use isolate. That said, we are currently in the process of creating some broad spectrum options to ensure we offer our customers a range.

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Q: What inspired Todd and Stefan to pursue the cannabis industry?

The seed of Nanocraft CBD was planted in 2015 when the founders had a vision for a brand that promoted health and wellness, while giving back to those in need. They both kept a close eye on the emerging cannabis market and noticed the athletic niche was underserved and underrepresented at the time.

Meeting that need, they built the brand with a simple mission: create exceptional CBD products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, while also giving back. As part of our Nanocraft Kids program, along with volunteer work, one dollar from every purchase is donated to helping kids in need. Our team is also passionate about educating consumers about the benefits of hemp derived CBD. We’ll be here for many years, creating exceptional products, spreading the good news about hemp, empowering athletes to reach higher, and channeling resources to kids in need.

Q: What sets you apart from the rest? Is there any specific thing that Nanocraft CBD products have that other products in the market don’t?

We already mentioned our obsession with product purity. Every step in this process - from organically farmed Colorado hemp and the cleanest extraction method possible, to the preservation of terpenes and relentless third-party testing - makes us stand out from the crowd. Beyond this, we’re known for making products designed with athletes in mind.

We combine CBD with other potent superfoods to create formulas that help elite performers and everyday hemp enthusiasts to live, work, play, sleep, compete, and feel their best.

Dwight K. Blake Written by: Dwight K. Blake

Dwight was a Mental Health counselor at Long Island Psychotherapy & Counseling in Westbury, New York for more than 15 years. He believes that CBD is the prime solution to this mental illness and more-- with proper research, medical acknowledgment, and application.
Through his work at AmericanMarijuana, together with the rest of the team, he wishes to provide everyone with genuine results and high-quality product reviews for everyone to enjoy for free.

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