Best CBD Vape Pens

Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens is a relatively new way to take in CBD compounds. Due to the wonders of technology, CBD vaporizer became a substitute for the traditional cigarette. 

THC vape pen, weed vape pen and cannabis oil pen are all referred to CBD vape pens which are readily available online if you want to have one for your own. 

So you want disposable or refillable CBD vape pens? You are looking for “CBD vape pen for sales” or “vape pen near me”? You can read all of it in our best CBD vape pen reviews if you are having a hard time in choosing which one you should buy.

Best CBD Vape Pens of 2019

There are two categories for marijuana vape pens – the refillable vape pen and the disposable vape pen. Refillable vape pens are those that are battery operated. Usually, refillable vape pens have tanks attached to it where the rechargeable battery is encased. On the other hand, disposable vapes are those that are suitable for single usage. Disposable vape pens are designed to provide some hundred vapor puffs before it depletes.

Beginner vape users are suggested to use disposable vape pens. While on the other hand, regular users most likely have to use the refillable ones. There are many CBD vape pens available in the online market, but TribeTokes The Saber Flip Battery + Cartridge is one of the best. One of its outstanding features is that the cartridge can be flipped within the device using a cling button. This feature keeps the mouthpiece clean. Additionally, The Saber is suitable for discreet travel as it looks like a keybox. The Saber uses a pure distillate CBD oil and some natural hemp plant for a subtle, intense flavor.

Best CBD Vape Pens 2019: Our Picks

As mentioned, there are a lot of CBD vape pens online, both refillable and disposable. So, it will be difficult to choose which one is to be bought. Vaporizers are tremendously leading in the market and making cannabis as its electronic juice has made it more popular. It is hard to choose what vape pen must be bought. However, no matter how many vape pens are sold online, there are always some that top.

1. Hemp Bombs CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Hemp Bombs CBD Disposable Vape Pen

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Hemp Bombs Disposable CBD Vape Pen is the perfect vape product for your on-the-go CBD needs.

Prefilled with a 125mg of pure concentrated CBD, our CBD Vape Pens come ready-to-use, no battery or charger required. Simply begin inhaling from the pen and enjoy our premium CBD Vape Oil.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Pens come prefilled with a concentrated serving of premium CBD and about 150 puffs.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Pens come in an easy-to-use disposable pen and are infused with one of three tasty vape flavors: Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock, Exotic Watermelon Kush and Wild Blueberry Jam.

No battery or charger needed, begin vaping CBD in a matter of seconds and experience a multitude of potential benefits

2. #2 Select CBD blends (Now Social CBD)

#2 Select CBD blends (Now Social CBD)

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Transparency & Accuracy100%


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Select CBD blends is a disposable CBD vape pen that is filled with 100 milligrams of CBD oil that came from hemp plants. 1:1 Strawberry Cheesecake and Select CBD blends vape pens are perfect for beginners as these are disposable.

See more high-quality vape pen brands below:

#3 Stanley Brother Full Spectrum Cartridge

The Stanley Brother Full Spectrum Cartridge is also one of the best. Its CBD oil and Charlotte Web’s flower are refined using a sophisticated distillation process. Stanley Brother Full Spectrum Cartridge is one of the best vape pens for weed.

#4 G Pen Gio

The G Pen Gio is a futuristic CBD vape pen. The G Pen Gio’s battery is encased with a zinc alloy and has a power of 180 mAh. The battery is exclusively designed for the G Pen Gio’s cartridges, and features an ergonomic design.

#5 Mig Vapor Morpheus

The Mig Vapor Morpheus is as mighty as its name. You can fill its tank with your favorite CBD oils and CBD vape juices. Mig Vapor Morpheus is rated 100 watts, which enables it to give power that is more than enough for a delicious clouds and flavor. Additionally, this vape pen is perfect for CBD liquids that are medium-strength. You can charge this device with a USB, and has a 3000 mAh battery.

#6 Kandypens Rubi

The Kandypens Rubi is not your typical vape pen. This vape pen is best suited for CBD vape oils with high-strength level. This device features a rechargeable 280 mAh battery, which come with a 1 mL pods that are refillable. Inside the device is a flavorful ceramic coil. You will never have to doubt this vape pens as their brand have a great reputation and their products are dependable. Moreover, the Rubi also comes with a life-time warranty.

#7 Mig Vapor Bug

The CBDfx is famous for high-quality additives and vape oils. This vape kit is tremendously robust and have a compact design. The CBDfx vape kit features an industry standard CBD oil cartridge, in which you can fill with all the CBD oils you want. This device houses a 1000 mAh battery which can be charge with a USB micro cable.

#8 1:1 Strawberry Cheesecake​

1:1 Strawberry Cheesecake offers a balanced CBD and THC ratio, which produces a light buzz plus the calming effect of CBD. Additionally, Strawberry Cheesecake vape pen contains a solvent-free triple-distilled oil. It’s sweet berry flavor lingers on the palate and can be beneficial for managing chronic pain and fatigue.

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

For a CBD vape pen to produce vapors, it has to be filled with vape juice. CBD vape oils are like a regular vape oil only that it is made with marijuana extracts. There are CBD oils that are specifically made for vaping purposes. These oils have different strength levels. Unlike nicotine-based vape juice, it is said that the higher the dosage of CBD vape oil would be better. There are a lot of CBD oil as well as its reviews in the market so it will not be difficult to choose among the long list of variations.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Vape Pens

Disposable CBD vape pens are perfect for limited use of vape; however, its pros and cons must be noted. A disposable vape pen is relatively more affordable than the refillable ones. Also, disposable vape pens are slim, more discreet, and lightweight. However, disposable vape pens are less cost-effective than refillable vape pens. It also produces less cloud and has no direct lung options.

On the other hand, refillable CBD vape pens have more adjustable airflows. It also caters different vaping styles and has bigger cloud production. However, its cons are that it requires initial investment because it is more pricey than the disposable ones. Additionally, it requires maintenance and is less discreet because of its size.

Where Can You Buy CBD Pens?

Finding a vape pen is not really hard. There are a wide variations of CBD pens that can be found online. Because of this fact, you can easily access CBD pens wherever you are with just a few clicks. There are a lot of online markets that sell CBD pens.  What you need to find is a CBD oil manufacturer and seller that is trusted and provides buying guides.

Standing on top of the best quality CBD oils, Sabaidee is the brand that we trusted the most.

Sabaidee CBD Oil
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Sabaidee CBD Oil

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